Ruen Hor Ror Hien (Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Coma
so i guess this would be louis 2nd pra'ek role if hes still in "wan jai" with margie. i dont think he suit as pra;ek but since its susie ill watch for sure! what does the title mean? i know ruen hor is marriage house or however you call it


Staff member
omg louis as p'ek yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have always loved louis eversince raptor days hehe.. and omo.. susie is n'ek in here too..


sarNie Coma
^^same here. you know whats funny, i actually thought susie and louis had chemistry as well but i didnt think we'll get to see them pair up lol why cant they ever happen with a couple that i want to see wtih each other..


change name of the name:

10.เรือนหอรอรัก ของค่าย Broadcast จำกัด
*พระเอก หลุยส์ สก๊อต นางเอก *ซูซี่ สุษิรา

Ruen Hor Ror Ruk


sarNie Juvenile
YES Louis finally get the leading role for once. i think he's an amazing actor and i can't wait to see his skill as leading man. so excited for this lakorn.


sarNie Coma
Susies so pretty! I like louis and all but he's not suitable as praek. Its good to know he sign a contract with ch3 cuz they have gave him a lot of work and look at him now. He's everywhere


sarNie Adult
I'm glad to see Louis taking a leading man role. His acting is good and he's always played the supporting role character that always captures my heart.


sarNie Granny
Louis and Susie...yay. I'm starting to really like Louis, I think he's cute and funny. I'm glad the ch.3 sees his potential and made him p'ek.