Sarnworld Photoshop Battle


maplestory addict xD
Since its the Shoutout Forum I decided to bring notice to the other sarnworld members who might not know the existence of our weekly sarnworld photoshop battle. We've just started it last year and its been getting good response. The sarnies will be given a theme every week and they'll battle wif their artworks during the weekend (when poll's up)Sarnies can then comment, vote or participate up to their own discretion.

Here are the winners frm the first battle till the recent one:

Battle # 1 Aum Atichart Poster - winner ceci

Battle # 2 Noon Tag Team Poster - winner anie + bau

Battle # 3 Power Couple CD Cover - winner anie

Battle # 4 Poster - winner anie

Battle # 5 Movie Poster - winner anie

Battle # 6 Horror Week - winner ceci

Battle # 7 Blending Battle - winner bau

Battle # 8 Advertisement Battle - winner anie

Battle # 9 Sea creature Battle - winner ceci


tis week's battle is on logo designing and for anyone else who's interested in participating, voting or supporting - y'all can go into tis link:

SW Battle Thread