Rani M.


sarNie Hatchling
Does anyone know or remember Rani's movie from a couple years ago? I forgot how it goes and I don't know the Main character that was with her. But Rani is a teacher or something in the movie and he likes her but she doesn't like him or something and embarasses him or something and then he rapes her at the school .... later on he gets convicted and she won in court but then she was still pissed off because everyone knows about her and her life is pretty much ruined so the judge decides to tell them to get married but then he doesn't really like her and treats her badly....something something.... and then he tries to kill her by putting a snake in her room, but the snake bit him instead and then she came and save him and then he realizes her love for him and then he loves her back...:D

Anyone have a clue to what im talking about?

Please help, i've been searching for it for so long....


sarNie Egg
you can find the movie on youtube but with Hmong dubbed. just type in the hindi title then u will see it.