Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)


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Yay more Ae I love this girl ^___^ she is an awesoem actress. dooode it would be nice to see her pair with eg again; but i don't know his story he isn't even on screen anymore. LOL can't get enough of these two from ummm Ngao Asoke and Fad Lhong Hon


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i am hope its also with Rome, Aon S. or maybe Chakrit hehehehe that would be awesome. she seems to be getting a lot of the n'rang roles and supporting role.


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Yay I am happy Ae has another lakorn.. she is so pretty. I love her! Hope the praek is Rome or Num.S I would love to see her with them both!


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I don't like Por... He's starting to piss me off. He as too many lakorns right now! He's everywhere haunting me!!


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yeah he does have too many la korns but so does Mart and Rome too. so. but yeah a new pra aek would be better. Ae is a good actress. she will play her role well.


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so far, rome only has 2 for this year that i know of and mart is 3 while por has like 5!

thanks kristy


ehmmm... if ur gunna talk about Por having too much lakorn then u needa think that Pat Naprapa's doing the same too.... so it's even...... no offense to pat's fan....

anyways YAY!! finally Por is playing with someone NEW.... finally!! i love AE and her lakorns, she's so pretty :) thankgod she changed channels :) i wonder what the title means?? anyone mind translating??


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i don't know...he's cute and hot in his own way...i think that if por is in a lot lakorns now, he won't be later and then other hot actors can take his place^^


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Correction!! Thank god! Por Thrisadee is not here. It's going to be Chai Chatayadom, Ae Issiriya, and I think Aun Witiya? It will start filming on the 13th of March. Credit to Em @ Pantown.


sarNie Coma
thank goodness!!hes having way too many lakorns

chai and aey? thats a new pairing

edit:theres a thread of this already so ill merge it