Sammy Bunthita & Mint Chalida: Sweet & Spicy


sarNie Oldmaid
Wow so Gorgeous!!! Sammie and Mint can so pass as sisters, they look alike. I think this is the best mag shoot I have seen for both of them. They are looking smoking hot, and so beautiful. Mint has grown up a lot, into a beautiful women with a spark and edge. Love this a lot.



sarNie Adult
pretty and sexy just right, not too much not too little...


You're Average Person :)
thanks nliss!

both ladies look gorgeous here and the IN magazines are always taking good pictures


♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin
why it seems like sammie is more show sexy than min ka? it just cuz of their age right or it doesn't matter just the collection or something ka.


sarNie Granny
so glad sammie had another photoshoot. wish she have one w/ om n the future. btw mint n sammie r freken gorgeous and beautiful.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
I suppose Sammie show a little more because she is the "spicy" while Mint is the "sweet"? 555 they are both beautiful in this shoot. Mint looks like an angel! Hope she has more of these really nice photoshoots, she is growing beautifully!


sarNie Adult
really like the concept of this cover.
it really suites the girls.

Love both Mint and Sammy. they both look really good.

Thanks so much for sharing


sarNie Oldmaid
Both ladies look gorgeous and sexy. I love this shoot because it's one of Sammie best photo. Sammie look like young Noon. Sometime, I wish Sammie could be in ch7 because I would to see her with Mark & Nadech!