Rook Kard (Dida)


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OMG, they're killing off everyone... like 4 people.. so wheres all the scene time going to now? ==


yeah they are killing off everyone which sucks, not the same as kom faek anymore!

they might as well kill of everyone, pretend this is the past.. and have a new century where everyone reborn lolz


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Are they really killing off all those important characters? Or are the "deaths" just a part of the plot?


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Man today's epi was so sad, poor Oh =( Even through they probably really died, im still hoping that Benz didn't really die =(


NOOOOO todays episode was the saddest episode :(
man got me shedding tears, the part w/ Anchan & Garn was so touching, the part when Krarok dies was even more touching... ahhh how can they kill so many people off like that in such a short amount of time? Only at episode 5 , ahhh. Can't wait to see the next eppy, wow I love the fight scene between Noon and Por, how cool! Lolz


The part where Anchan dies was pretty sad but I wish she spent her time telling Gan who killed her instead of confessing their love over and over LOL. All she told him is to not trust what he sees. But then I guess she doesn't really know Jao Jun Ngarm so that probably explains why she couldn't tell him who killed her.


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i like the kick#ss Noon ..

anchan's death was sad -- got me teary :(
Gan looks very handsome during their wedding.


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It sucks too because just when Ongaht could actually kick butt it's too late :( Anchan's death was the saddest -- I really love Por and Noon's couple in here ^^


yeah i wish noon told por who killed her but like nai said, she doesn't really know who jun ngarm is.. they never really met or anything. But she shoulda at least told Por it was a crazy physco in a red dress, he'd probably understand heheh.


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omg ep.5 was so sad. :lmao: feel so sorry for unchun and kalok. it'll suck if unchun really dies, don't want kun to end up with the girl that look like her. even though they look the same but is not the same person.


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man i havent really watched rok kard.... I loved part 1 but seems like everyones dying in this one x___x but i'll give it a try and i hope that cheer and cee r extra cute in here cuz i loved there charactors.