Sen Mai Gap Nai Hin


sarNie Egg
Really...COOOOOOL. I love this two together. They were soooo cute in "Kerd Tha Thoom." They really have great chemistry and it looks like they are very comfortable around eachother. Can't wait for this one to come out. I've been waiting for him and her to be pair up agin, my prayer has been answer..heheheh...


Save World Save Life
Thai-Vietnam drama?. Is either Nam or Bee gonna be half Vietnam?

probably bee b/c i see her hair with bands look Vietnam i was wondering why her hair is like that its for her new lakorn with nam lol


sarNie Juvenile
thanks for posting up the pichas.. nam looks cute as always.... does anyone have the summary yet?


sarNie Hatchling
Bee looks cute, I like her dress...that fabric design on her dress is like everywhere, I've seen alot of shirts and dresses with that design on it...


sarNie Granny
whoa, is dat really Bee ? I think she look soo differ and the hair make her look older . I like dis look of her it isn't so teen bobber .