Sapai Mai Rai Sakdena ( TV Scene )


เรื่อง สะใภ้ไม่ไร้ศักดินา ค่ะ พระเอกยังไม่ทราบ แต่รู้ว่าน่าจะเป็นภาคต่อ ของ สะใภ้ไร้ศักดินาค่ะ
Sapai Mai Rai Suksdeea, is the 2nd part of Sapai Rai Sukdeena

If nothing changing, the OPENING CEREMONY NEXT MONTH (June 2010)


sarNie Coma
omg, i liked this lakorn with benz and kelly! is it like a continuation? they should of kept benz. im not too sure about pat with musical drama


sarNie Adult
Alex, really get to be leading actor this time. Now, I enjoy watching the first one, but I too is not sure about Pat singing in here.


sarNie Granny
seriously i haven't watch pat's alkron for so long, ^_^ woh, aex is p'ek i might watch the lakorn for him. :)


sarNie Adult
i guess everyone is having the same thought about pat in musical lakorn, i myself too didnt think pat should be in here. i wish it was someone else. pinky would be perfect for this this lakorn. pat's lakorn with great and benz wasnt that great, she cant sing she lip-syn. wow benz is playing a mother to pat. well, its too bad kelly wont be able to join the cast. :no:


Staff member
wow, the teaser looks good -- i love how they have Pat change the song of DOREMI lol
Credit: kisskeepintouch


sarNie Tombstone
I assume it is a part 2 cos Benz is playing Pat's mum. Wonder who is replacing Kelly since he isn't in here.


Staff member
i believe it is part 2 of kelly/benz b/c of Benz's past ..
maybe they'll kill of kelly's character lol