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Hey, since it's Halloween why don't we share some scary stories?! It could be your real life encounter or just something scary or interesting you found on the internet (be sure to give credits though :D).

This is a link to a 2011 Korean ghost comic called "Bongcheon-Dong Ghost", which I'm pretty sure some of you may have read or seen it before. For those who haven't... watch out. LOL.
As a kid my friends and my older siblings and I would always talk about the "Bloody Mary" challenge; where you go, with a candle, into a bathroom and turn off the lights and repeat "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" three times. The result is that you would  see Bloody Mary looking back at you either carrying a knife, or a doll, or rose. If she carries a knife it means she will kill you, but if she carries a doll or a rose then it means she's not going to kill you. Well, I searched up the legend of "Bloody Mary" and this is what I found; it's more legit too.  
Mary Tudor was the daughter of the notorious King Henry the VIII who is famous for putting his wives to death whenever he grew tired of them. Mary was the daughter of his first wife and so ended up seeing an awful lot of carnage over the years as King Henry VIII put to death not only his wives but a great many of the people around him.
To make things worse, for years she was disowned by her father and made to do things like serve in the household of her younger step-sister as a reminder of her new status as an illegitimate child. She grew up in the looming shadow of her unpredictable father, he was the most powerful man in England and could make her life miserable or put it in danger at any moment.
When Mary Tudor became Queen of England at the age of 37 she finally had a chance to do things her way, but unfortunately her way turned out to be things like burning people at the stake because they refused to follow the same religion as hers. Soon large portions of the population started to detest her and her unyielding ways, leading to riots and rebellions around the country and eventually a new name for her: Bloody Mary.
And then there was the problem of the baby. Or… what was supposed to be a baby anyways.

It was really important that Mary have a child so that she could have an heir to the throne and there was a lot of pressure on her to get pregnant. So you can imagine how overjoyed she was when she suddenly stopped having her periods, gained weight, and got sick in the mornings like most women who are pregnant. As time went on her belly grew and nine months later the entire country prepared for the new heir to the throne to be born.

Except nothing happened.
Day after day went by and Mary did not have a baby, yet she still had all the signs of being pregnant. Rumors flew around England, first that she had actually delivered a son, and then later that she wasn’t actually pregnant at all.
Eventually after several months of this crazy situation Mary’s stomach shrank and her symptoms disappeared, it turned out that her baby was nothing but a ghost. She was devastated and humiliated, later she had another false pregnancy and died not too long afterwards.
After her death people started to add to the story of her life and these stories contributed to what became the legend of Bloody Mary. The stories (often told by those who despised her) included outrageous and frightening things like how she bathed in the blood of young girls to try and stay young.
Some stories portrayed her as a vain woman who was always obsessed with her reflection in the mirror and that her soul gets trapped in mirrors, meaning she’s always looking for a way to get out.


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midnight at my country right now and my family already sleep.i will just gonna read the manhwa first few page already make me goosebumps..haha
tq for sharing ^_^