Sarnie Idol III


Super Momo

Dear Stinkers!

I am finally back yeah! The reason why im back? It's because im bored!!!!! Therefore SARNIE IDOL III IS COMING UP!! So the rules are really easy. So how does it work this time? Unlike the other Idols I decided to make it more similar to American Idol. Each contestant will have to send it a song for the first round, we'll choose among the best one then they'll make it through Round 2. Once you make it to Round 2, there will be a theme that will be chosen and each contest have to find a song that is related to the theme and it goes on until.. Round X depending on how many contestant we have. AND SPECIAL BONUS FOR IDOLS 3 -> We'll make Duets ^_^ doesn't matter if you lost, you can choose a contestant you want to sing with and propose it to them. If they agree send us the duet and we'll post it on our Sarnie Idol III album.

1. Register [Tell us you want to participate]
2. Pick a song
3. Round 1: each contest send in a song and we will eliminate some contestants
4. Round 2: why not do it like American idol we'll choose the theme and you guys will have to sing a song from the chosen theme. Aka CHINESE OPERA ^_^ naw just kidding
5. Round 3: another theme will be chosen and it will go on same process as round 2 ^_^

FORM TO USE [if you want to participate]:
Name: SW username
Song: [ORIGINAL ARTIST - SONG TITLE ] the song you will use for Round 1 (just in case someone wants to know who sings the original version)
Email: if another contestant want to contact.just in case ill kick hate mails. so watch out x] hehehehe
Now what do I do if I want to participate?

The rules are REALLY easy. Deadline for application are December 27th, I figured that people have midterm around this time so I will extend it until the 27th. Afterward I will not accept anymore contestant... that give you 1 month to decide whether you want to join or not or to withdraw yourself from it.

How do I record the song?

Use Cool Edit Pro. I will post up some tutorials later on this week or next week.

How do I submit my song?

Pm one of the Idol Staff and NOT JUDGE, no judge has the right to recieve the song before any other judges. Fair play ^_^! The staff will then post it on the Idol III LOCKED Thread so that way we won't have any unecessary replies.

Where do I leave comments then?

You leave it here in this thread! This is the FAQ and Official thread for comments or suggestions and announcements for Idols III.

Can I judge it?

How about a no? J/K, I'm looking for judges right now you need to know basics stuff about singing. You can PM me if you want to try it out ^_^