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Mark Prin
Mint Chalida
Nadech Kugimiya
Yaya Urassaya
Boy Pakorn
Margie Rasee​


My name is Chalida, twenty three years of age, who just graduated from CSU of San Diego. I grew up in Malibu, CA, surrounded by amazing people. Yep, life was perfect. I was even planning on moving to Hollywood with some friends because I believed in success and living it big.

My parents on the other hand, had other plans for me. My fairytale, magical, Barbie life had ended when they decided to move back to Thailand, taking me with them. I know, it’s horrible!

Moving back wasn’t the bad part though; it was the news that came afterwards and that was the arranged marriage that shocked me and threw me over board. I mean, I just graduated and I have a bright future ahead of me. It’s impossible for a girl my age to get married so young right? It doesn’t make any sense! I mean, you’re supposed to know the person well in enough and fall in love with them before you get married, that’s how it works right? No, for my parents, it was different and they weren’t reasonable at the moment. No wasn’t an exception.

The day I met him didn’t go so smoothly. First reason, the jerk saw my face and yelled ‘OH HELL NO’ and repeated the same statement more than twice. Second reason, he tried running out of the house but his bother dragged him back inside. Very disrespectful right? And the last reason, I punched him so hard, he had a black eye.

Our parents thought it was adorable and we will get along just fine. Whatever happened to love, passion, and romance? Isn’t that important?

My mom said, “It’ll come along when you are married to one another.” I rolled my eyes.
“I can’t get married, especially not to him.” I exclaimed, throwing a big tantrum.
“Hey! What’s wrong with marrying me??!” He questions.
“Um, hello, have you met yourself?? You’re the last person I want to spend my life with!” I shrieked at him.
“Yes, I have met myself and I’m pretty darn good looking too. I’d marry me if it was possible!” he protested.
“Look, no matter what happens, you two are getting married and it’s going to happen, regardless.” Our parents said.

And that’s what happened. Before I knew it, I was sitting in front of this jerkface in this amazing traditional wedding dress, exchanging wedding rings with him.

After that was the reception and I was changed into a beautiful white wedding dress, signing our marriage license. Do I look frickin happy in my wedding dress??

I’m doomed for eternity.And this is where I’m at. I’ve been married to jerkface for 3 weeks and it’s been hell. He is downstairs with his buddies right now, drinking and singing. The marriage life sucks!


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this is a must-read FF. ;)
Aww, Mint is super pretty,
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Aha, he's like OH HELL NO x]
Although, Mark's a hottie. I'd get married with him, Lol.


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LMAO! Somehow I find this story funny from Mint's POV...I like it though...Mint's cute in here....

“Yes, I have met myself and I’m pretty darn good looking too. I’d marry me if it was possible!” he protested.

oh Mak...he's such a conceited boy....

I like how you put pictures in here to go with the story.


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Yaya bundled her hair up and made her way downstairs and grabbed her skateboard. She had her headphones on, skateboarding freely down the

streets to starbucks.

“So, I have an idea.” Nadech said, sliding into an empty seat across from her. She stares at Nadech with a smile on her face because he was

starting to dress more like her style everyday.

She groans, “Your idea always means trouble.” She removes her headphones.

He nodded, “Yeah, but they always work.” He smirks.

“Tell me your brilliant idea.” She leans forward, pretending to listen.

“Ha-ha.” He scowl and she laugh. “So since we’re college graduates and dying to get for a job, how about we open up a little shop”

“I don’t like where this is going.” She sunk in her chair.

“Hear me out. See, we get tons of vacationers everyday and if we open a shop, you know for tourists and stuff”

“Dude, we’re in LA.” She exclaim, shaking her head.

“Shut up Yaya.” He told her and continues, “Let me finish.” She nodded. “Guys are always looking for good times.” He claps his hands


“Where are you getting at?” she narrows her eyebrows.

He raised his eyebrows, “You know what I’m talking about.”

“And there’s the disaster.” She groans.

“What? What’s wrong with it??” he questions.

“You want to open a sex store, on the pier, where children, wives, and girlfriends will be walking around?” he nodded. “You are out of your

mind. I’m a business major graduate. I am not going to open a sex store.”

“You suck!” he frowned.

“Why don’t you get us some chips? We’ll think of something else, something better.” She said, handing him a dollar and a couple of cents.

“This isn’t enough!” he scowls, motioning for Yaya to give him more money.

“It’s enough because you’re pinching in.” she firmly said. Nadech scoff and went into the store. Yaya put her headphones back on and stared

at the beach and the people walking around.

“Here!” He tosses the bag of chips in front of Yaya, sitting in his seat. She opens the bag and began munching.

She stared at Nadech while he was talking but she didn’t hear a word that was coming out of his mouth. She was like:

“Nadech!” she shrieks, removing her headphones, “I have my headphones on, why are you still talking??”

“I paid for half of that bag of chips!” he protest, trying to grab the bag from Yaya but she pulls pack.

“See, this is why you don’t have a girlfriend. You don’t know how to share! I’m a girl! Be nice!” she spat at him and he wince.

“And this is why you don’t have a boyfriend. It’s because you are stingy and you eat like a pig!” he yells.

She gasps, speaking with her mouthful, “You take that back!” she said, spitting in his face.

He wipes his face, “And you take this back!” he said, wiping his hands on Yaya’s shoulder.

“Jerk.” She laughs and she handed him the bag of chips.

He flips open his laptop, “Yeah now you wanna share when you ate half of it.”

She roar with laughter, “You paid half for it didn’t you so there you go.”

“Cheap shot.” He mumbles. “Hey Mint is online!”

“IM her!! IM her!!” she scooted next to Nadech, hitting him on his arm.

“Chill out!” he said massaging his arm before IMing Mint.

“Heyyy loveeee!!” Yaya waves to the webcam and Mint waves back. “How’s Thailand?”

She shook her head. “It’ horrible. I hate being married.” Mint said.

“Is he beating you??” Nadech questions.

“No. It just sucks big time.”

“We miss you in Malibu. Are you going to visit anytime soon?” Yaya sounded hopeful but Mint shook her head again.

“I miss you guys too! I have to get going. It’s nearly 3am here.” She said, yawning. “I will talk to you soon.”

Nadech and Yaya both said goodbye to Mint and they fell into awkward silence, “I miss her.” Yaya finally said.

“Yeah me too. It sucks that she had to go through that arranged marriage thingy.” Nadech said, almost as if he was making fun of her.

Yaya punched him again, “Shut up! She’s our friend you jerk. DO you really want to get nut check?”

“NO!” he quickly said, covering his private parts. “I’ve been your best guy friend and punching bag for you and Mint for the past 4 years.

You know, it’s funny that Mint was forced to married some random guy and my brother was forced to married some random chick.” He started

laughing and Yaya joined in. Than both came to realization. “You don’t think…” Nadech begins.

“It’s not possible if…” Yaya stares at Nadech.

Simultaneously, Yaya and Nadech said “OH SHIT!” both grabbing their skateboard, rushing home.


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I love it!
It's so catchy and Funny;]
You gotta update this,too cute already!!


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LMAO... :loool: :loool: that Nick GIF cracked me up so bad...I could see Yaya doing that to Nadech.....

Fah, this is an awesome story too funny and yet too cute


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I love it!
It's so catchy and Funny;]
You gotta update this,too cute already!!
Thanksss and I love love your siggy!!

LMAO... :loool: :loool: that Nick GIF cracked me up so bad...I could see Yaya doing that to Nadech.....

Fah, this is an awesome story too funny and yet too cute
it was too funny when I saw the GIF of nick. I'm goin to
be posting GIFs of my characters reaction now lol. I saw
Yaya doing that in my head and I was just cracking up. LQTM is the new LOL


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haha thanks. yaya and nadech are funny lol. nd mint marry to mark... OooooOOoooo thanks i want more...
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haha.. it's so funny moments between them two.. please update more.. ^.^
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Yadech are cute together. But why wasn't Nadech in Thailand for his bros wedding?
I'll explain more as I write. I'm writing in my notebook than transferring it on my laptop.

haha thanks. yaya and nadech are funny lol. nd mint marry to mark... OooooOOoooo thanks i want more...
its cute
Thanks for reading :D


The sun shined brightly through the shades, hitting Mint’s face. She opens her eyes, dragging herself to the restroom. After she had

freshened up, she went downstairs. She stopped halfway and stared at Mark who was sleeping peacefully on the couch. She scoffs and rolled

her eyes.

Mark woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, eggs, sausage, and bacon. It lured him into the kitchen. He saw Mint sitting at the table,

eating and reading the paper.

He sat down across from her and stares at her, “Well?”

She narrows her eyebrows and replies, “May I help you?”

“Where’s my plate?” He smiles sweetly at her.

Mint returns the smile, “Oh, how rude of me!” she gets and walks over to the fridge and grabs two eggs from the carton.

“You’re so nice, thoughtful, and pretty.” Mark forced himself to say then pretended to gag afterwards.

She stood beside him at the table and said, “Bon Appetite,” cracking the eggs onto his plate.

“Nice.” He nodded, staring at the uncooked egg swirling around on his plate.

“If I fell for your words than that would make me nice, thoughtful, pretty and” she pretended to think, “Oh, STUPID!” she yells at him

before sitting down.

He scowled at her, “You’re a terrible housewife!” Mark stated before making his way to the toaster.

Mint nodded, taking a sip of her coffee, “Don’t mention it.”

Mark shoved two breads in the toaster and sat back down, “I never liked your cooking anyways. Who knows, you might poison me.”

“Hmm.” She faked a smile.

“Are you done with that?” he asks, pointing at the paper.

She nodded, “Knock yourself out.” She said, handing him the paper.

He began reading the paper and Mint continued eating. Mark suddenly pounded his fist on the table, laughing hysterically, which made Mint


“Do you mind?” she scowled and he shook his head.

“Pfft, immature business man. I’m much more brilliant and good looking than that guy that’s why I’m above everyone else.” He shook his head


“Hey mister brilliant, do you remember when you put the bread in the toaster?” she laughs, pointing at the smoke coming from the toaster.

Mark quickly ran to the counter.

While Mark was forced to eat his burnt toast and salty scrambled eggs

Mint was upstairs, dressed, and ready to go to her parent’s house. She ran downstairs wearing tanktop, shorts, and sandals.

Mark spat out his drink and stopped her. He was like

“Where do you think you’re going?” he stood in front of her.

She rolled her eyes, “I’m going out. Move.”

“Not like that.” He said, pointing at her.

“I dress like this all the time when I was in Cali. Move.” She told him again.

“But you are in Thailand and here, we like our woman covered up especially the ones we are married to.” He said, getting in her face.

“Get out of my way before you get nut check.” She exhale sharply trying to get pass him but he wouldn’t budge.

“I will not have my wife leaving the house dressing like a single woman. Go upstairs and change now.” He ordered her.

“Excuse me? You’re kidding right?” she laughs as she pushed pass him but he pulls her back.

“Chalida, don’t fight with me!” he scowled.

She nods. “Okay.” She swiftly turns her body and when Mark turns away, Mint quickly ran to the door.

Mark ducked and grabbed her waist, throwing her over his shoulder and she was hitting him roughly on his back until he lets her down. She

went for the door again and he pulls her back. She punched him on his stomach and he clutched onto it, still holding onto her arm. When he

let’s go, she fell but still crawling and he grabbed a hold of her leg. She flips over and kicked him. They both got up and Mark blocked

the door again.

“Stop! You are acting like a little kid. You will not leave this house dressing like that.” He turns around to lock the door but Mint

jumped on his back.

“Let me out!” she screams, jumping on his back, pounding him on his head.

“Get off of me you crazy lunatic!” he screams, trying to get her off.

“Good morning!” Mark’s parents walks in. Mint was on Mark’s back with her fist in the air. They froze, staring at his parents and his

parent’s face expression, priceless.



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haha... mint is so funny.. crack two uncooked egg at mark's plate.. hahahahha

i can imagine how's the parents reaction watching both of them fighting.. 0.0

can't wait for more..


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Aha,what a cute chapter;]
Im just starting to love it more and more.
I love how you put the pictures there,i can imagine it completely.
Mark,aha.Telling her that she can't go out wearing like that,so cutee.
Please Update soon Fah,i can't wait^^


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AHAHAHA OMG FAH! YOU HAVE ME BALLING! :lmao2: ... the expressions were too funny! Especially when the parents walked in and they were like this

The outfit Mint had on is cute. Muahahah I spell jealousy coming from Mak


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haha. that was funny. i love how they both are fighting haha. way to start out
their marriage life haha, cute though


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How did I miss this? LOl... I read all the MTEAM ff so far but I didn't see this one until now o_O Hehe! But OMG.. I love the manipulating photos^^ I thought they were actually REAL!! Great job. I love how you add photos to each chapter to, it gives a better sense and feeling into reading it! Lovely:)


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"OH HELL NO" I can just imagine Mark saying that. epic.

"Is he beating you?" Nadech's out of nowhere nonchalance is hilarious.

and "OH SHIT" simply because Yaya didn't even know who her sis-in-law is!!!? LOL

"...especially the ones we are married to" ^^ funny, his use of first person plural

btw, i like those graphics. lol
this is comedic. can't wait for more!