Rook Kard (Dida)


sarNie Adult
omg this lakron givng me heartack
oh dying
sign* damn why dont por kill that dued with the mask huh
when he have the chance to kill he never do?


sarNie Adult
Rook Kard is not as good and exciting as Kom Faek. I feel in love with Cee and Cheer's characters in Kom feak and I was expecting to see more of them in here, but there's more of Kelly and Pang. Beside not seeing Cee and Cheer enough, the plot is also kind of boring and too predictable in comparison to kom faek. I like plot that are unpredictable and unique. Unlike Kom Faek, ROo Kard is too predictable and lame (really don't want to use this word but don't know how to explain better). Maybe I set my expectation too high from the 1st part.


sarNie Adult
Cee-Cheer got like about 10 min or less of screentime in each episode :rolleyes:

The only couple I can careless to see are Win-Kratip :rolleyes:
Too much on them and Pang-Kelly -_-

Oh died :(

But I like Rook Kard regardless :lol:
I think it's entertaining :p

Can wait to see tomorrw episode. Looks like Cee is trying to side with Pang..keke..Pang is so pretty I like her. But I think she suck in this


Cee and Cheer had lots of sweet scenes in yesterday's episode. I loved it and was totally gushing at the part where she gives him nam prik as a goodbye gift LOL. K I'm watching today's now. I'll see how it goes.


sarNie Hatchling
I am sooo confuse. Is Oh a ghost that's haunting Win now?
Cuz during the preview for episode 10 he popped up
but I'm not sure if Win is the only person that can see him.

I'm a bit disappointed with Rook Kard. Feels like its moving kind of slow.
How did ch.7 plan on keeping the high ratings by killing off all the beloved characters? :(


sarNie Adult
I just can't wait til everything is going good again.. so many twistsss! ahhhh! and I LOVE NOON<3

&Poor Por, i hope his eyes go back to normal soon! and i'm prettty sure KELLY & PANG are gonna backstabb each other at the END! YESS!

Cee has grown soooo much throughout the years, i remember the first time i saw him in BKKR! LOVED HIM! and today he's gottta sooo much HOTTER! especially since he's so well built now! :drool: hahaha! I'm gonna be sad when him & amy get marrried :( ugh!


sarNie Adult
LOL I agree about Cee. :wub: It's like he lost weight or something. :lol:

I think this time I'm starting to love him even more now that he's in here! :wub:


sarNie Egg
omg the lakorn is getting so sad why does everytone has to die sad feel sorry for por!! O & benz why they have to died no reason!!