Seub Suan Puan Ruk


sarNie Granny
I didn't see a topic for this. Please let me know if there already is one. I do not know what this lakorn is about except that Dan is a police officer.
Anyways, I think Dan looks super cute/hot, he also looks really young in here.

Cast: Dan Worawech, Gijee Jormkwan, Um Umarin & Tanya Tanyares
Aired: August 16, 2010
Time Slot: Channel 3 Mon-Fri 19.00-20.00 (evenings)

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TEASER credits to Ruchaneewan


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sarNie Oldmaid
Gijee so cute. has such adorable face. her acting is good too. she and Dan make such cute adorable match. but wish they have more cute scenes together. Um and Dan are so funny together. they crack me up lol


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG ep.21 wat a surprise scene between Dan&Gijee *blush* but so cute! wish they pair up again or there's part 2 to this lakorn would be great. don't want this lakorn to end. so far of all Dan's nang'eks, i think Gijee make the cutest couple with him.


sarNie Egg
I love this drama! I didn't start watching until it was more than halfway through on air. I highly recommend this lakorn to anyone that likes comedy. A lot of the scenes and jokes were so funny. Great cast, many of the characters seem to have fantastic on screen chemistry, especially the leading roles. I hope there will be a reunion for part 2, 3 and so fort. lol

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Gijii and Dan are super cute together. :wub:



Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Wish I could understand Thai so I could watch this. ='( He's so darn cute. ♥