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I went to and found a phone that I REALLY want and its also a T-mobile phone.
I know I can upgrade my phone through tmobile but the phone i want is still really expensive if i go through them directly.

if i do a new contract through bestbuy with tmobile service the phone is like 100 bucks.

if i upgrade through bestbuy its 370.00

and if i just buy the phone from its like 510.00

So heres the thing.
if i do a new contract with bestbuy to get the phone for 100.00 can i still keep the same number? (and if i can wouldnt that be considered as upgrading?)
or does the deal only work if i drop my current contract and start a new one?
my phone contract ends i think july 4th and i dont want to miss out on the sale...

if i upgrade directly from tmobile the phone is 250 with a 50.00 mail in rebate which makes it 200.00

with bestbuy theres no mail in rebate so i would just pay 100.00


What phone do you want? And what's your current plan? If it's the memoir, it's just a pretty phone w/ a camera. Extremely fragile. I've handled that phone. Didn't really like it. It's just a good camera that you can use as a phone, IMO. Not worth its price. $100 is the best price for it. Anything over is ridiculous.

With BB, is the phone $100 straight up or with rebates? Careful with the rebates, since most now, require you have an expensive data plan which with TMo, the $5.99 data plan is good enough. No need to pay more.

Since your contract is almost up, consider calling TMo to see what kind of deal you want. When you call, you don't have to get the net quoted prices with rebates.

Ask for the cancellation department. They're the only people who have negotiating power. Going through other depts. is pointless.

Tell them you were looking for phones from other networks and from TMo. It's important you tell the you are shopping around other networks, too. They don't want you to move. You'd be interested in staying with TMo but if they can help you with the price on the phone, and tell them what you wrote here about Best Buy. It's best if you get a guy rep. They're more lenient than the girls.

If you do get a girl, see what she says. And if she doesn't budge, say thanks and bye. Keep trying until you get a guy. :lol: With the phone I wanted, although the rep. couldn't lower the price, they could only remove the rebate, he offered me a $70 credit on my bill. Good enough.

You can port your number. Just ask the BB rep. helping you out.

Muddie Murda

I would agree on the negotiating part with the cancellation department :D

If that doesn't work, then go to bestbuy. My sisters went to best buy to upgrade. They kept the number and their plan. It's just like a regular upgrade through the cell phone company. Only difference was that if they went thru sprint, they would have had to change plans. Through bestbuy, best buy just activated their phone and that was it. :D They got to keep their plan.

I would say to go to bestbuy first, but then I would try to suck out what I can from the cellphone company first haha :D


sarNie Adult
OK i'm asking for more help/suggestions.

btw 7270 & muddie i took your advice and called tmo..several different times lol.
everyone was really nice which made the experience a whole lot better. but anywho the only thing they could do for me was take off the mail in rebate and give me a phone payment plan where i didnt have to pay the full price of the phone right away. they would add it on to my monthly bill like say 50.00 a month until the phone is paid off which I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!

so now my dilemma is which phone to get.

I'M SUPER IN LOVE WITH THE SAMSUNG MEMOIR because of the 8 mgpx camera. I do a lot of photo taking and this is just perfect.
on the other hand i'm liking the tmo mytouch (G2) i'm a BIG TIME internet girl. I use my blackberry for EVERYTHING relating to the internet...umm and a lot of youtubing..and sarnworlding hahaha

i'm not thrilled about the lack of a physical keyboard on both phones but i think i'll be ok...hopefully :huh:
memoir has 3g but no i can pretty much go online with either phone...

i went in and talked to a sales rep a couple of days before the mytouch came out. actually got to touch it and play around with it not bad. both are priced @ 199.99 but if your upgrading (like me) the sales rep said its going to be 17.00 extra for the mytouch.

soooo...which should i memoir or tmo mytouch?

I'll be making my final decision by this weekend so any input from anyone would be helpful and much appreciated. :D