Sex & The City Movie


sarNie Adult
Did anyone see the movie!? I saw it Friday with friends and it was ok...good some parts but kind of long! What do you guys think?


sarNie Adult
I'm a huge fan of the show, saw every episode so I was excited about the movie.
I saw it over the weekend with my boyfriend.

I loved it. :) I didn't think it was too long, I like that they did it that way, with all the twists, turns and dramas of real life, true to the show.
If they had just gotten to the point and had the wedding, having everyone living a perfect life I'd be very disappointed.
Plus, I loved all the outfits and that scene with Charlotte in Mexico. lol


sarNie Egg
...i came down to visit my parents and my sister dragged me down to the theaters... the last showing of the day> i paid lol

but honestly i was bored!! i slept basically the whole time oh my...the whole time i was thinking of getting up and running around wildly since there was only 3 people (including me) watching... lol!! mane that would've been krazie