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sarNie Egg
Could someone tell me what this movie is called? starring NoonWoranuch and Kade T. The story line goes something like this, Noon's mom was a maid in Noon's biological fathers house and when the wife found out that they were in love and Noon mom was pregnant, she order Noon's mom out of the house but Noon's father took them to this place that i guess he bought for them. But when the wife found out, she hire some guys to come and kill them or something....and before that Noon was born and then they were kicked out, however, Noon got big and knows karate....and then something about her being and going to this place where girls go only....and then she met Kade there because an event that was going on there. oh and Kade is a cop in this movie. But yea so Noon went to live with this rich man to take care of his children..... and in the end her and Kade got together.... idk it something like that. plz if u knoe any kind of info, plz tell me because i really want to watch this movie again. THanks


sarNie Hatchling
mmmmm...idk but it might be one of these two...

Ruk Tem Roy
Pitsawat Onlaweng

idk...which one it is cause i haven't watch it for a long