Revenge, Lust, Love.


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Hello Readers! It's my first time here. After watching MSRFS, I became a huge fan of TuiKwan and I couldn't resist myself from writing a fanfic about them. Since the  lakorn did not satisfy my expections, so I decided to cast Kwan and Tui in my whole production LOL I hope you all enjoy it. Comments are appreciated :) Will  be back for more updates! ​
“It’s my heart, I will like or love whoever I want! You have no right over it!” Kwan fearlessly challenge the man standing in front of her.
His expression deepens.
“If you have nothing else to say to me, I’m going to excuse myself, I still have work to finish. As the wife of Tui Teerapat, I do not have the time to listen to gibberish, especially when I have to take care of my husband’s harem.” Kwan inhales deeply and turns away from the man.
Without much effort, he swings her into his arms.
 “What are you doing?! Let me go!” She yells at him.
He raises her left hand in which a dazzling diamond ring fits perfectly onto her fourth finger.
He smirks. “It’s good to hear that you know your own position. Since you acknowledged the fact that you are my wife, then you should also acknowledge the rights I have over you...”
His eyes trail from her face to her body.
He brushes off the hair that flawlessly falls onto her shoulder and reveals her prominent collarbones.
He leans forward and gives a slight kiss on her clavicle that sends chill down her spine.
She will not give in to him, no matter what. She promises herself. The pain and scars he gave her are enough reasons not to forgive him. He does not love her; this is just a part of his revenge plan. She will continue to play the game with him until one of them wins and the other loses.
Kwan closes her eyes and with all her might pushes him away.
“You’re right. My name might be on the spouse’s line on our marriage certificate and you might be the owner of my body, but…” She points to her heart.
“As long as I’m breathing and as long as this heart is beating, it is up to me to love whoever I want. If it is P’Om that I love, so be it. But, let me tell you.” She steps a little closer to him.
“You will never be the owner of this heart. And I definitely will make sure that one day you will have to kneel on your two knees and beg me for forgiveness.” She dusts off the body parts where he held her and storms out of their bedroom.
Gazing after her, “That day will never come. For all the hateful things that your sister had done to my family, I will make you pay for it. I will make your life a living hell, Kwan Usamanee.” 


Welcome to Asianfuse TuiKwan214. :) Really appreciate your writing. :) I like it so far. If you need any help with anything, feel welcome to ask any time. All of us here will gladly help you out. :)


sarNie Egg
i know how it feels, me too i love the chimistry between Kwan and Tui but the lakorn was a disappointement to me.
i'll be following ur writing 


sarNie Granny
Yes!!I do like the lakorn but yeah it did leave me with a sour mouth HAHAHA ^^^ update soon