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imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Glad to know that Namfon's character progresses later on. I'm actually quite enjoying Ploy Lom Phet. As for KKK, again like I said the story is just very typical for a lakorn. Pong does play the same role repetitively and although I think his acting and looks are just decent, I don't really mind him. lol I was never a fan of Charkit either. Now that you mention it fun4fun, I would categorize the two together.

I understand your thoughts on Ploy. She's a great actress and I like her but I'm so used to seeing her playing rai that when she gets the main role, I can't seem to adjust myself to watching her. The lakorn looks okay though.

Thanks again everyone for all the suggestions!


sarNie Egg
1. Manee Yard Fah (Willy & Ann)
if you haven't seen this one, get on is a work of art by Willy and Ann...the chemistry is amazing!

2. Roy Leh Sanae Rai (Tik & Aom)
Tik as a hot spoiled rich playboy and Aom as a stubborn average girl...most memorable scene?? the wedding scene!! that scene was done beautifully by Aom...i agree the 4 nang'rai thing was a little overboard but i think it ended up working well within the story...i didn't have much of a problem with it...

3. Luerd Kattiya (Tik & Aom)
Tik as a poor soldier vying to protect his princess played by Aom in an tragic forbidden love story....and will i say this lakorn was beautifully shot, acted out and EVERYTHING!! the chemistry was beautiful...made me cry at the end....a very beautiful historical fiction lakorn....

4. Sao Chai Hi Tech (Om & Jui)
Om is one HOOOT guy so i'm glad he's finally getting pra'ek roles!!'s sorta different lakorn but i loved it!! the wacky and comedic touches were always perfect...

5. Ka Kaung Kon (Pong & Noon)
okay...Pong is just hot in whatever he does in general so yea...the chemistry is pretty good despite Noon being married now and all, totally proves she's a pro but we all knew that already lol...but anyways, it's getting a little draggy now with extentions and all...iono why they butchered it with extentions but imma keep watching's good lol...

6. Ngao Asoke (Pong & Peung)
anyone know where Peung is at? i mean, is she still suspended from lakornland or something?? anyways...throughly enjoyed this drama TO A POINT...but im not really sure how to explain it....i watched it for Pong and fell in love with him and Peung but the whole innocent weak nang'ek was a little overbearing...still, i recommend it lol...

7. Hua Jai Song Park (Por & Taew)
tehre are a lot of reasons why I like this, it was my intro to Taew and i fell in love with her...other reasons range from storyline to the irresistable way Por "silently" loved her...i thought it was sweet...memorable scene?? when Por's chracter finally admits to her that he loves her...saaaaaa-weeeeet!!!

there are mmaaaaaaaany others but these are thought off the top...i'm currently watching Ka Kaung if there are any other good currently airing dramas it'd be nice to know though my list are pretty OLLLD lakorns lol....


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Thanks Pakou91! Manee Yard Fah is one of my all time favourite lakorns. I love Ann and Willy's chemistry

I still haven't watched Roy Leh Saneh Rai, Lued Kattiya and Hua Jai Song Park. I'll definitely check those out once I finish with Ken and Janie's lakorn. I've been watching clips of KKK and it looks pretty decent. Maybe I will take the chance to watch the whole thing when I have time. As for Sao Chai Hi Tech, is it a comedy? I like Om and Jui but I've never given many lakorns a chance simply because I perfer channel 3 over channel 7.

I believe Peung is still banned after getting caught kissing her bf. That's kinda harsh, I mean she has a private life too and it wasn't like those pictures leaked anything more than that. But for Ngao Asoke, I absolutely love the lakorn! I perfer the older version but the new one isn't bad either. Peung's portayal of Pbee is very weak but regardless the story makes up for it.


sarNie Egg
i don't wanna get into DEEP discussion about Peung here so, my bad i brought her up lol...but i will say that her getting banned for that pic of her kissing her bf is bullcrap...and i want her back in lakornland...she was one of the up and coming actresses that i was seriously looking forward that's all i'm gonna say bout

but yes, Sao Chai Hi-Tech is's more comedy than romance but when the romantic scenes rolls in, it's pretty romantic...Om and Jui do comedy like pros!! they were seriously born for comedy lol....

i prefer watching different generes of lakorns and i pretty much end up liking most of what i choose to watch...
Roy Leh Sanae Rai is a more kiss/slap/romance lakorn....Luerd Kattiya is just like a romantic melodrama....and Hua Jai Song Park i consider to just be drama...there's not much "romance" i'll have to say...just "silent" love/like lol....

other favs of mine are:

Oom Ruk (Ken & Ann)
Sawan Bieng (Ken & Ann)
Silamanee (Kob & Paul)
Luk Mai Klai Tom (Kob & Andrew Gregson)
Wanida (Tik & Aff) -- Tik's comeback lakorn and gods, i missed his face!! watched Wanida and loved it ahaha...
Ploy Lom Phet -- i saw someone mentioned this...i totally forgot about it...Bee was hot as hell lol...the kiss/slap thing he did with Namfon was soo sweet every time lol...i don't even know why lol...
Hua Jai Chocolate (Mos & Aom)
Jai Rao (Ken & Aff)


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
it's okay. we can't say much about peung but i hope she does return because really thats unfair for her to be banned like that.

i love all the lakorns that you've mentioned aside from jai rao. that one was too depressing for me lol. now that i've watched ploy lom phet due to cupid candy's recommendation, i think to myself "where the heck have i been hiding all the time?" i love that lakorn and i love that bee's character. he's agressive but very caring and persistant toward the n'ek. oh of course he looks mighty fine too :thumbsup:

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
it's okay. we can't say much about peung but i hope she does return because really thats unfair for her to be banned like that.

i love all the lakorns that you've mentioned aside from jai rao. that one was too depressing for me lol. now that i've watched ploy lom phet due to cupid candy's recommendation, i think to myself "where the heck have i been hiding all the time?" i love that lakorn and i love that bee's character. he's agressive but very caring and persistant toward the n'ek. oh of course he looks mighty fine too :thumbsup:
I was thinking the same when i first watched Ploy Lom Phet 3 years ago. I saw Bee in Dok Kaew when i was really little but back then i was just watching teletubbies. Ploy Lom Phet got me to notice Bee and i watched all his lakorns with Fon.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
lol me too! i watched his older works when i was younger and thats when i didn't know their names or pay close attention to anyone in particular. its not until now that i'm starting to love bee and trying to track down all his lakorns.


sarNie Hatchling
I am very picky, I hate cliched and overdone story lines (only exception is if I'm in love with one of the characters), my sisters hate watching anything with me because I will always end up criticizing it. So these few that I recommend, if you don't love it, at least its something a little fresh.

--Duang Jai Akkanee from 4hjhkk - sugar, spice, and everything nice, need i say's got a little of everything, its cute, sweet, romantic, dramatic, comedic, you'll feel like you're 16 again when you had your first love. I would actually give it a 10/10 but then again, I'm very biased towards this particular one. I can't think of anything that I would want to change about this lakorn, only that I wish it was longer :p

--Ngao Asoke -- Although I did find the Nang'ek to be annoying and pra'ek to be stupid, I think the storyline has potential to be a classic and really really wish that there will be a remake sometimes soon. I think I just like the storyline above all else because I do really that the storyline has almost a western but still very Thai-ish aspect to it. Give it a shot, and there's some pretty hot fake kisses that look very real, lol. Finally, I really love the fact that the nang'ek always seem so scared of pra'ek and he knows it so he's always trying to cross her line. 8/10

--Dok Ruk Rim Tang -- (Bie and Vii) I honestly do not watch a lot from CH 5, but this one is absolutely adorable. Yes, it is very cliched in that its another cross-dressing lakorn, and can be bizarre at times because there is a talking dog, and just a little strange and irrational at times. But Bie's acting is completely adorable and Vii's acting is ok. Don't want to ruin too much but I think the best part is after Bie falls for Vii but then acts all mean because he thought he was becoming gay (since Vii was disguised as a boy), just wait until he finds out that she's a's very adorable. 8/10

--Angkor 1 -- Yes I know its loooonngg. But Pete is super hot and I love that its not a typical, superficial drama. It's an action drama. The love story is very sweet, you just have to get into it a little. It starts out kind of slow, but I just love that the action is focused on a goal that does not involve superficial relationships. I dunno, this one might be harder for people to like, but if you need a break from typical, cheesy, superficial love dramas, I would strongly recommend this one. 8/10

--Sao Chai Hi-tech -- (Om Akapan and Jui) It's sweet and comedic. Yes, it did start up slow and then Ch 7 decided to extend it until it became almost pointless, put the relationship between the Pra'ek and nang'ek is very sweet and natural, you'll find yourself rooting for them and smiling with them. There's a lot of fun and sweet scenes, it will put you in a good mood :) 9/10

--Sawan Bian -- (Ken and Anne) I shouldn't have to say much, if you have not watched this yet, you cannot consider yourself a lakorn fan. This is a classic, was probably one of the all time favorite in all of Thailand. Superb acting, writer should have gotten an award because there are so many wonderful lines from this drama, it's the epitome of what a thai lakorn is, lol. But if there is going to be a remake, I always wished that Narin (Anne) wasn't so stubborn and I wished that Kawee (Ken) could have been in more in love with Narin, sometime I felt like he didn't really love her. 9/10

--Rang Ngao-- (Ken and Anne) Although its pretty old, I like the deep meanings in this drama, its not shallow at all. It shows all the twisted sides of human beings, even the nang'ek. The character of the Nang'ek is also the reason why I love this drama to pieces, of all the Nang'eks, I have yet to see another nang'ek posses the same strong character as the nang'ek in this one. Sometimes people equate being strong with being sassy, but Anne's character in here, in my opinion, embodies what real women power should be like, lol. I think the nang'ek in this drama should be an icon, thats how much I love her, lol. I also love that nang'ek fell for the nice guy, totally going against the typical mean pra'ek. Ken is actually the epitome of a gentlemen who's always defending her. But if I could, I would take out the R scene and I wish there would have been more juicy/sweet love scenes, but I can also appreciate that the love between the nang'ek and pra'ek in this drama was very tender, easy going...not the die hard type, so I did really appreciate that it was very realistic and displayed what a healthy relationship should be like. 10/10

Of all the Thai drama's that I've seen so far, these are the only ones that I can truly recommend.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
thanks bb_ny! I love love love DJA and I agree that my only complaint about the lakorn is that I wish it'd be longer. Can't get enough of them :coverlaf:

Ngao Asoke is one my favourite lakorns but I'd have to say I like the older version much more.

The rest I haven't tried yet but I shall start with Rang Ngao. Being a fan of both Ken and Ann, I can't believe I haven't watched this one.


sarNie Egg
Hey,sorry,but im watching Ploy Lom Phet right now. and for Ngao Asok i couldnt watch because Peung was waaay to submissive to Pong(soo hot!)/ but yes,it was too "the innocent- "oh i didnt do anything,im just pretty"-n'ek role to me. blaah. couldnt stick around.


Expired Sarnie
I couldn't watch Ngao Asoke either. I prefer the older version.

Give Tard Ruk a shot.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Haha Pong was eye candy in Ngao Asoke but I still prefer Eg's portrayal better.

Thanks Fun! I'll give Tard Rak a try once I'm done with Dong Poo Dee.