Shadow of Silence (Revenge) - Chapter 11 (10/27)


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lol.. ooo you updated noy ^_^.. cant read the 2nd part na..

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i had to go back and reread since i forgot how the ff went lol..


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:cheer: *hi-5* girl! good job. I love the update, n i'm so loving mint's character, she's so cute n awesome. n i love mark's characters as well, LOL the two friends (min n sammie) r getting forced to married, how---.btw can't wait to read more tomarrow :D i had a fun time reading the update hehe :ghehe:


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Chapter 5

As Bie was walking to the dressing room, he couldn’t help but just laugh and shook his head at the scene when he saw Mai in Kim Jung’s arms... [/b]
amazing! i love this chapter. everything is coming together so nicely, especilly mark and Mint. lol.


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i'm loving mint's character in here! thanks for the update noy! everything is flowing very smoothly. can't wait to read more


The rest of Chapter 5 is posted (on page 5). Finally DONE! I hope I didn't mix up the story line for some of the casts that I included in my chapter...Until my next time to write, I'll be on another long break from writing. Heehee :)

Can't wait for the next chapter by adora!!


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OMG NoyV i love mark he's so cute..nice blendin onto each story, it must b hard on yah, btw omg can't wait for adora's ch. now. :woot2:


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:woot2: NoyV your chapter was great. Mint is just to cutie and funny. Feel bad for Mark. He seem to really love Margie. I wonder who could it be in the picture Mark see in Peung room... :coverlaf:


oh good u update Noy hahaha

u know as I read this, seems like it's a more romantic comedy than revenge
For most of my parts, it'll be more of a comedy but then they'll be twists & turns coming soon :) This is only the beginning.

I kinda just want to kick the genre revenge out of the way since I can't really relate my story to that genre. So as you can already see, it's a bit


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Chapter 6
Peung, startled: P'Mark, you're home.
Mark: [leans forward to study the picture in front of her] Who's that?
Peung: [pretends to be surprised] Nee! Only a few years away at college and you've already forgotten how your own sister looks!
Mark: [hits Peung playfully on the head with his newspaper] Oi, silly, I know it's you. I meant who's the guy?
Peung: [frowns] P'Mark, let's not discuss unimportant things anymore, okay? [changing the subject] So, what delicious food did you buy for me to eat today?
Mark: [hits her on the head again] You. Always thinking about your stomach only.
Peung: [touches her forehead] Oi, Mark, I'm hurt.
Mark, worried: Peung, are you okay?
Peung: Fooled you! [giggles joyfully]
Mark: Nee, Peung, you're 21 already; why do you still act like a little kid?
Peung: [wraps her arms around him] So you would rather have me be serious and grumpy like an old granny then?
Mark: [laughs] Silly girl, of course not. Now, come on, I've got dinner all ready.​
-At the dinner table-
Mark: Oh, Peung, I forgot to ask: how did your first day at work go?
Peung: It went...fine. [fakes a smile] How did your day go?​
Mark: [smirks] Some nice sleepwear you have on there.
Mint: [looks at her barely covered body] You! Pervert!
Mark: [chuckles] My day went great.​
-The next day (in Peung's bathroom)-
In the middle of brushing her hair, Peung pauses.
Bie, astonished by the unexpected appearance of his past lover: It's you...
Peung, softly: Khun...
Make-up artist, curiously: Boss, you guys know each other?
Bie: No, it's just...I think I might've seen her somewhere before...
Peung: I think you've mistaken, sir. I believe we've never met before today.
Make-up artist, jokingly: Oi, P'Bie, maybe you remember this woman from your dreams.
Bie: [shifts his gaze to the giggling worker] Nee, since you're available now, maybe you should go show our new designer, Mai Davika, around.
Make-up artist, beaming: Ah, I get it; you want some alone time with the beauty. [Bie gives him a look] Okay, okay, I'll leave now. [he begins to leave, but turns around before exiting] Well have fun you two. [eyeing Bie as he walks out, snickering]
As Bie turns around, his eyes immediately meet Peung's. They stand in a full minute of awkward silence before Peung looks away, breaking the connection. She quietly turns in the direction of the door.
Bie: You, wait. [Peung halts] Why did you lie to him?
Peung, her back still turned to him: And what about you? What you told him wasn't a lie?​
Receiving no response, Peung starts for the door again. Without warning, Bie quickly grabs her hand from behind, forcing her to face him.
Bie: [smirks] Being smart with me, huh? Well if you want the truth, I'll make it clear to you that our past has no value to me whatsoever. As for you, understand that your only position here is as my employee, nothing more or nothing less. [he pauses] Understand? [lets go of her hand and walks out]
Peung stares solemnly at her reflection in the mirror and continues stroking her hair.
-In the kitchen-
Setting down his empty bowl of cereal, Mark flips through his morning newspaper. He pauses as he comes to a picture of a familiar-looking man. He squints closer at the picture.
Mark: [leans forward to study the picture] Who's that?
Peung: [pretends to be surprised]: Nee! Only a few years away at college and you've already forgotten how your own sister looks!
Mark: [hits her playfully on the head] Oi, silly, I know it's you. I meant who's the guy?
Peung: [frowns] P'Mark, let's not discuss unimportant things anymore, okay?
Mark: Or could it be...
Peung enters the room.
Peung: [reaches for the carton of milk] Good morning, brother. Did you sleep well?
Mark: [smiles] Indeed, I did. [not wanting to confront his sister about the situation, he quickly turns the newspaper over and stands up to pour his remaining milk away] Peung, I have to get going now, alright?
Peung, as she sits in a chair: Ow, why so early?
Mark: Early's better than late; same goes for you, okay? Now if you need anything, just give me a call.
Peung: Alright. [Mark kisses her forehead] Have a nice day, P'Mark.
Mark, as he grabs his jacket and keys: I will. [smiles] You too, okay?
As he shuts the door, Peung instantly picks up the newspaper, turning it to the side Mark was on. The caption reads "Producer, Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew Breaks Off Engagement with Rising Star, Sammie Puntitha, Due to Scandal". Peung stares in disbelief at the picture of her long-time best friend alongside a photo of her college sweetheart.
Peung: [angrily rips the page out] I never imagined you could do this to me, Sammie... [a tear falls down her right cheek]
-At the Wisetkaew's Filming Studio-
The crew members and actors are laying around in a tiresome heap, waiting for the arrival of their lead n'ek.
Bie: [looks up from his watch] Oi! What's taking that woman so long?! [people groan]
As Peung bursts through the doors, Bie, half-relieved, half-aggravated, strides towards her.
Bie: YOU! What's your reason for arriving so late?! [Peung opens her mouth to say something, but Bie interrupts] Do you think that just because you're a new actress, you can arrive at whatever time you want and it'll be okay?! [everyone is now awake and staring intently at the two] I'll have you know...I could easily replace you with a better and more experienced actress! [Peung glares at Bie]
Make-up artist: [rushes to Peung] Uh, nong Peung, let's go fix your makeup and hair. [to Mai] Miss Davika, please go find Peung's clothes and bring it to her dressing room as soon as possible.
Mai: Kha.
The make-up artist drags Peung away as Mai exits the room, leaving everyone else staring at Bie.
Bie, irritated: Oi! What's everyone still standing around for?! Go get things ready; we've got lots of filming to do!
As everyone leaves, Kim Jung In walks up to Bie.
Kim Jung In: Bie, we're friends, right?
Bie: Why would I hire you as the male lead for my movie if we weren't?
Kim Jung In: Then can I be honest with you?
Bie: Sure. What is it?
Kim Jung In: Just now, I think you were a bit harsh on that girl.
Bie: [smirks] Don't worry about that woman. If I didn't scold her like that, she would just continue holding that big ego over her head.
Kim Jung In: You did notice that the poor girl was drenched in rain, right? [Bie looks at him] I assume the reason she was late was because she walked all this way in this horrible storm.
Bie: I-I guess I was too angry to notice.
Kim Jung In: I understand. What's happened has already happened. But for now, just do what you believe is the right thing to do.
-In the makeup room-
Make-up artist: [applies blush on Peung] Alright. Now for the hair... [he steps to the side, revealing Bie's reflection in the mirror] Ah! Good thing you're here, boss. I needed to ask you something.
Bie: What is it?
Make-up artist: I'm not sure what you want me to do with nong Peung's hair.
Bie: [looks at the towel in his hand, then back at the make-up artist] I'll handle it. You can go take a quick break before we start filming.
Make-up artist: Thank you, boss.[he leaves]
Bie slowly walks up behind Peung and gathers her hair into one hand.
Peung: You, what're you doing?
Bie: You. Don't think I'm here to apologize. I'm just here to dry your hair since you were stubborn enough to walk all this way in the rain.
Peung: If you knew that I walked all this way in this weather, why did you have to create such a ruckus out there then?
Bie: You! [he bends down and smirks] Actually, you're lucky I even came here to help dry your hair. Otherwise, you could've catched a cold.
Peung: [stands up] I don't need help from a person like you. In fact, in the future if I don't ask for your help...then don't. [walks out]
Bie: Peung, you--!
As Peung enters her dressing room, Mai appears behind her.
Mai: Sa-wat-dee ka.
Alarmed, Peung quickly turns around.
Peung: Sa-wat-dee ka. [looks curiously at Mai] Uh, sorry to sound rude, but who may you be?
Mai: The name's Mai Davika. [holds her hand out]
Peung: [shakes Mai’s hand] I'm--
Mai: Peung, I know.
Peung: How do you--
Mai: I'm the costume designer for this film. [smiles]
Peung: Ow, is that so? Would you be kind enough to show me some of your designs then?
Mai: [laughs] I promise I'll give you a full tour of it another time. But for now... [reaches for an outfit on the rack beside them with a sticky note that reads "Peung"] Here. [hands the clothes to Peung] This is your outfit for the scene we’re filming today. Go put it on.
Peung: [smiles] Khop khun ka.
-In the filming studio-
Bie: Alright, is everyone memorized with their lines? [all the actors and actresses nod their heads] Let us begin then.
An actor: Wait! I think we’re missing someone.
Peung enters the room in a light pink tank top paired with white short shorts. Her hair is tied into two loose ponytails, each one curled. A plain, silver clip, secures her bangs.
Bie, glaring at Peung: I believe we have everyone now. [turning to the other actors and actresses] Let's start with the scene where Peung discovers the magic book.
Camera-man: Aaaaand cut! [smiles at Peung] Great start, Miss Peung.
Peung: [smiles] Khop khun ka, phee.
Bie: Alright everyone, I have an announcement to make! You all are aware that by the end of this week, we will be attending a press conference in which we will speak about the film, promote it and what-not! In addition, next week, I’ve also planned our trip to Korea to shoot the rest of this film! [everyone gasps excitedly] I know it's sudden, but I wanna make sure we have enough time to film! So be sure to pack all your belongings this weekend!
A woman stands atop a hill, looking down at the endless grapevines. She pulls out a pocket watch that reads 2:32 a.m., and stares at it before sliding it back into her pocket. The wind continuously blows, causing her dark brown hair to cover her face. Using both hands, she fixes her hair into a low ponytail. Reaching into another pocket, the woman pulls out a picture and a lighter. She slowly sets the picture on fire and drops it, allowing it to drift further and further away from her.
Mystery woman: [whispers to herself]: Know no limits, but the sky. [looks up] But why is it always so impossible to see you father? I've been counting each day until the day we meet again. Until then, I will proudly tell you of my finished duties...
-End of Chapter 6-
- - -
Writer's Note:
Sorry for the super long delay readers and writers!
And I know my chapter's probably the most boring to read so far, but please bear with me! As I've said before, it's my first time writing a fanfic EVER, so...and plus, I honestly just wanted to finish my chapter as soon as possible so there would be no more delays and we would be able to keep this fanfic moving. ^_^​


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GREAT chapter, I love how you connect most of the characters in your ch, fabulous start nice ending too! CAN;T WAIT FOR Kulyia'S CHAPTER!


Chapter 7

At the top of the hill, a girl, her dark brown hair gleaming in the sun, stood gazing out at the vineyard. The mysterious girl is the sole proprietor of the Paksukcharem plantation. Her name is Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharem. She attended both her freshmen and sophomore year at Cambridge University but failed to finish her studies. While there, she met a man named Stephen who's enrolled in the British Army and whom loves her unconditionally even after all these years.

[In the kitchen of Aff Paksukcharem house]

Sorapong was sitting on the table drinking coffee as he was reading the newspaper. He looked up and saw Aff walking into the kitchen. "Good morning, child." He greeted her

"Good morning." She answered

"Did you hear?"

She cleared her throat before proceeding, "About what?"

Sorapong throws the newspaper across the table. "I think it’s best for you to see for yourself." His eyebrows rise as he reach to pick a few grapes off the platter.

Aff picked up the newspaper and her eyes were immediately drawn to the picture of a naked man in bed-and an almost naked girl on the floor. "Om Pholdeeakapan? ..... Caught in bed-With Ch.7 N'ek Sammie P! ... ?" [Looks up from newspaper]. "What is wrong with this family??" She ponders

"Continue. It gets better." Sorapong smiled

Aff continues to read the article. "Known for his fathers' pearl farm and his nocturnal behavior, Om Pholdeeakapan;one of the two Pholdeeakapans sons was caught in bed with Ch.7 TOP actress Sammie Puwijaan." [looks up from newspaper] "Wait, why does this include me?"

"What do you mean does this include you? Was your father not brutally murdered 8 years ago mistress? Or did I raise the wrong child?"

Aff tries to defend herself. "Well of course I am. But he is the stupid one out of the two brothers. Why should I care about him?”

Sorapong smirk. "And why shouldn't you?? He stands up and walks towards her with his chin held high. "The reason why I wanted you to see this is because, I think this is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the Pholdeeakapan." Aff takes a deep breath. "If you continue reading, you will know why the reporters were there at their house."

Aff sighs and throws the newspaper back onto the table. "Just get to the point Sorapong. I dont have time for these childish games.. You of all people should know that I especially hate guessing games." She purposely sighed out loud.

He takes a step towards the french window and gazes out the window. "Sometimes I wonder if you were adopted.. you're nothing like your heroic father, you know.. They want to know how Om has been handling the pearl farm ever since Khun Yai passed away. Since he was jsut caught in a scandal.. if you want to get revenge, then you better do it now. You have been hibernating for almost a decade miss. If I don’t force you to do it now, i know for certain that you won’t do it later. Remember. It was you who reached out."

God! She hated the sight of him whenever, wherever! His self-assured tone and his slow gestures and pathetically cocky smirks! Unfortunately, he was correct. And to deny it was damn-right ridiculous. Aff rolled her eyes and answered, "When?!! Where?! And what!!?" She forced her lips to move.
Sorapong knew from.the getgo that she never liked him. But Sorapong was the closest thing to a family besides Aff to Khun Kid. And to disrespect him would be as if disrespecting Khun Kid. With this in mind, he didnt care about any limitations. But the reason behind these wonderful 8 years was simply because her confidence level was not up to his expectations, at least until now.

[In Taksaorn bedroom]

She sat on her vanity staring into the mirrorrealizing how fast time has flown by. She stood up and made her way to the doorway of her closet. With a single push, both doors slide open. She walked into the walk-in closet her father specifically designed for her when they first bought the house. Though the house has been the same, her wardrobe has been updated dramatically to ensure the best of her capability to accomplish her goal. She pulled out a black dress and a red cardigan and a pair of black shiny heels. She calmly slid everything on as she stared into the mirror that hanged on the wall. But something was missing she realized. She took a few steps back and pulled out a case. The shiny black pearl laid undisturbed for many years.

-At the patio

Sorapong was sitting out on the patio drinking a glass of champagne when aff approached him. "What do you think?" She ask.

He turned around and raised his glass in the air. "Cheers,” He sips on some wine then asked, "Why red?"

Aff smiled, "Latrodectus."

He smiles, "You have been listening." Though she hates his guts, you gotta admit-they're both rockin in the same boat. And they're rockn it good.

Aff forced a smile and answer, "Hahem..... Sure! .... -.-” Her heels tip taps as she made her way towards the table. Sorapong sees that shes holding onto something. He continues to watch her as she pour herself a glass of wine. "I've been wondering.. I've been wondering all these years what type of girls Pholdeeakapans go for. But now I know." She hands over dozens of pictures of Ch.7 n'ek Sammie Puwijaan. "Maybe it won’t be so hard after all Sora." She takes a sip of the aged wine.

She lowered her glass in reminiscing. "You know when you're calm you're a lot like dad. I hope you know you're not that different from him."

"Thank you for finally realizing my worth after all these years, child. It's been an honor. "

Sorapang laughs. "Thank you, child. It's a pleasure to be able to work with you. Like father, like daughter, Aff."

-Meanwhile at the Red Jewl Harbor..
Tik closed his eyes and spread his built arms outward like wings of an eagle. The wind was just right and the sun was just perfect for sailing. The fresh breeze made his worries disappear and reminded him of nothing but mother nature. His mood was ruined when Plai started pounding...

"Urghh. Ah! Eh Oh! So close, No!!"

Tik grabs the chain from his hands and gently pushed him aside. "I'll do it Plai, since you're a bit weak."

Plai blushed. "Ow. Dont make fun of me sir. I may be small but I am pretty fast behind closed doors. hehe"

Tik grosses out a bit. He force an awkward smile and replied, "Sure :\ .Ew. Uh, did you call Om yet?"

Plai [Excitedly] "Yes i did! .. But he said he's busy and probably can’t make it."

Tik sighs. "Of course...” [Disappointedly]

"Where are you going sir?"

"To escape from this mad place."

Plai and his big mouth, "From Om?"

Tik thinks before replying, " …. Yes! You’re right. Dad gave him the title as boss. He created this mess; he can deal with it himself. He doesn't need me. I'll only be in the way- have been...”

"Ow! Sir dont think like that. Though Khun Yai and Khun Om might not like you as much, but we servants do."

Tik frowns. "Thanks. But that makes me feel even worse."

"Ow.. Will you be going to the pearl farm sir?"

" ... You know what Plai? Thats a great idea." [Tik throws the anchor aboard]

"Until when?" Plai yells out. "It's not safe for you to be out too long sir!" He stares off into the gray clouds hoovering in the sky.

Tik climbed onto the boat and turned on the engine. He turns back to look at Plai who looked as innocent as a child. He yelled out, "It won’t be long. I just need some time alone."

"But your health!" Plai exclaimed. "It's not safe for your health! You haven’t even taken your inhalant yet!"

Tik stepped on the pedal and yelled back, "It's okay! I have one over at the island! I'll see you tomorrow morning! If not, come find me at the Spirit Island. Somewhere!"

-Meanwhile back at the Plantation, Aff is bidding her farewells.

Aff gave a short humorless laugh. "Sure. If things doesnt turn out as planned, i will leave town in a heartbeat and come back home." She turned towards the house and took one last glimpse.

Sorapongs hand reached for her shoulders and patted her head. "We will pray for you to be safe."

"With moves like you and father, i will succeed in anything. You didn't spend 30 years serving in the royal family for nothing Sora... Let's just hope that hopefully it doesn't take long." She whispered.

"Kids' 20 years of being a bodyguard for the queen went into good use. Eight years ago, i thought i will have to start from scratch. But its a good thing he has taught you majority of it. He will be proud of you young mistress."

Juang slowly walked up to her and got down on her knees and began to cry. "Chao Ying Takasorn, please be cautious. Bangkok is a really big place and the people there are not like here. Please buddha temple, look over our chao ying!"

Aff had tears in her eyes but held them back. She bent down and pulled Juang up and laughed it off. "I promise i will be back. But I won’t come back unless i have everything they've stolen from us. Take care of the house while im gone, Okay?" She asked Sorapong.

"I will.” he assures her.

As her car drove away it left a cloud of dust in the air. she looked at the rear view mirror with tears flowing down her cheeks.

As soon as the car disappeared, Sorapong slapped Juang in the arm with an envelope in his hands. Sorapong then handed her the open envelop. She took a look at it and noticed it was written by a man named Stephen. "We shouldn’t have anything meddling her and her work. Or else she can’t concentrate. Whatever you receive from this man, i want you to give it to me. Do not send it to Taksaorn or else... Do you understand?" He turns around. "I dont think i need to say more, do i?" Juang shakes her head. "Good. Now hurry up and go clean the house! Just because mistress is gone, doesnt mean that you can go ahead and slack off. This place will remain the same with or without her. Whether she accomplish this goal of hers or not, we will stay here and wait for her. We must remain strong and supportive until the day she comes back to take care of Paksukcharem plantation."

The mysterious man named Tik pholdeeakapan was indeed a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Whether he was an angel sent from heaven or a man of the devil, the name pholdeeakapan means nothing but target. She knows that the man Tik has a love for nature and is often found at the pearl farm and at the Ngam restaurant. With this in mind, she will use it to get close to Om Pholdeeakapan and take back everything they've stole from her and make their business suffer just like hers.

[Later that night at Aff new place]

The annoying alarm just got louder and louder. Fortunately, Aff was already awake. She made her way towards the night stand and turned off the alarm. Her snoozing days were definitely over thanks to Sorapong. Its 2 past 7 [7:02pm] and Ngam customers were just getting ready to make their reservations. Though the restaurant was hers, she will be working undercover as a dancer/singer at the 5 start restaurant-to entertain a specific someone. Whether he was going to show up or not does make a difference. The faster she gets to know him, the faster she can claim her belongings. Once she gets to know the Pholdeeakapans, she will get close to Om[Her main target now] who is now in charged of the pearl farm.

[A few days later on the stage of Ngam restaurant]

Somewhere far across the horizon
a woman awaits for her husband
As the sun slowly reach the edge,
her heart is silently aching.

Somewhere far across the horizon,
this woman is quietly falling apart.

Tik sat still staring at the singer. His heart began to melt the more she sang. He stares at her some more before taking a sip from his glass. The bartender immediately notice his affection. And he wasn't the only one on the floor. "You Like it?" the bartender asked.

Tik looked over and nodded and replied, "Yup."

"Today is her third day, and already the popularity of the restaurant has boosted dramatically. Well, i shouldn't say restaurant since majority of the guest comes for the dance floor."

"Isnt it owned by the same owner though?" Tik ask.

"Yes it is but Ngam is known for its diversity such as the restaurant, pub, and the house band."

"Oh.. Thanks, I guess. I've been visiting Ngam for the past 3 years and it never disappoint me.. Though, I've noticed that the place has changed."

"Oy! You're a true customer then! Ngam was sold about eight months ago but the owner recently did some remodeling to the place, which i thought was weird."

"Yes, why yes i am a true customer. But the service is still as great." Tik takes another sip of his wine. "What is the name of this?" He asked as he raised his glass in the air.

"Paksukcharem Luxury Winery. The one you are drinking right now is called Bloody Marie(Muh-Ree). Its a well known wine that stopped selling about seven years ago. But about a month ago, the owner of Paksukcharem Winery contacted Ngam restaurant wondering if we were interested in stacking up their product.. Two weeks later, every ten minutes a bottle is corked open!"

"So.. Who's the lady singing?" Tik frankly changed the subject.

The bartender gave him a dirty smile and answered, "Her name is Mayuree. And that's all i can tell you." A man who sat opposite from tik waived his hand in the air for service. "Excuse me." The bartender walks away.

"Paksukcharem? Why does that name sound so familiar??" He thinks but cant pinpoint where he had heard it from.....

End of chapter 7! =D I added pictures to make it seem more REALER lol. Looking forward to chapter 8 EHH!! XD
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omg. I frekin love this Chapter, now I don't knoe how to continue. :facepalm: awh..i'll have my ch. up by sumtime this week, hope everything goes well. :scratchhead2: