Rang Ngao


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Discussion is welcome......Luv this lakorn to death one of my all time favorite of Ann's...

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aww thanx bluemoon!..i soo love this lakorn..i miss it..looking at the sc brings back memories..ken and hot look soo hot..love ann in here..she portray her role so good..


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the lakonr is kind sad up the part where teh weak sister commit sucide .. poor baby ! My eye was all watery at the scene where Dodo vist his wife in the hosptial and told her about Ann death .. so sad the wife couldn't talk but we can see in her eye she was sorrry of all the thing she done .


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Oh goodness, I love this lakorn!!! I love it when Anne plays the strong n'ek; and she looked very good with Ken. I want to see the both of them star in another lakorn together.

Mara Phang

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Rang Ngao is one of the best thai lakorns of all time! I love Ken and Ann. This lakorn made Ken very popular. Does anyone have this lakorn translated in Khmer for sale? I couldn't find it anywhere.


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i thought the beginning with the weak twin was draggy and when the strong ann enter the lakorn it was good...otherwise it was good


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can somebody please tell me what this lakorn is about? please....

I like ken too but i haven't seen this.. whats it about?
I never knew ken existed til i saw the lakorn he play with Aom..

well..I've seen Ken star with this one lady..i saw it a long time ago.. it's called forget-me-not.. that movie was ok..


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I love this lakorn...I still have it vhs, it's about identical twin sister
one is weak and one is strong. If you love the lakorn where nang eak is strong and incontrol you would love this....I hate a lakorn where nang eak let people work all over her and be happy about the last minute of the lakorn. sorry if my summary is not clear...
it's started out when Tar (the weak twin, who is easily fool by people) She came to work at a new office and p eak who worked there liked her very much but she is inlove with Doodoo who happen to be her bosS and P eak uncle..Doodoo was inlove with her too..so they had an affair. But Dood0o is marry and have 3 kids, his wife is real mean...After she found out about the affair she would come and beat up tar and do some terrible things to her and embrass her everywhere...
Tar found out she is pregent so she went to visit her parent in the country and she killed herself by hanging...Min is the strong twin, she came back from the USA to visit her parent and sister, but when she got home her sister was already death...she also found out that her sister is pregent too...So she pretended to be Tar and when back to work...since they were identical twin no one notice at first.
Whenever doodoo's wife would come and beat her up, she would beat the wife up instead..since she real smart and speak english she also have a best friend who parent happen to be real power in Thailand.
She also got an expensive car, condo and alots of expensive stuff..She was also working for a high-tech computer and make alots of money too...at the same time she was also working at the office where her sister used to work...Everyone notice the change but they never say a thing...I don't want to tell you more because is gona spoil the fun.
I hope this help you


Yep this is one of Ann's best lakorn and Ken's too..this lakorn made a name for Ken...most of his lakorn after that kinda stinks the only two that I like were the one with Janie and Aom right now...


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yep..this lakorn made ken became known..i didnt even even notice him in his past lakorns..and i didnt really like him either..he was okay..but i didnt care to watch his lakorn as much..but now im starting to like him..i also liked his lakorn with janie and aom..hes starting to get better roles..and im looking forward to Oum Rak..


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SnowFlakes said:
good story!!! But i didn't really like the part with the weak Ann...But when the strong Ann comes, love it!

I remember this lakorn clearly. I think Ann T is a very skilled in acting. She acting is believable and unpredictable. I have been following Ken's work so far as well. Love him in this one and the one with aoms. He is good in serious series. Don't you agree that he looked wonderful in jeans and t-shirt in Aom's lakor? I love him.


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Another best lakorns with Ann Thongprasom in it...The Queen of Drama...Love all Ann's lakorn...Especially the one where she show Women POWER...This lakorn teachs a lot...it's sad that the people you love the most are also the people that will destory you...Ann's parents raise up the two girls different...It's true that if the Strong Ann help take care of her Weak sister, then she may have been fine...Always when you lose someone special that you think back to the things you could have done better...Life said it's short so make the best of it...So you do not regret it later on...