Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)


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see, the thing is this...i understand that she's bitter. i'd be bitter too. but her character, most of the time, has a strong sense of reason. knowing that it was her past that caused mai to be involved in general would make her character, "bpam", be apologetic too...or at least admit that she had some part in this. that would have been more fitting of her character. it just seemed out of character for her not to do that. i don't know. it just seemed off.


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ae's crying cause she can feel tanya's pain and aom screamed cause she aint believe it. chai feels guilty cause it was all cause of him from da beginning


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Seems like Nampueng got the best of it by just dying each lifetime cause Chai becomes disabled and Aom goes crazy in each lifetime.


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i think it's interesting but i don't think da love story is sad or whatever lol it's a crazy love story haha


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wow, I just finished episode 10, and I have to say.. little miss royalty Siakate showed her true colors.

Not only is she a dirty scheming conniving slut, she is also ill mannered and inconsiderate. How can you live with yourself knowing that you put a spell on a guy who didn't really love you in the first place, and then watch him treat his mother badly? And allowed him to skip doing right by attending to his job ? And then cursing the one person that was nothing, but nice to you?????

Holy shit..... Siakate makes me SICK!! She may not be as evil as other nang'lais in lakorns, but she's the kind that is the most dangerous, cause under all the prim an proper exterior, is a snake waiting to bite you!


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oh god!!!! i just watched ep 14 and damn! i feel hella bad for aom and chai in the third life.

nampeung is hella lucky that she dies in every life...


^^ i agree. :lol: now i see that nampueng had it pretty easy compared to the rest of 'em.

and i'm actually surprised that namueng was going "how can she do that to me? doesn't she feel ashamed?" i was going "heck yeah!" :arrg: for a long time, i thought ae was tanya's daughter. guess not since tanya died with the baby. it would have made for a nice twist.

i love the storyline. the entire cast is awesome.