Recently fired man shot wife, 5 kids, then himself


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A Los Angeles man and his wife were both fired from their jobs at the hospital. The hospital claims that they have been misinterpreting their work status to an outside agency, so that they can obtain childcare. The man claims that one of the employers at the hospital said, "You should not even had bothered to come to work today you should have blown your brains out."

The man became very distraught, faxed a 2 page letter to a TV station about killing his 5 kids, wife, then himself, and then now police found a gruesome scene in their home; 7 bodies, 5 children from ages 8-2, and the man and his wife.

When I read this, I couldn't help, but cry. I'm crying for the children. They deserved a chance.. they really do. Eventhough this man is trying to blame the hospital for his actions, he should have not went this far. There's so many sorts of program out there to help him and his family even if they were both unemployed. Very sad news.,2933,484166,00.html


I clicked the link-I shouldn't have. The kids were absolutely adorable. So tragic and sad. He should of kept chugging along. Everything will turn out, you know. The economy will get better and things will get better. I am confident of that.

Just looking at the kiddies mad my heart ache.


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My sister sent me this email today...when I first read it, the first thing that came to mind was how it almost happened to my family...but in my case my dad (may he now RIP) was an alcoholic and abusive, his intention was to shoot my mom and all four of us and then himself, but God had better plans for us then to be with him yet so things turned out differently. I'm just soo sorry and sad that these kids and their mother didn't have the chance that my mom and I and my siblings had. But it's ok, they no longer have to suffer on this earth and they are now with their real Father. The first thing my sister said when she sent this to me was how it reminds her of what almost happened to us many years ago...Ok, I'm all choked up inside right now, I have to get out of this topic....


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this story is very sad. but on a more positive note, my mom told me of a miracle that happened on the same day as this ordeal. she said that she saw on the news about a woman who just gave birth to some healthy octuplets. that's 8 babies! at first the doctors thought it was only going to be seven babies, but then the last one came out of no where! my mom thinks that whole family went to start over with the lady since there is a common ground with the twins and stuff. ha my mom is so funny. i'll post the story about it in another thread.


That is tragic about your dad, Secrets. I am sorry. I am glad you and the rest of your family is alright. You just got to go on and take something from what happened to your family.

On the link, it just shows a picture of the whole family. The kids were just beautiful.


Very childish of the father.

This is very sad news. :(