River Lovers


sarNie Juvenile
Hello Sarnies! Does anyone know where I can watch River Lovers online? I've been trying to find a website for quite sometime now and can't. I tried Youtube but it's not coming up with any. Any help will do. Thanks!

River Lovers:

Leon Jay Williams as Liu Xin He
Genie Cho as He Zhen Ai
Remus Kam as He Shou Cheng


Through her senior Vijay’s recommendation, Zhen Ai (played by Genie Chuo) finally achieves her wish of joining the travel agency to work as a tour guide and leader. To Zhen Ai, this is her first time, and the day her fate intersects. But, the confused Zhen Ai accidentally mistakes Liu Xin He (played by Leon Jay Williams) as one of her members. Yet, Liu Xin He not only does not blame Zhen Ai or the travel agency, but instead is willing to continue to stay in Zhen Ai’s tour group. However, Zhen Ai realises that the reason for this is because he wants to make her life hell. He is simply a devil, treating her as a ‘slave’, making her do this and that. Over time, many misunderstandings occur between the 2, like when Zhen Ai accidentally spills her drink on Xin He’s pants, making the perfectionist him fire up in anger. And fate even leads them to stay in the same hotel together for a night, making the other members suspicious of the ambiguous relationship between them. Although Zhen Ai tries her hardest to clarify, it seems that she is only making things worse. An accident leads them to fall into ‘The Love River’ together and Zhen Ai wonders if fate is playing a joke on her. But what Zhen Ai did not expect is that Liu Xin He is about to become the new boss of the travel agency. (credit: DramaWiki)