Secret Series: The Fan Update #11


sarNie Hatchling
Matt = Naded
Evalyn= Yaya

There are other characters but they are not being played by anyone specifically. You can use your imaginations should you wish to do so.

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sarNie Hatchling
BLUE. I had to blink back the tears that were threatening to cascade down upon my all too pale and ashen complexion. My normally long, lustrous and shiny hair now looked limp and too dry. Was this right? Clearly I needed a second opinion and I must call Dr. Warren immediately, but maybe not because she was Matt’s referral. What was he going to say when he finds out? This was certainly not part of our agreement. Everything so far has been most exceptional. He was my first, only and possibly last lover; I was never one to believe in the fairy tale of happily ever after. My father married for the fourth time and he neglected me ever since he divorced my mother. Mom was wife number two. My mother was devastated and she never rebounded from my father’s betrayal. I didn’t believe in marriage but I seem to be agreeable by being a kept woman. He hated whenever I voice my opinion and status as such. Matt had me tucked away from Hollywood and the vulture-like media. Out of sight and out of mind. I shivered at the thought of his potential anger; he never liked disorder. He wouldn’t want this and I don’t think I was expecting this result either. I shouldn’t be pregnant. We were both mature and consenting adults there was no room for errors. But damn it and I thought it out loud; in reality shit does happen. The panic finally starting to settle in and I needed to get out of the bathroom or else the little lunch that I ate today will be revisiting me.

I turned to the sound of the click in the doorway. What to do? I was so very nervous but when is that whenever he was in my presence my knees wouldn’t turn to rubber. He was a tall and lean specimen of a man, with dark as sin chocolate hair that fell just above his forehead. But they, the hairstylists always styled his hair mobster like. Slick and severe but once he gets home to me he would quickly leave that behind him and he comes to me as his real self. It was always about his eyes for me. Deep and soul searching but there wasn’t much for him to find anything hidden away in my closet. I was not a social butterfly, I prefer my own company than to be with others; maybe in a way it was my self-defence mechanism. If no one got to know me and figured out my weaknesses, I would not be subject to pain.

I realized that during my childhood days, the emotional turmoil I had experienced as a child and my mother’s words raised me to be the kind of woman I am now. Then I met him. I lived simply and never asked anything from him. He of course always came with baubles and treasures. I accepted them graciously because the last time I didn’t receive his gift with kindness he reverted to a level of immaturity contradicting his age of being thirty five. I chuckled at that time in our history.

But whenever he walked through those doors, he was always relaxed, carefree and quickly rectified back to his tousled tendrils look. I love running my fingers through his thick hair and massaging his scalp. It was one of his many favourite things to do with me. His most favourite was making love to me. He was a very generous and thorough lover. I was glad that I had allowed him to introduce me to the world of passion and desire.

I was turning the big thirty and now I found myself possibly pregnant. I dash away the tears and wander out to greet Matt. He flashed his big open smile and of course those dimples. My lover and my Dara or really everyone’s Dara outside of these walls.

“Evalyn, I miss you like crazy. How was your day? Mud baths and pedicures today?” he asked and always that smouldering look of desire whenever I was only a few feet away. He grabbed me swiftly for a hard hug and as always I melted like butter in his embrace. My heart beating a mile a minute and I inhaled his scent. I will never forget his scent it oozed of Matt’s appeal.

“Are you hungry or did you have dinner with Karen again?” I asked him as if he didn’t have overscheduled filming and commercials to shoot every day. He liked that I never inquired about his job or really his career in the entertainment industry.

“Starving actually but you know it is never for food. Give me ten minutes? I need to clean up and I am all yours baby.” He kissed me enthusiastically one more time before heading into the shower.

I smiled at his back as he entered into the bathroom. But slowly my heart dropped. I didn’t remove the pregnancy test from the bathroom. He immediately walked back out and his calmness scared me even more than when he went off on his tantrums whenever his agent subject him to do jobs he disliked but it paid the big dollars regardless he would cuss out his agent and refuse to take the jobs. I squirmed uncomfortably, must he look at me like that as if I now grew horns. What was he thinking? I didn’t know how to ask. Did this mean it is over? I have never ever witness a coldness from him like this over the course of the three years I have been with him.

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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 2:

He stepped closer towards me gripping the test in his hand. Accusation as I could see was written in his eyes as I inhale my discomforting pain. I too was saddened suddenly of the fact that I couldn’t even enjoy the miracle of life if I was to be pregnant. I now realize too as to when has it that I have I lost myself over these many years living with Matt. Where did my self-worth as an independent woman to make her own final decisions gone to? I wouldn’t regret or ever consider options about my pregnancy. That was one thing I refuse to consider because I grew up being valued as an unwanted child from both my parents. I was glad that I did make a career of being a freelance screen writer for small budget and private film maker as it allowed me to earn my own income. Matt didn’t oppose it but he didn’t like it much either. He was quite possessive at times because in the end he was old fashioned. He wanted to be the man, take care of his woman and I should just care only about myself by concentrating on grooming and just doing nothing. I hated it at times but I knew I loved him very much too so I would snap out of my mood whenever it arises. Lately I have been a bit more irritable but that could mean I was experiencing pregnancy hormones. I manage to pick up a book about what to expect when pregnant but haven’t had a chance to really read through it all. I was still shell shock to find out I was pregnant and after finally coming up with the nerve to take the home pregnancy test and here I was getting ready for the inquisitive nature of Matt. He must have a million and ten things going through his mind now. I had that same expression when I stared down at the blue strip prior to him coming home. Here goes nothing this was the first time that I took the initiative to tackle a situation that came up between us and boy was there so many and close calls about our relationship. Yet I was still the secret of Matt. I was the fan that became his lover. The fan that fell hard for this Dara but really for this man. I was never star struck; I appreciated his work and I followed closely to him as a charitable person that he is and he was not the typical stereo-typed Hollywood elites even though it was portrayed that his on- screen sweetheart, Karen, was the love of his life. Wedding bells was imminent for them. I never once felt the insecurity of his faithfulness to me because he told me how his upbringing with his parents taught him in thinking that infidelity destroyed lives, it did his father. His mother with her crazy schemed of wanting to be the next big Hollywood star failed miserably but she was so ambitious that she was willing to forsake all and everything to get to where she needed to be regardless that she had a doting husband and son at home. She left them and never looked back. My heart broke when he told me this. Yes we both were prime examples of the end result of neglectful and selfish parents. At first Matt’s father disapprove of his inclination to become an actor like his ex-wife but Matt was very talented; he was born to be this Dara.

Snapping back to reality as I missed his question he put towards me. What, did I intend to become pregnant? It was the typical spout of anger when things got out of disorder, his finger pointing but yet didn’t it take two to tango? I shook my head to deny it that it was my intention to become pregnant. Right now he was livid. He didn’t realize how much this hurts me. In a normal relationship we should have been ecstatic that we were about to be parents but not with Matt. He never mentioned if he wanted or was against having kids. We talked but we never really talked about serious issues such as marriage or children. I always thought too that I would be a temporary thing but three years seem to fly by so quickly.

“I am really shocked about this too Matt. Please try to understand how I feel too. You can walk away from this with no ties. I am the one going to be pregnant but I need a professional opinion as those pregnancy kits can be wrong at times.” I know I sounded defeated because that is what I am feeling currently. Losing a battle and will be losing him as it was inevitable that our relationship was not going to have a happily ever after such as all of those lovely Disney princesses movies I am obsessed over; fiction and reality was a hard fact of life.

When I looked back at him his pained expression surprised me. What did I say that cause this? In answer he replied and the tenseness of his shoulders relaxed slightly, “Evelyn what type of man do you take me for? We have been together for three years. I have kept you away from the limelight because I fear for our happiness and for your privacy. Do you not understand the repercussions of our relationship or actually your entanglement with me? I am not an ordinary person; I am put up on a very high pedestal and now that a not planned incident has occurred and if you are confirmed pregnant there is a lot of lives at stake; mine, yours and our child. Don’t you ever tell me that I am an unfit person whereas I would in any way disregard or that I would neglect my child? I would hope you know me a lot better than anyone else because we have been together for three years now Evalyn. Evalyn no matter what I am not going to abandon you. I knew when we first met that you are a very strong and independent woman and that are great qualities in a person. I never doubt that you would be loyal and support me through everything and anything and it is only fair that I should do the same, please don’t start pushing me away. No doubt I am the father and what is mine stays mine.” He pulled me abruptly into his arms and what happened next I couldn’t fathom.

I cried hard in his arms. He never once said he loved me, yes over the course of three years he never said it and neither did I but I know that I do but the old fashion in me will wait for Matt to confess first. Now his justification in being there as a father I felt it may just be out of duty now. He was put on a high pedestal; his reputation will be more ruined if he had a baby mother than rather a secret love child. He must always do the right thing. I needed to do the right thing too. I cried because I realized it was much easier to take the temporary pain now than endure it for the rest of your life. I didn’t want to be his secret any longer how did I ever think I would be okay with our relationship. I love him too much to make him do something he would regret for the rest of his life. I needed to get back to reality and leave this bubble that I have been in for the past three years.


sarNie Hatchling

We ate quietly in front of the now dying flames that Matt created at the fireplace once my sobs subsided and he knew that the warmth from the fire always help soothe me. I felt so miserable once I stopped my crying. I couldn’t help but think this life of mine with Matt has come to its conclusion, no matter how much he wanted to be there for me and our child; it wasn’t fair to any of us if the end result was not a happy ending. Hollywood love stories never succeeded; sooner or later it ends in heartache or worst.

It was a very cool autumn night. Outside today as I was walking Matt’s dog, Joe. He was a big and happy chocolate Labrador breed, he has been with Matt long before I showed up and Matt commented that his dog doesn’t take kindly to stranger and Matt was so shocked to see Joe eating out of my palm upon the first date we had with each other at this place. During the walk I noticed the changing leaves in this little town; this little dot on the map that no one would pay attention to because of that reason Matt found it suit the purpose of keeping me hidden here. Matt would fly down here whenever he had enough break in his schedule from his filming and photo shoot sessions. He never missed a week when it was our time together over the three years we have made this secret work for us. He was once again the hottest male for People magazine even surpassing George’s and Brad’s title of two each. Matt was a very attractive and very talented actor; I find myself always questioning myself why me and why the fan? Matt said it was because of my quiet and strong nature and of course because I was his. He wanted someone who thought logically, didn’t judge him or his career. I love him. It was that simple. I would have him and be with him even if he wasn’t a famous Dara, as my ever loyalty will swear to that. I have never seen any of that Dara personality outshine his real persona, even since I became his fan or now as his lover. Matt loved life and he never took advantage of the fact that he was very more fortunate than others regardless of his mediocre upbringing and childhood disappointments about his parents. He knew how to bend with the wind wherever it took him in life, I was much the same. This reason alone was why we have been happy and at peace with each other.

Matt started to clear our plates and I watched him. He has an easy personality to love that reflected his true nature. He was a pleaser. He always made it a point to not neglect anyone or anything. He was very humble and extremely patient with his fans especially the die hard ones. They could get very obsessive at times but yet he was not one to obtain a stalker or a media freenzy; they all respected him strangely enough. He was a very well respected and most beloved Dara. Recently the international film makers took notice of his career and they wanted to collaborate with him which means he will be setting off on his year long filming expedition. Matt continued to tell me about this as I listen to him. He still was not sure if he wanted to sign on because he was going to miss me. Now that we may be having a baby it made him rethink about his life. It sure was not only us any longer. I lightly touched my abdomen that it may be cradling this little miracle of ours. No matter what this baby was wanted. I needed someone to be responsible for as I came to the realization that at my age I was not getting any younger either. Things always happen for a reason. I looked up at Matt as he returned to squat in front of me, he looked concerned.

“Are you okay? I ddn’t hear your reply, I asked if you wanted some warm milk to drink. It is supposed to help ease some of the morning sickness that you may eventually be getting and of course the added vitamin D and calcium that is essential to your diet now as a new expectant mother. Wow I am still in shock but now I think I don’t mind it one bit.” He kissed my nose lovingly and continued to caress my jaw line. I shivered with desire at his touch. He never ceased to make me feel this need for him.

Oh Matt how can you so easily transition your life so effortlessly? I thought to myself. He told me already that it was going to affect our lives and I was not too sure if it is in a positive or negative light. In response I nodded to his suggestion to having a glass of milk finally. Milk does a body good as they say and I do not only have myself to consider any longer. I finished the glass of milk Matt handed me it was like his paternal instinct kicked in once my news of this pregnancy came to light. He was a lot calmer and more at ease then when he first saw the test. He took the glass from me and then pulled me in close, I was taken a back. He started to kiss at my upper lip, how embarrassing I must have a milk moustache. I started to giggle and playfully tried to push away from him but his arms tighten around me and started to massage my lower back and slowly gracing my behind. I didn’t resist anymore, he made me feel so cherished that the fever he always create in me surfaced to the top. He smelled of his regular but expensive organic body wash and manly which was Matt. Sliding his tongue into my mouth I quickly nibble on the tip of his tongue and he sucked in his breath with pleasure. He loved my teasing and I enjoyed watching him take pleasure in it. He made quick work of undressing me out of my navy t-shirt and short denim. I normally would blush or shy away but tonight I felt brave. I didn’t know when we were ever going to make love again. I finalize my decision over dinner that I will let him have his life back. Matt didn’t flinch with my enthusiasm to make love to him as I straddled him and started to rain kisses from the top of his hair down to the trail that leads to my impending pleasure. At the same time removing each article of clothing from him, he wore my most favourite shirt I bought him; it was a red angry bird t-shirt. Yes Matt didn’t care when he was around me. He held me briefly to look at me with a quizzical but intrigue look. I have never taken the initiative to make love he was always the more dominant in the bedroom. But we were making love out in the open in front of the fireplace. I needed this memory to last me for the rest of my life. Rubbing my body on top of his I finally found the courage to slide myself directly above his erected arousal and I gasped as his hardness met my hot and waiting heat. I didn’t want to rush our love making but with Matt he wouldn’t have any of it, grasping onto my hips he made the call on how slow or how fast he wanted me to move above him. I was so near my pinnacle of pleasure when suddenly he flipped me over and he was now on top. He looked down at me while driving me to my release. I looked back up at him letting him know that I will forever love him. It hurts so bad my heart right now but I knew it was what was best for all of us. He climaxed within me and I followed immediately, after drifting back down to my reality I took long shallow breaths to stem my tears from flowing. Our bodies were embodied with sweat but very satisfied. I kissed his ear and tried to refrain from crying. Why was I always crying today? I thought I wouldn’t have anything left in me, not an ounce of tear drops left I would have thought. Matt raised himself above me and kissed me once again so passionately that I had to remove my lips to get some air. He was so thorough with his lovemaking and I love that about him even though I had no one to compare it too I knew that he would be the best lover I would encounter in my life.

We made love a few more times that I lost track of the hours of the night and there was no distinction between my body and his. I stood dressed and gazing down at my Dara sleeping visage, I quickly wiped the tear drops away from my eyes. This was it. I was leaving the love of my life and there was no turning back. I love you I whisper to him. He turned over to his belly and I stopped breathing, praying that he doesn’t awaken. He didn’t. I sigh of relief and heartache; it was so bittersweet. I am no longer your secret and you shall not have this weight on your shoulders. I wish him all the best with his career and of course his life. No matter what happens I did not regret the past three years. I shut the door and tucked the keys underneath our welcome matt or should I say his. Everything I lived in and owned was his realistically. Not looking back I press the mobile number that reached my best friend, Andrew. He was my rock when the going gets tough.

“Hello....Evalyn?” the voice on the other end replied. I answered back and told him I was coming home to stay indefinitely. There was a tense silence on the other end.

"Tell me where?" Andrew replied with concern in his voice. I love my best friend of twenty five years. I was ashamed I let him down by disappearing for three years and he continues to update me via email of my family and friends back home in Toronto, Canada.

{OKAY. So I was going to finish My Esan Husband first but the creativity juices keep flowing in bounds and bounds of imagery! I think I can do both updates...let’s hope you gals/guys are still piqued with interests....To Be Continued.}


sarNie Hatchling

I waited patiently for Andrew to pick me up at the arrival gates at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The total number of people flooding the city was massive I forgot that today was the October Thanksgiving in Canada. It was an extra time off from work and an extra day to spend with your family and loved ones. Oh hell, was I going to start the water works again? I really missed him already but I needed to be strong willed and what was decided stays ingrain in me. I didn’t need this relationship like I needed a smack to the head. I finally woke up. I was quite nervous about seeing Andrew for the first time in three years. He said that whatever I needed I have only to call him; at least I know one person who loves me. Andrew has been my best friend and family more than my own mother since age ten because we have been school mates since age five. He understood me best. He loved me just as broken of a person that I am. I, at first thought I didn’t have a heart because I didn’t feel much. As young girls grow up they fantasize about boys and marriage and babies. I didn’t have the need to dream about such things not that there was anything wrong with that, everyone crave that lifestyle as an adult; women or men. I kept with my reading and my writing but I was so thankful that I turned my hobby into a job. The script writers and editors in this world was a lost talent. Creativity and imagination were so limited nowadays. Everything from film, music and fashion was recycled. I looked up to see the tall, pale and scruffy man comes towards me. It was Andrew I knew even though he changed so much, what happen to his clean shaven look and bright eyes? He smiled widely. I returned his smile. How I missed him! Lifting me easily off the ground his bear hug gave me back some warmth from all the icy coldness that now surrounds my heart and soul. I was a human shell these days; ever since I made my final decision to leave Matt and his world.

“You look good. Evalyn, you do look very good. You have gotten a lot of sun and your ebony hair never looked healthier. I am glad you are back to stay. I won’t ask too many questions yet. Now tell me where are you staying? Or is my place suitable for now? You are more than welcome to stay with us.” He informed her.

There was an ‘us’ for Andrew? I never took the time to ask about him and his life. Why was I such a bad friend and worst off; a selfish person. I read his detailed emails but only replied back with thank you and talk to you later. I felt like a big tool now.

I replied slowly, “I hope I am not intruding. I never made plans about my lodgings after calling you to meet me here, and by the way thank you so much for coming to pick me up. I still cannot get a hold of mom. She is living with her friend but I never asked about an address, needless to say I didn’t think I would need to stay at her residence. I don’t know what to say to her even if she was available to talk to me. We didn’t exactly part on good terms.” I smiled up at Andrew to make my depressed mood change slightly but overall I just wanted to stay locked up in a room and sleep away the emotional turmoil I am experiencing. I wonder what Matt was doing? He never did call. The one thing I kept the same was my mobile number. I guess he was finished with me as well, maybe glad even that I took the first action to end it. No more secret.

“No don’t worry about a thing. I think you need someone to listen to you. I see in your eyes so many stories and secrets in there. Evalyn you are my best friend. Yes we have lost touch physically but in my heart, you are right in this centre here. Understand?” Andrew dropped his arm around my shoulders and helped drag my one single luggage behind us. I slowly wrapped my arm around his waist. Home I sighed. I finally came back home but yet deep inside me there was something not quite right about it.

Staring outside at the wonderful colours and shades of oranges, reds and gold tinges; Andrew had the windows down so I breathed in the clean fresh air of autumn in Canada. This was the country of four seasons. I loved every aspect of it and now realize how much I miss being here. Suddenly a beep came from my phone. My heart stopped slightly and Andrew noticed my tension. Who was that messaging me? Looking down at the little mail picture, I don’t know if I should open it or click delete? Did I want to do this, to continue on this way? Just this one time, maybe it wasn’t even Matt. I touch the mail to open it. It was only the director I was currently working with about the script I sign up to take on. It was not Matt. Justin needed a draft for the first scene to be completed by end of the week. I replied back saying not a problem. Seeing that I was home while I was with Matt I had a lot of time to type up a script. It was a pilot for the low budget film about the art of lying. Once you tell one little white lie, it turns into a whole saga of dramas and churns the story to become something worse than telling the truth. It was a dark comedy.

“Andrew did I tell you I am working on this script about a man deceiving his lover? It is very comical but with a touch of darkness to it. If I can get your opinion on it, I would really appreciate that.” I continue on to relay the overview of how the film will play out. Andrew listened attentively and asked the right questions and laughed out loud to the scenes I thought would add the humour factor in it. I was so glad to have someone like him in my life still.

We arrived at a beautiful quiet court. Andrew’s house had the custom made white porch in front and it was the largest on the street. Wow I mouthed at him. He explained it was custom made by his truly. My eyebrows raised, he was an artist but I hadn’t realized he was an architect as well. Reaching the front steps he ushered me inside. I stepped inside tepidly, still wondering about his ‘us’. In answer two little Chihuahuas comes tapping down the hardwood floors in the foyer. This was what he meant by us? Andrew and his love for animals, especially dogs, so this was his term for us. The little dogs circled around me a few more times and before I could pick them up Andrew shouted no. They will be messing up his floors with urine if I touch them due to their over excitement. I couldn’t help but wonder if they could smell Joe on me. I took notice of the chocolate coloured furs on my black sweater I wore. Everything reminded me of him.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Oh gah Sary i cant stop reading ur ff so in love with them thanks haha!! And im feeling very happy today maybe because i finish one of my other ffs also but writting a sequel to it also haha thanks for the wondeful update!!


sarNie Hatchling

“What do you feel like eating? I can make us some omelettes, mushroom with cheese and spring onions?” Andrew inquired with me.

I stared at him blankly. I was not hungry and I haven’t been since I left almost one month now. I managed to visit the doctor’s office that Andrew goes to see. A charming Dr. Rosetta Green; she was very patient and understanding with me and my calm mood towards the confirmation that I am pregnant. She was a flame-haired and hazel eyes beauty. Some women do have all the luck brains and beauty. I also took notice that she was very attracted to Andrew but my best friend here was so clueless. They would make a very handsome couple. Andrew was told about my pregnancy, I couldn’t keep that from him. I am now his new tenant. I wouldn’t live here rent free otherwise. He didn’t at first wanted anything from me but I insisted. Owning a home came with a huge responsibility and of course bills. I was extremely thankful that I had support and love from an endearing man such as Andrew. I couldn’t help but wonder why he was still single? But didn’t dare ask in case he was not comfortable in divulging the information with me even if we are best friends, some personal things was left at that. I never once mention Matt either and Andrew never asked who the baby’s father was.

“Uh yes an omelette would be nice,” I answered. “Did you want me to help chop up some mushrooms?”

Andrew handed me the vegetables and I proceeded to prepare the meal with my ever patient and generous best friend. He has shaven off his scruffy look and now he was back to the regular man I have been accustomed to seeing. He was honestly very handsome himself but the heart cannot choose who it wants. I fell madly in love with an American man; an American heartthrob and superstar that the world was also in love with and idolizes. By doing so I had subjected my heart, body and soul to forever belonging to him and there seem to be no cure.

It was a nightly ritual that I talk to my baby. Baby, the timing was not right but the miracle will be valued for life. I was going to be a mother in eight months time. A single mother too, history repeating itself as my mother would say if I ever get the chance to speak with her. Where was she? I have a mother but felt like an orphan when growing up. Since she was betrayed by my father, she painted me with the same brush as her ex-husband. She always knew I was going to abandon her but yet she was the one who denied me love and emotional support since birth because of her hatred towards my father.
I paid the price for his betrayal. My mother was a bitter woman, she held a grudge and she did not forgive easily. I vow that I will not be that way. I learned to love and let love go because I didn’t want to be the reason for someone to change their life. No one needed to change for another.

There was a soft knock on my door I got up to open it, it could only be Andrew. He had a glass of milk for me. The memory of that returned to me and I started to tear up. Andrew looked so concerned, he caught me a few times crying by myself. His love for my welfare was heartfelt and I felt remorse in not being able to share things with him of what occurred in my life the past three years. To the observer our relationship, Andrew and I would seem ridiculous. How could a man and woman be friends and live under the same roof without sexual relations? It worked for us because even though he wasn’t my blood brother he was both to me, a brother and my best friend. I would not allow anything to ruin it for us. It, that kind of love was just not present for us and he has never said or done anything to make be feel uncomfortable if he had any inclination to change our status as best friends and siblings.

“You know what we need to get you out and about. It isn’t healthy for you or this baby with all that crying and stress you are putting on your heart. Whoever this man was that hurt you like this, I will not forgive him Evalyn. It irks me that a man cannot take responsibility for his actions. I am taking you to the Beaches. It is my weekend off so let us go have a nice picnic and sunbathe okay?” He patted my shoulder and left the milk on the night stand.

I felt really uncomfortable now because of the picture I painted for Andrew. Matt was not neglectful, it was me who chose to leave him yet he never once tried to get in contact with me. I couldn’t help but feel that what he promised that night of not being irresponsibly could possibly be him in acting mode. Would he dare to perform in front of me? Sadly I may never know the answer because I was no longer his secret. I was really never anything to him as I now realize this.

I drank the milk quickly. I needed to relax more and try to move on with life. The world was a big place, so many things and people to meet. I was too young to give up on life. The laughter that came easily to me should be found again. There was so much more to life than what I experience in the past three years. It was about time I open up myself to the world and those people who were always there for me. I should not be scared to live life.

It was a very hot day in Toronto especially for mid October. We obviously couldn’t go swimming but I brought my book about pregnancy with me. It kept my mind from wandering back to Matt and what he was doing and with whom. My new found insecurities resurfaced as to how easily someone of Matt’s calibre can have anyone he wants. Karen especially wanted to make their on screen chemistry become reality. I trusted Matt but I had never trusted that woman. She had all the same character traits as Matt’s mother just my opinions and I believe Matt sees that too. If he lost his fame, Karen would be out of his life just as quickly too. Matt’s career has taken off and Karen was still doing the type cast roles that she was exceptionally great at. She always played the good girl roles. Yet in reality she was anything but according to Matt. He was tired of pretending to be her rock when in real life he couldn’t stand the woman. She was obnoxious, very selfish and didn’t take kindly to non press meet and greet with fans. She only enjoyed their fawning when cameras were present. If she found out about me, she’d tear a strip off of me. I wasn’t scared of her but I wasn’t a confrontational type of person either.

“Food for thought Evalyn? This is unusual weather for October isn’t it?” Andrew sat beside me. His broad frame blocked the sun from my right. He has been working out and now had a bit more colour on him since I first met him at the airport.

“Oh nothing, my mind tends to go blank lately, blame it on the pregnancy hormones.” I replied back.

“Well I was thinking we need to build you a nursery. Do you want to know what gender you are expecting? Sorry if I sound intrusive.” He blush a bit by his question towards me.

“Oh no not offended at all. I don’t think I want to know. It would be a nice surprise I don’t get many surprise in my life so I will take what little is given to me.” I smiled happily at him because he cared a lot that is why his consideration of me. When I was ready then I shall divulge my life and what happened when I met Matt three years ago.


sarNie Hatchling

Three years ago. April 2009.

I woke up late, what day was it? Or more like what time is it? I had an impromptu coffee date with one of the underground director of independent filmmakers. My couple of weeks so far in California or should I say Hollywood was by far a nightmare. I didn’t know anyone and no one was friendly enough to approach. I was hoping to find roommates once I settled down here. In the meantime the inn I was staying at was rated as three stars when I had booked it online but in reality it was below a one if there was such a rating. Should I just high-tail it back to my city? Toronto, Ontario was in Canada. Multicultural, friendly atmosphere and family orientated but had a class of luxury in the same venue. I was homesick although there wasn’t much or anyone there for me but at the age of twenty seven it was a habitual routine for me something I was accustomed to my whole life. Andrew left the year before to explore Europe. He was the greatest guy friend a girl like me can ask for. He is my best friend and the brother I never had. I was an only child for my father and mom was his second wife. He moved onto wife number four, who is currently all the hot rage with the world of pet fashion especially here in Hollywood. I cleared my throat because I was getting emotional again. I had dinner only once with my father and his new wife and I never got the invite again. This self pity didn’t bode well with me. I didn’t want to hide anymore but this would be the first time I have ever ventured out of my country on my own. The opportunity came a knocking when I joined an online forum for writers and script writers seeking employment. Walking past the many billboards I glance briefly at the man that was the X factor in Hollywood. Matthew Brand. He was the epitome of dark, sultry and dimples. He was very masculine but yet his characters he played were strong, sensitive and a real hero. He had many women’s hearts in the palm of his hand I was sure of it. I was just passing by some fans posing in front of his most recent ad. It was for the latest model of the sleek high end BMW sedan. Then a loud woman’s screech was heard all the way to the top of Hollywood’s mountains. Today seems to be a day of star gazing as the many people flocking Hollywood boulevard was any indication.

“Oh my god, my god it is him! Holy mother it is Matthew!” the blond middle age woman started to jump up and down with her other friends. One looked to be fainting very soon.

I turned to see if I could get a glimpse of this actor.

He was everywhere, I couldn’t go anywhere without he being talked about or whispered about. I wasn’t star struck but if the opportunity was here I wouldn’t miss this chance to at least collect an autograph. He will be my first official autograph that I can get from one of Hollywood’s most famous.

Pandemonium was everywhere all of a sudden. I looked around me and women came barrelling down the street. Wow I thought, word really did get around quickly in this city. I couldn’t tell who was who but there was one person in the centre of this chaos and he was at least a head taller than most women there. Needless to say I gathered around the line that was forming. Rummaging through my bag I found a pen and my note pad, luckily I was not to be empty handed. How was I to ask him for an autograph if I did not have paper, get him to sign my forehead? I laughed silently underneath my breath. Some of the women there were dressed impeccably I noticed and looking down at myself I wore grey. My colour of choice lately and I wondered if I wasn’t getting depressed because the colour was so cold. I wore a freshly laundered grey t-shirt and dark grey denim. All of the squeals and shrills from the fans in front of me got me sighing of impatience. It would have been not such an annoyance if it was like I was a die-hard fan; I would understand better about their love and obsession for him. I just felt I was at the right place and time. It was a good thing I had an hour to spare before my café meeting with Jon, the young director I met last month and flew out here to finalize the script. I did not want to be late for this appointment that will be paying for my rent and cost of living here in California.

Just a few more women and I will get my autograph, just imagine if I was one of the younger teen fans, I would scream, become speechless and possibly cry. Thank goodness I was not the type. As I reach the superstar I smiled shyly and he turned to me next after signing his signature with an over excited fan. He gave me a wide dimpled smile. My heart all of sudden thudded in my chest. I had to catch my breath. My goodness he is beautiful, can I describe a man as such? Dark, confident and tall; he was a lot taller than my height of five feet eight. I swallowed quickly because my throat had all of sudden became dry. What was wrong with me?

“Hello, how are you? What is your name?” He asked me. I looked at him, wasn’t it just a sign and thank you?

“Hi. It is Evalyn. Thank you for doing this, umm may I get your signature?”

For heaven’s sake of course I want his signature, why else would I be lining up for? I chastised myself with my thoughts. This was so uncharacteristic of me. I was well past my teenage years yet at this moment I have never felt this tumbling sensation in my belly before like this current situation I found myself in. His advertisement didn’t do this man justice. He didn’t respond and I waited, he was doing the same. Oh here we go, what was wrong with me. I suddenly stuck out the note pad and pen at him nearly missing his throat. I was so mortified, what exactly was wrong with me, now all of sudden I fell under his spell or became the typical star struck fan? I shook my head quickly and watched him quickly signed his name. He handed back my items and as I took it from him we touch each other’s fingers tips. There was an indescribable electric current seeped from his fingertips and it transpired all the way through my body and I felt it all the way from the top of my scalp to the base of my feet. What was that and did he feel it too? Not wanting to over analyzing this new sensation then nodding I thanked him once more and started to turn away.

I never felt so out of my element as I did with meeting him. Looking down at his autograph I saw his penmanship was very neat.

It stated, ‘Evalyn, what a special name I have not come across it often. Matt.’

Was he always so specific with his signatures it was not the typical with love, signee. As well he had spelled my name with an A rather than the typical E. I took a quick glance back at him and the crowd and he was actually still looking towards me and my retreating back. I blushed profusely, I rarely do so but with this man I found my cheeks warming and if I had a mirror I would see the pinkness taking over my natural hue of my skin tone. I guess I should be thankful that my luck has taken a turn, it wasn’t every day that you meet a high profile celebrity who seems to be very down to earth and real, if there was such a thing. My name was really that rare? It was my last thought of him before I rush to catch the bus to meet for my casual job interview at the cafe on Sunset Boulevard.

[I have decided to go to the beginning, hopefully I will not ruin the flow but I think it would be nice to follow Matt's and Evalyn's love story from the beginning. I really do just enjoy writing so much and more and more now. Cheers to all the readers and writers on this forum. Very inspirational. Thank you once more!]


PS Kia so happy and love that your are enjoying the FFs.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Hahaha i didn't think you will add a PS note for me haha and im loving it made my day really LOL. I''m really hoping to see what happens to Evalyn and Matt's relationship and how it turns out i'm loving her strong silent character reminds me of me sometimes ahaha I actually have a a personal reason for reading this also you know haha thanks!!!!


sarNie Hatchling

Checking my self out in the cafe window and looking down at my watch I still had some time before Jon shows up. It would be the only time I wear skinny jeans because I didn’t think it flattered my frame as my hips were not narrow by any means. I was what most people call the hour glass figure. When growing up I didn’t like it one bit and still a bit uncomfortable and at best try to hide my curves. The mental agony of a teenage image whereas I was too developed for my age and felt awkward around the girls and boys. I didn’t have the slim thighs or the narrow hips that at the time was considered the right figure. Now in Hollywood there were a lot of enhancements on the bodies of women so I feel slightly less self conscious. Thinking back to the look this celebrity gave me I was surprised to see his interest of an anonymous fan. Well who am I kidding I wasn’t really his fan. I didn’t really know who he was except for living here in California. I kept my head in books for way too long. Although I did realize he was also the face of alternative power; green energy and all about this new trend to make the world a more liveable state for the future population. I wonder if he believed in it himself or it was just a paycheque.

I turned to a man’s voice as I came back to reality and stop thinking about Matt Brand.

“Evalyn?” Jon asked.

I turned to see a younger man he had strawberry blond hair and with blue eyes. He was quite handsome too and looked to be around my age. I stuck out my hand for a greeting.

“Hi. Yes it is me. You must be Jon? It is a pleasure to have finally able to meet you. Did you want to order coffee first or get to work?” I inquired.

Jon looked at me appreciatively. I was a tall, tanned and to some an exotic looking woman. I had the darkest and straightest hair. My shade of colour was a glossy black almost blue or it would be classified as ebony coloured hair. I have never dyed or cut it short. I would just have it trim here and there when necessary. Especially now living in Hollywood I didn’t think I could afford a cut anyways, the prices were atrocious! Today I had it tied back in a low ponytail. My eyes were only brown but they were framed by very long lashes. My lashes and hair were my only favourite features on me. I haven’t yet accepted my curves even at this age.

As I fish for my notepad and laptop, I couldn’t find my pen. Did I misplace it? It was the pen I received from my graduation at U of T, Toronto University. It reminded me of home, I was little disappointed that I manage to lose it already.

Jon and I discussed the theme of his film. He was only twenty five years old and his parents are helping him set up his project, they owned a production company. He wanted to do a documentary on the real environmental issues of California. I thought it was a good idea and what he required from me was some dialogues and research into this new green energy business. I told him I would gladly do my part. He was willing to pay me a good salary to do so. I was so glad, my first official job.

“Now I owe you coffee. How would you like it?” asked Jon.

“Black with brown sugar please, Thank you.” I replied.

Jon walked up to order for us while I reviewed what was discussed between us. I had until September to organize it all and submit the final research and script. Jon was going to work on the spokesperson for his film. My email message came in, it was Andrew. Letting Jon know I needed to reply to this email I turned away. As I open the mail, I read Andrew saying his greetings and letting me know he was enjoying Spain immensely. I was happy for him as he was living out his dream to tour Europe. I told him I was now living in California and finally received my first real job. He exclaimed congratulations and will speak with me next month as he was preoccupied with the architectures of Spanish cathedrals. Smiling I look up to see a small commotion at the front of the cafe. Who would that be? Then took notice of the tall and bronzed man, he was here too? Well considering the cafe was off a beaten path I would think some of the celebrities can have some privacy when here at the cafe, but fans of his were talented in scouting out the whereabouts of their celebrity I thought. In actuality it wasn’t fans but his entourage. It looked to be an agent and stylists. I found myself gawking at him. What was wrong with me? She turned back to Jon as he return from getting their coffees.

“Matt Brand. Have you heard of him? He is the one right now everyone is vying for to make their projects produce the revenues. Right he is an environment guru too. Why don’t you introduce yourself? I heard he is quite approachable. Did you want an introduction? I believe my parents had a project with him and his team in the past.” Jon was getting himself excited and he already moved towards the person we were talking about.

I couldn’t do anything but to follow because Jon was now my boss in a sense. I pinched my cheeks to get some colour because I just felt I needed that little bit of confident booster. How does one go about recruiting a celebrity that has made millions off of his films to collaborate with low budget documentary? As I approach his table I found myself blushing, clearly I was resorting to school girl crush although I was a twenty seven year old woman.

“Hi again.” Matt greeted me happily.

I looked around the cafe, he was saying hi again to me. Was he meaning me? I didn’t think I left any lasting impression earlier today during the signing. I shyly smile back. He was looking at me and there was no one else but myself and Jon at his table. Oh those dimples I sighed, he was very stunning to look at. The other patrons didn’t seem remotely interested in our conversation. I guess they consider Matt as just another celebrity at their cafe.

“How are you Matt if I can call you that? I am Jonathan Whittaker and this is my script writer Evalyn Newburn. She and I are filming a documentary about the environmental issues with California. I heard you are an advocate for green energy and we were wondering if we can make an appointment with your agent or yourself to discuss further of our ideas? I hope we can count on you, isn’t that right Evalyn?” said Jon, nudging me to add my pitch to this man who was looking at me with amusement.

Did I look funny? I thought insecurely.

“Uh yes, this is an issue we feel strongly about and if you have free time in your schedule we would love an audience or your time please.” Wow that was a mouthful. I have never approach or initiate a conversation with any man before. Really I needed more experience with my lack of social skills. As well we were so casually dressed it seemed awkward initializing a proposal to an actor who must have more than enough projects to last his whole career.

“If you want to leave me your number Evalyn. I will contact you.” Matt said to me.

He wanted my number? Why not Jon’s I wondered. I nodded and found myself digging into my bag to get the notepad but realized again I had no pen. I really needed to invest in a mobile phone soon too. My missing pen and paper was not adequate enough. Matt reached into his back pocket and handed me something, I looked at his hand and in it was my pen that I thought was missing. He had it all along? Of course I only took back the note pad and with my eagerness to reading it, I had forgotten to take back my pen.

“Thank you, I thought I lost it.” I took the pen from him and scratch down my hotel number. Damn! I needed to find a place as well now to live properly. It wouldn’t look too appealing if an A-list actor come visiting but my imagination was getting the best of me, when would I be visited by a superstar?

Handing him the ripped piece of paper I mumbled something about calling me in the evening was best. He nodded in understanding. His agent waited for him to pass my phone number over but he slid the piece of paper into his front pocket. I found myself fidgeting as well. I felt so confused around this man, and couldn’t understand my behaviour has changed so dramatically. I was mostly a very calm and relaxed person. Today was a surprise revelation for me, what are the odds that the man that I have seen everywhere would be in the same locations that I have been at. I followed Jon back to our table and we continue to hash out the remaining things to do for his project. Glancing back at Matt’s table he was once again staring at me and winked quickly with a mischievous smile too. Really? Was I that interesting of a specimen for him to give me such a gesture.

I finally returned back to the hotel I was staying at even though I was tired from all the brainstorming and tour I did with Jon for the remaining of the afternoon. Hollywood was littered. The beach lost some appeal because of the garbage it was accumulating. Yet its people had no issue with sunbathing and beach life within this environment. They must have become used to the disarray, but it could look so much better and be at higher standards. It was Hollywood everything and should be glittery and five stars well it was what I initially thought it would be before moving here. It was not all happy and dreams come true sort of ordeal, reality every one must work extra hard to what they want to achieve in life.

What time was it? I never felt very alone like as this moment. It was dark, the air had a putrid smell and I found myself sighing deeply. Was this the lifestyle I wanted? It was a change but it was a lonely life so far. I seem to be fine the past twenty seven years. My personal struggle in life was all emotional. My mom was a very frigid woman when it comes to showing her love towards me, she was bitter over her divorce and yet it has been twenty five years, how can anyone live life with a grudge so old? My father on the other hand, even only a few kilometres from here was too disinterested in establishing a relationship with me. I felt like an orphan even if I had parents. They were either not here for me physically or emotionally. But really I turn out as normal than anyone could be although I was a very private person, it was my way of keeping people away in case they decide to hurt me as much as my parents have. I for the most part was a vey unemotional person, the men that I have dated never asked for a second date and I never had the inclination to pursue any man either. If I was incapable of loving me how I am ever possibly be able to love anyone else. Was it time I went to therapy? I shook my head maybe the time for romance was changing for me. I found myself thinking about Matt. Was it because he was physically perfect or was I just star struck. Yet I have never seen any of his movies so that was not it at all. Why was it that I could not stop thinking about him?

I walked towards my hotel room to unlock my door and a shadow surrounded me. I was just about to scream. I only realized now that the neighbourhood I was staying in was not the safest. My heart was thundering in my chest as I peered at the person in front of me. Matt Brand was standing in front of me. What in the world was he doing here and at this hour? Did I leave something else in his possession? The man was an enigma because he clearly found himself fascinated by me but for whatever the reason was, I found I did appreciate his attention. He was the only man that caused my brain to turn to mush whenever I was around him. But seriously why was here and at my rundown hotel.


sarNie Hatchling

He looked at me waiting for me to unlock my door. Not likely. I turned away from the room and have him follow me to the outdoor pool, in the light and in public view even though there was no one around to witness my demise if Matt decided he had evil intentions on my person. Clearly my imagination was going into overdrive. I stifled a giggle as I tried to wipe the image from my mind.

“I am sorry I scared you. This is not a place for a woman and I don’t understand why you are staying here. Do you not have any family?” he inquired.

Looking at him I didn’t know how to answer that, I was meant to answer to him? I just stayed silent and listen to him announcing his concerns to a complete stranger, which was me. Gazing over at his height and dark looks I almost felt like being cradled in his arms, how did that thought protrude into my thoughts? Why would this man feel the need to be protective of me?

“I am hoping it is temporary as well. Now that today I’ve officially been offered a job and getting paid for it. I am not from around here actually so not really sure how I can go about getting new accommodations.” I shared with him which was very uncommon for me. I kept my life and privacy close to my heart.

“Well that is good news but if you need an agent let me know. I can arrange something for you. Besides we will be getting acquainted soon. I called Jon to discuss further what was required of me because it seems you are a hard woman to get a hold of; so I asked for your address as well when speaking with Jon. I know that look when you asked me to take on this project well in answer to your question earlier. I do believe in what I am endorsed for. I do not sell out or take on a job that doesn’t fit my lifestyle or opinions and beliefs.” Matt informed me further of his thoughts and reasons for deciding to sign on with us.

I nodded and half-heartedly muttered that I am glad he backs up what he sells to the public.

I stood there speechless and not knowing what next to say or how to respond to him. It was as if we have known each other since the beginning of time and no more words were required. Standing together in silence I didn’t know how to behave in the company of a celebrity. I wondered if he was worried that the media or fans may take notice of his appearance here. There really was nobody here except myself and disinterested passerby. Although looking more thoroughly at Matt he wasn’t the actor on all the movie posters and billboards. His hair was not slicked back and now it was left in deep waves and full of volume. He was looking younger than his years.

I finally had to ask him, “What are you doing here so late though. We could always arrange a meeting at your convenience. I am free for the most part so I will try my best to fit in with your schedule.” I explained to him. I still wondered about what was the mad rush for him to be here, standing and talking to me about the film project.

“When I heard that you are staying here and so I questioned your safety. I don’t know how to explain it but I found myself ordering my team to come here. I am glad I did. Did you want to come with me?” Matt looked at me and waited for my answer.

I gulped down my shock. He wanted to take me with him? To where? I barely know him and I didn’t behave in a way to which I made myself look the sort available for a one night stand or casual affair. Maybe he didn’t mean it that way? I was not that kind of woman. Never have been and never will be.

“I am sorry I don’t understand your question. Or to be frank, why would you like me to come with you? We don’t know each other that well or at all to be honest. I am going to decline your offer regardless. I must say my good night. So good night and please speak with Jon if you need anything further. I am in the end only a script writer.” I turned to walk away and he didn’t stop me this time. But I could have sworn I heard him cursing under his breath.

I really could not believe I was face to face with Matt Brand and he wanted to take me home. The nerve of this A list actor! It was a good thing I don’t fall easily for good looks and sweet honeyed words. But the truth was it was very tempting but I didn’t have any one to turn to if it ended in heartache. I didn’t have anyone, well except for my best friend and like a brother, Andrew. Unfortunately he is away in Europe enjoying his life without me. If I had any trepidation about this stranger with me then I should face it now and be serious with him that I was not the fawning groupie type.


sarNie Hatchling

I closed my hotel room door behind me. Matt didn’t follow me which was a little disappointing but yet I couldn’t provide a reason why I felt this way but then I heard the knock. I looked through the peep hole and it was Matt. Why didn’t he get the message? I was not interested in being a fling for him. Yet I still found myself turning the door knob and opening the door for him. He ruffled his long fingers through his dark strands and gave me an exasperated look. He dug into his pant pocket and handed me a small rectangular business card.

“I didn’t mean to insult you. Please take my agent’s card, I also wrote my cell number too on the back. Call me when you are ready to move out. I think as an aspiring script writer, you will need a calmer environment to let your writing style breathe, am I right Miss Newburn or may I call you Evalyn?” he asked me genuinely.

I replied slowly, “Evalyn is fine Mr. Brand.” I try blowing at the long bangs falling over my eyes and saw his pupil dilate. What did I do now?

“Do me the same favour and it is just Matt. Good night Evalyn.” He responded in kind, turned and left me to stare at his retreating back.

After I closed the door, I finally walked over to my bed and sat down finally on the cold and lonely bed. Did an A lister just asked me to call him? I pinched myself for a reality check but felt the sting, no this was not a dream but I must have entered Oz possibly? Sighing out loud I proceeded to get undressed and ready myself for another night of lack of sleep. My sleep has seemed to elude me more and more, likewise my appetite. It must be my being homesick. I checked briefly to see if Andrew has messaged me. He was my normal in this world. Andrew was always there for me well that is what a friend who was like a brother does. Thank goodness for that I thought and finally manage to fall asleep.

The next morning I tried to figure out what had transpired between Matt Brand and me. Was it all a dream but looking at the bedside table I saw the evidence of his business card and I couldn’t believe it that a superstar had provided me his personal cell phone number. Does that happen regularly here in Hollywood? I got up to quickly shower and head out the door because Jon and I needed to brainstorm further about our script. He wanted to go over a few things before I go head on with the script process. I checked myself in the mirror and noticed a difference in my appearance. Since I’ve arrived in Hollywood I have lost some weight. It would obviously happen because I didn’t allot time for feeding myself, but really I have not much of an appetite lately but quickly shrug it off as it being a homesick syndrome. I have never left Canada and this new life of mine was a huge experience and independence that I was seeking out for myself. If I made it or failed I have no one else to blame but myself.

Jon and I covered every new ideas that we thought would work with the film and we both hadn’t realized it had taken all of the morning and my stomach grumbled in complaint. John suggested we grab sushi but I wasn’t a huge fan, I prefer a sandwich or soup. It was light and not raw or fishy.
We headed back to my hotel because I realized in my negligence that I had forgotten my wallet back there. As we approached the room, he was there. Again why was Matt Brand schedule all of sudden made time to allow visiting a complete stranger, me.

“Hello Matt, how are you this morning? Well it is a good thing we came back to fetch Evalyn’s wallet here, would you like to join us for lunch?” John spoke first and included the invite.

I really wanted to escape the awkwardness here. I know for a fact that last night I pretty much gave Matt Brand the cold shoulder and indifference when it came to his suggestion of helping finding a new place. As well I noticed he doesn't look too pleased when he saw me smiling and laughing with John. Not that it mattered because I really didn’t owe him an explanation or why he should look at John that way was mind boggling. We were partners or actually I was hired by John. There was nothing more to it.

“I would love to do lunch but I will have to decline, maybe another time. I just came by here because I wanted to let Evalyn know that I may have found a more suitable place for her stay to here in Hollywood. But it was hard to get a hold of her at the hotel but obviously so as she must of left early to meet with you Jon. Well Evalyn if I can speak with you briefly I will be on my way.” Matt’s words were meant to tell Jon that he needed to speak with me privately.

Jon shrugged and murmured that he’ll wait for me by the front desk. I glared at Matt. Who did he think he was? I didn’t want his help and he didn’t have to come all this way to pass on the message to me, I am an adult and able to find my own place when it was deemed necessary. Regardless, I found myself waiting for Matt to relay the information to me.

“I don’t mean to take up your time with Jon, your boss is it? But like I said I seem to worry about you. You seem new to this whole Hollywood world. Well here is the address and I hope you call them quick. It is affordable and in a great location. Besides I know the landlord so check them out and if it works for you both then I will feel better when I know that you are safer. This area here has shady characters and housing complex close by so it wouldn’t be ideal for you; you look so out of your element here.” He explained this to me.

I wondered did he think Canada was on another planet. Our biggest city, Toronto was a metropolis so I have seen and experience poverty there the same as it is here in Hollywood.

“I thank you for your concern and grateful as well but let me assure you I can take care of myself. I am almost thirty for your information.” I replied.
His raised eyebrows showed amusement with my reply. What was so funny? I didn’t want to spend too much more time with him. I had to get back to work; the quicker we finish the project the sooner I shall be paid. I pocketed Matt’s business card and proceeded to walk away but his words stopped me in my steps.

“I wonder if I can call you out for lunch today because I want to go over some ideas for the promotional aspect of the film seeing that I will be the spokesperson for it. Please say yes?” with his pleading, how can a girl say no? He did say please.

I nodded in agreement and this time he allowed me to walk away but my mind was still thinking about him and our lunch date. I had to correct my thoughts; it was only a business lunch meeting between the script writer and the Dara.


sarNie Hatchling

I couldn’t quite concentrate on what Jon was saying. I felt bad that we had to cancel our lunch date but Jon teased me stating that it is not every day that a Dara is flirting with commoners like us. I laughed out loud because it did sound so unbelievable. I was very surprised that wherever Matt showed up the crowd didn’t follow. Some people stared but they never approached him. Why not because it was intimidating to see the “IT” star in your presence? But he had never acted as one around her or his fans. He was quite down to earth, approachable and very humble with his fortune. I could tell who took it all in stride and I have yet seen him become impatient with anyone.

“Well off you go because you don’t want to keep the man waiting. The way he looks at you he is itching out of sorts. And I am a man too so I would know exactly how he feels. You are a stunner Evalyn, even if you don’t see it everyone else does. Too bad I still have a conscious not to mix business with personal.” I gasped at Jon’s shocking words. Although his face was far from serious, he was still being honest with me.

Why would he think that Matt Brand was interested in me? I was a dime a dozen or so I thought but more and more in Hollywood I have been receiving all kinds of attention. I felt flattered but yet embarrassed as well because I’ve never experience the likes of ogling men before; and at such an abundant rate; was I such a rarity?

“I am very sorry Jon about lunch. Rain check please?” I promised him. We hugged and I walked out from our café and ventured to look for the Dara. It was odd that I graduated from being skittish around men to trading casual hugs. Hollywood does this people; overall it was becoming a friendlier environment for me or I’ve become desensitized to the coldness of strangers.

Approaching the streets I now recalled that I did not ask exactly where was I to meet Matt? But as if he could capture my thoughts he showed up. His smile almost knocked me off my feet. Why was so gorgeous outside of the big screen? It did not do him justice but yet it looked to be he did not care for any of it. Did he become too accustomed to the stare at his beauty? Yes this man is beautiful. Why now must the lust bug hit me? I have never really given any man a second glance yet is it because I am spellbound by the appeal of a celebrity. I don’t think it was that. But what else could it be?
Without a by your leave, he grabbed my elbow and led me to a parked car and it was a BMW as I noticed the logo. It is dark blue and big, a sedan I believe. I was a car girl and I paid attention to things like this. My interest is more cars and not men. I gave my head a shake because I should be concentrating on the person and not the vehicle.

“Are you hungry? I know you said not a fan of Sushi so may I suggest pizza? Everyone likes pizza.” He commented.
I nodded in agreement. Pizza, why not? Thinking of food and so I heard my stomach grumble instantly from hunger. Why me? And why now, it was so embarrassing.

“I too am hungry but obviously not as much as you. Evalyn nothing to be shy from as it is lunchtime. Sometimes I forget to allow myself time to eat so this is as good as time as now.” He said and it was obvious he was trying to make me feel less embarrassed. That is so endearing. Is he real or just a dream but clearly real as this would be our fourth encounter. And why did I think this? I realize that I was to keep track of encounters because it meant something or more to me; and it would be only me that would think this way.

Matt Brand would never give me a second thought and this luncheon I believe that it would only be about business. But why he chose to discuss it further with me I cannot fathom the reason.

“Hmm food for thought Evalyn. I can never tell what is going on in that mind of yours. Creating script and scenes in there and ignoring your date?” he teased be kindly.

“Oh nothing really as my mind is blank at the moment and my belly is at empty. May I ask what business we are discussing?” I inquired and trying hard to ignore his comment about this being a date.
Matt started the car and chuckled, “You are very to the point. Very unique in a woman that is very different from what I am used to dealing with. So if I asked you what is wrong you will never give me the, oh nothing line will you?”

“I know that I am one who never beats around the bush and at times that scares others away from me. Sometimes I realized people do not necessarily want to hear the truth, in other words sometimes the truth hurts. I’d rather I feel the pain upfront then delay the inevitable. I am sorry I am rambling on. But no I wouldn’t be one to give you the, ‘oh nothing is wrong’ as an answer. I don’t believe in going to bed angry. I already have a hard enough time sleeping as it is and I don’t need the stress added with anger.

I smiled shyly at him, I couldn’t believe how much I am talking and to a complete stranger too, what do I really know of this man. My information sharing is quite loose this time around and with this superstar. I have never said so much to anyone on such a short timeframe.

“I too believe we need to be open with each other be it in personal, family or business relationship. We can never go around assuming things of others especially when it is far from the truth of things. I like you Evalyn, you are a very different sort of woman that I have the privilege of meeting.

“May I ask what is the purpose of this meeting Mr. Brand? If you wanted to implement new ideas I am sure Jon would have a better opinion of your ideals. If Jon gives it the okay, I wouldn’t be one to disagree. Boss knows best.” I suggested. But saw the clench of his jaw once I finished my sentence, what exactly did I say that irritated him.

“Well first off let’s eat before we talk business. There’s something about you that I cannot place my finger on Evalyn. And it is Matt it is just like what we agree upon last night.” Matt advised and I blinked rapidly in regards to his response.

That was fine if he still wanted to release the formality between us. I am mature enough to act reasonably. I know that my trusting ability is limited. I could not figure out why he singled me out for this meeting. Yes we needed to work together but I did not think he wanted the hands on approach and wanting to oversee this whole film project. All we needed from him was to be the face and endorse this project.

We arrived in about less than twenty minutes. A little pizzeria tucked away in a more secluded area of Hollywood. It was quite here. He really wants to eat in piece I thought. As I was about to open my door, Matt was already there on the outside opening it. I looked up at him and quietly thank him. He is a gentleman too, was there nothing imperfect with this man?

“This place serves one of the best wood stove baked pizza. Thin crust and made to order. I am one of their best customers and the privacy here is immaculate. We will not be disturbed.” Matt relayed the story as I listened on.

I know that it is crucial to keep one’s private life separate from the public. Matt has managed to do so since I’ve met him. Other than the impromptu fan autograph signing where his space was taken over but he didn’t mind showing his appreciation of their love and support. But sitting here now without restraint to time or interruption we chatted about our documentary but really nothing else. I did not have the nerve to pry into his life.

“Are you enjoying your pizza especially as we heard your stomach growling earlier so you should eat up. Don’t be shy I want you to be comfortable around me. As well did you have any further communication with my agent? She said she hasn't hear from you and the rental is in quite high demand. I asked her to hold it for now until I had a chance to speak with you.” Matt informed me of his decision. I stopped chewing as I heard his words. What exactly did he think would accomplish by informing me this? What right did he have to make decisions for me? I felt my temper flare and that rarely occurs.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Thank you Sary!! haha i've been waiting for ur ff like crazy haha :mellow: :bump: :dude: :crazy:


sarNie Hatchling

Chapter 11: The Fan

“I thank you for your concern but the situation of my living condition is my problem. I do appreciate your initiative in trying to help set me up but I really would like to take care of this myself. I am almost thirty after all and I can see to it that I acquire my own accommodation. I am sorry if you think otherwise but please relent a bit.” I explained to him and thought perhaps he’d get angry and call me out as being ungrateful. To my astonishment the man laughed, loudly.

Matt started to laugh out loud. I wouldn’t imagine this would be the sort of reaction I was expecting. My anger around him was a shock too. Even at my age I know I am an oddity. A virgin, a loner, and unconventional but all of that was not readily shared with complete strangers. But I was raised and was exposed to mistrust, lack of love and for the most part always left to fend for myself. My belief in loyalty and love was of a cynic. Matt stopped his laughing and then looked at me. He had no idea of my insecurities and lack of confidence in me as a woman and person.

“You are definitely a breath of fresh air. No one has ever told me off and to mind my own business. For the most part that is my nature. I have no care with others trying to hack into my personal life but yet here I am trying to do the same to yours. With that I must apologise Evalyn and please accept my sincerest apologies. I shall call my agent to release the hold on the rental. Now let’s finish up this meal and I want to discuss business now.”

He easily changed the subject and again I was surprise about his easily apologizing to me about his take charge attitude and I accepted it; there was no need for me to begrudge him of it.

We talked of work but it always came down to me and my life. I told him truthfully there wasn’t much more to me. I am for the most part an open book. I didn’t venture far from the line and had no interests in grand adventure.

“But yet here you are in Hollywood. I think that is a huge leap of faith and I am glad we’ve met. I mean it too Evalyn. I don’t want to be too forward but there’s this attraction I find very compelling from you. You radiate an inner strength and exterior wise you are a very beautiful woman. Your face is make-up less and flawless. That mind of yours is even more refreshing and your eyes lights up with clarity. You don’t play games and you don’t balk at me or my career. You are probably the only woman who has treated me as a normal man like any other. I commend you for that. And I see you are surprised by my words because who and what you are is just you. I know you are not an actress so therefore I appreciate your company. I can actually relax and be myself.”
His grin made me become speechless.

Matt said of this about me and I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say. In all honesty I never really did see him as anyone else but Matt. It has only been a few days but yet I rather felt really comfortable for the most part with him and I did not hesitate or question his status. Sitting here and enjoying a pizza lunch like any other casual acquaintance and I can honestly say friend as well. We are working alongside for a greater cause too.

“I don’t believe there is any reason not to treat you the same way as you have been treating me. We are who we are and we needn’t change for anyone unless it is for the betterment of oneself.” I smiled shyly at him with my last words.

Did I really believe this? Of course I do and will always abide by those words. I’ve never conform to the ways of the 'popular' people since I grew up in my small town. Even living and attending school in downtown Toronto I was never one to be attracted to the mass crowd and groups. I have always been my own person, some days I do wished I participated more and make new friends but I was too afraid to get hurt. At times there were days of loneliness but even more so I never had issues or problems either. I liked my calm and chaos-free life.

Getting rather uncomfortably as I watched Matt looking at me. I thought I may have pizza sauce on my face and lightly brushed my lips. Matt shook his head and reached out to use his thumb pad to smooth off the crumbs remaining on my lower lip. I gasped at the electric current that seeped down to my toes. It was the lightest touch but the impression of his warmth left me paralyzed by this extremely new feeling. I looked around slowly in case others were staring but really at our table and this pizzeria, it was only us. I hadn’t realized this before.

“Don’t be afraid. I don’t bite. You wouldn’t appreciate it if I let you roam with enticing crumbs remaining on your person. Did you want to order more or can I escort you apartment hunting?” he asked so smoothly that I almost nodded in agreement but didn’t in the end.

“I thought we got passed you trying to control my life and decisions. Please don’t make it your mission to be a big brother around me. I can handle things on my own and I don’t mean it to be ungrateful. You are actually really kind to me especially that we are complete strangers and you are who you are in Hollywood.” I explained to Matt. If he took my words to heart, he would just leave my personal business out of his life.

Matt scooted closer to me and I tried not to pull away. Anticipating what his next words would be.

“I don’t see you as a sister Evalyn. Not even close. I want you to consider me as a man like any other that you are accustomed too. Let us get to know each other beyond this documentary project we have together I hope you would give me the chance to date you? Do you have any reason not to give us a chance? We are both single and I am sure you know how this works. We have nothing to lose.”

His words didn’t resonate with me at first. I stared at his beaming smile and dimpled cheeks. He was very good looking, but that wasn’t his only appeal. I’ve never before felt this uncontrollable attraction to any man before. All my minor experiences paled in comparison to what I am going through now with this man sitting near me.

Dare I answer him? Wait what was I thinking? I barely know the man and right now I was considering allowing him to get to know me better as more than a friend. How did I become his type? Was it because my appeal of being an oddity attracts him? So many questions and my lack of confidence in me took over my self-doubt. Why would a Dara be seeking me out as a potential girlfriend? Was that what Matt is asking me? Was I mishearing things? What exactly did he want from me?


sarNie Juvenile
Secret Series: The Fan #12

My thoughts repeated again in my head as I thought again, what exactly did he want from or of me as his girlfriend? I suddenly lectured myself, girlfriend? Why was I jumping to conclusion? The standard process was dating and getting to know one another but yet how special or attractive could I be to a man who has everything and look like a millions dollars? As well there were so many people, both men and women wanting to a part of his world. How exactly can I compete with that sort of pressure? 

His voice resonated into my thoughts, “Are you still with me Evalyn?” 

I blushed profusely, wonderful this is so embarrassing to have this man catch me losing focus. Why was he so intent on my thoughts?


“I am just a little unsure as to how to answer your questions. Don’t get me wrong. You are exceptionally handsome and I just don’t see how you could possibly be interested in someone like me? I am sorry if I am frank like this. I am not good with mincing words. Why would you want to date me? You hardly know me to be honest” I shyly finished. Matt’s eyes intent on me as I looked back up at him after stating my stand on how I felt. 

“I don’t know why you are asking me why I am interested in you. You are different, far different from any other woman I have met and as well I find you refreshing. You are not young in age but your eyes; your stature portrays an untutored soul. I want you to be part of my world; you don’t judge me or what I do. You have this way of just accepting and being yourself. That is refreshing coming from me as you know it; I am an actor by profession.” He smiled at me briefly but I could see the small pang of regret in his eyes. Where did that come from? Should he have cause to have such feelings?

“I am who I am and you are right. I’ve never pretended otherwise exactly what type of person I am and how I live my life. But there are times I do find it lonely or really a lot. I don’t know how to make myself open. I a bit of a recluse, how exactly I can fit into your world am still a mystery to me. I am not trying to make it difficult. If you want to get to know me then I at least owe you that. You are the one who is refreshing, so humble and very down to earth. I’ve never experience the superstar attitude from you since meeting you.” It was brutally honest from me but I wouldn’t know how to lie to a man such as him.

“Well having lunch with me is a great start. Can we continue on with dinner? I would love to show you my world, outside of being the Matt Brand that everyone knows. Let me show you Evalyn, say yes to dinner?” As he asked his hands grasped mine and stroked the top of my thumb, causing me to shiver with pleasure.

“Yes. I think I would like that. Now can we talk about work?” I asked.

Matt laughed out loud and agreed wholeheartedly, commenting thoughtfully that I was indeed an open book.

The evening didn’t start soon enough for me. After lunch I was able to entertain great ideas and monologue for Matt. He was very patient with my suggestions and regrettably we had to finish off our lunch date. But now it was our official dinner date. Where Matt was taking me I had no idea. Getting nervous and as well feeling foolish to wear this dress I happen to find at a vintage thrift shop I happen to discover on one of the bus route. It was a dark navy, long-sleeved but form fitting dress. It fell just mid-thigh and just above my knee. It accentuated my long legs and my hair I left it down and straight. It was now I wished I knew how to style the length. The more I notice the many billboards of glamorous starlets with their voluminous curls and flawless makeup. I manage to add a light shimmering pink lip gloss to my dry and chapped lips which I purchased at the discounted section of the close by drug store. I waited and sat on the bed of my motel room. I am definitely a long way from my suburban hometown in Canada. It was so very different here. The loud tap on the door made me jump. Still a little weary that it may not be Matt I peeked into the peep hole and saw the fresh face of his looking patiently at the door as I slowly open it to him.

“Hi. You look amazing. I really do mean it. A dress for me Evalyn, please do not blush? I think I like it seeing that I’ve never seen you in anything but pants not that you weren’t already the epitome of femininity. Shall we? I have all kinds of things set up for us for tonight.”

I couldn't answer him either. He looked just as handsome as per usual yet in his dinner jacket and polo shirt, he looked younger than he was tonight. The dimples he gifted me caused my heart to turn rapidly within my chest. Trying to look just as calm, I turn to grab my bag and closed the door upon exiting.

Making sure I looked the door, I allowed Matt to take hold of my cold hand in his comforting clasp and proceed to be assisted to his waiting sedan. I have a feeling tonight was one that I shall never forget in this lifetime. All I needed to do was to relax a bit more and be myself. I never did do anything different around Matt and now wasn’t the time to accomplish what the french calls a "fait accomplis."


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Wow sary such lengthy detailed ff im loving it! Yadech r mature here. Love yr writing style n story. i cant wait to read da rest. Keep up da excellent piece of ff u hv written! the rate u r going i wont b surprised u turn to be an author n i'll be glad to support u !