Sanae Narng Ngiew (Kantana)


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:clap: remake of Pip Ravit's and Joy S lakorn;

my first ever lakorn i saw with pip and joy;

starts filming this month no word on the pra'nangs yet;
Credits to noiki @ spicyforum

I wonder how this will turn out =.= lol cause Joy was amazing in the original; Joy always does great in the nam nao mom in law vs daughter in law type drama haha


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Oh chucks!! This was one of my favorite lakorn when I was young! I don't remember exactly how the storyline went, but if I remember the name then I must have liked it^^! Thanks for sharing.


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kantana... i dont like their lakorn lately hopefully this might be a turn around for me to like them again.


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LOL!! I doubt it'll be Cee-Noon :lol:

But I do wanna see them together again, but not this lakorn :p


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hahaha I bet you nang'ek is going to be Pancake...cause the nang'ek gotta be chinese looking cause the nang'ek comes from a chinese family that performs Ngiew...hence Sanae Nang Ngiew.


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is this the one were N"k is those performer on a Chinese Opr ? and P'k is from a rich family ? they lope lmao together ? if soo...yeah it was a good lakorn but it not that long again ?


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there was a picture of joy and pip posted at spicy
yeah nang'ek one of those chinese. opr performers.
seems like a silly lakorn O_O


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Yeah n'ek play ngiew and she's poor. P'ek is rich and his house is near the stage where they perform at I think and he would listen to her through the window or something? I kinda remember a scene like that. It's a sad dramatic lakorn cause once they get married p'eks mom was mean to her.


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if that the lakorn it a DRAMA . Poor girl lope wiht Rich boy together as husband and wife working like normal ppl to support their small family hahahaha ....


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is it the lakorn that they did on the boat..??...i forgot...i think she was an actress in that lakorn...but i dunno if its the lakorn...i hope oil n yui gets this role i wanna see them again together..


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I don't think Oil plays for ch7 anymore no offense but I hope Pancake doesn't get the role I hope someone else get a chance to rise to stardom this year


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I wasn't even thinking of They might use her though, because she has the Chinese face.


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dont think its kwan since she already filming bpom ruk roy adeed hopefully its her but i doubt it ............. pinky or chompoo i want to see with cee or win or poh nattawut .... gosh if its pancake be so mad