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Ok, everyone, why don't we open ourselves and share our love story.
Here's mine:

When I first enter middle school, I like/crush on this one guy. I don't even know why I like him though.[LOL] Like every time I see him, I was happy. I get 3rd period with him and sometimes he would tell his friend to ask me if I have another pencil, and I always give it. Like even though that 3rd period [it's math] the teacher teaches not that good, I still stick into it because of him. And also every time when the school clock out, and if I walk pass him, then are hands will almost touch and I will always tell my cousin, because she's the only one know that I like him. But later on, I heard from one of my other cousin that he date one of my cousin that I also know very much too. So I was sad and the day that they go out [date] it was in the month that I was born and it was like 5 to 6 days before it's my birthday.[LOL] But I wasn't mad at all, everyone says that they make a cute couple and yes I do agree with. But before when he and my cousin date, I once ask my other cousin to take a picture of him for me but I tell her that it was for my niece, she like him. Since they're like cousin [probably] and I was so happy too to get a picture of him. But knowing that he date my cousin and my cousin love him too, I give up of liking him, but right now, they break up, but what ever, I don't even have feelings of liking him anymore. LOOOLLL>>hahahaha!! :whaha: :coverlaf: :woot:
:whatever: :lol: :lol: :lol:
So this is my love story!...share me yours! ok!


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^wah .. my story is kindda like that -- i have the biggest crush on him and he seemed to have the same feeling too .... but when i find out that he's going out with my distant cousin, i felt crash and let him go ..


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Gosh. I wish I had a love story to share.
I'm so quiet that no boys wants to talk to me which sucks more when you go to an all white school. LOL
I've had a couple crushes but they had a GF..Pretty depressing but it's all good. ahah

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I don't have a love story, does boys chasing after me count. I have like 3 guys that like me but i have no feelings for any of them and i don't want a guy in my life right now.


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hummm, my love story begins when I was in tenth grade until senior year. I really like this one boy who throughout the three years in high school, only have one class with him. Everytime I see him, I always have a smile, i can feel my heart beating fast :heart: and would blush :blush: , which is so obvious to him that he can tell i like him. I found out that he already has a girlfriend but he would make me feel like he likes me to and all that because he just does...for example: after school i would go into the library to study and he would go in there sitting a couple tables away but i can feel like he was looking at me. then when i went outside and sat on the bench a couple minutes later he would come out and walk pass me. i feel like he's playing with me because of all the things that he does, trying to catch my attention or who knows maybe even showing off in front of me but i still like him very much. he's the first guy that i have a crush on for the longest which ends up being three high school year and even a year after that until i stop seeing him and letting everything go. i regretted it not being able to walk with him during graduation but i guess it's better that way for us. every new year when i see him, i would still feel nervous thinking back to my crushing on him years which would bring a smile to my face. throughout all those years, we only talk to each other once and i have to say it's not for even two minutes, how can i not talk to him when i so liked him :shrug: it's weird because i would still think about him but i guess it's time i let go. well, that's my story.


sarNie Egg
My love story is well, to be honest, pretty lame.
It all started in middle school, 7th grade, Science class. My first hour period. I never ever thought that I would like a guy like him, but his smile was just too hard to resist. It was around October ish and we were picking new seats. I sat behind my guy cousin because I knew him very well. He arrived late and either had to decide to sit in the back with himself or sit with me. He decided to sit next to me. I could NOT believe it. The most handsome, most popular guy, sat right next to me, the quiet asian girl. Haha, pretty cliche, is it not? Anyways, he would always ask for a pencil. I mean, always and I would always have one to provide. As time went on, my feelings started to grow stronger. Every morning, he would give me that smile, and my heart melted. He would always ask the same question, "What's up, Mai?" Hah. I didnt know how to reply. :facepalm: I dont know why but I had my assignment notebook out and he decided to write something on it. I was putting stuff in my bag so I wasnt really paying attention. I finished packing up my stuff and looked at my notebook. In the notes list, it read "**** loves you." I was soooo STUPID. I said "thankyou." OMG. How stupid could I have been! This really amazing guy that I have a crush on said he loved me and I said Thankyou. :facepalm: We also had fourth hour together where we sat right behind each other. One day we had to take our plants back to our lockers. I took mine and brought it up to my locker in the same hallway where his is too. I opened it and put it on the top shelf then I hear, "Can I put mine in yours too?" I never really knew why but I let him. After school, he picked it up and I handed it to him and our hands touched. Lame moment as of today, now that I think back. We also had language together too, after lunch. I was walking behind him but he was a couple paces ahead of me and there was this group of people ahead of me too. I tried to walk past them but I tripped because somebody tripped me. He looked back and saw me. SO EMBARASSING! In class, he asked me if i was okay but it would have been way better if he came to my rescue. T-T . Years went on without any thing more. Talking became less and we grew further apart. We're now in high school about to become juniors and I still think about him, if he really did like me. Even if he still doesnt like me anymore, it would be nice to know if he did actually like me. Sometimes I would pass him in the hallways and we wouldnt even look at each other. No more classes together. Occassionally we made eye contact but that's how far as it goes. There's moments there where I would walk up the stairs and turn and see him turned around smiling at me as if he knew I would be coming up. I'd be in the school library and he'd look through the window and I'd catch him looking at me. There was this one time where there was loud tappings on the window. It was a while before I looked up and the tapping would stop and I would see him and his friends there and his friend would be waving. I stupidly waved back. I dont know if they were waving to me or their friend who was sitting next to us but why did they stop right when I turned around? Coincidence? I'll never know. On the last day of sophomore year, I was walking with my friend down the hallway ready to get out of school and I saw him, waiting for his friend to get everything in his locker. I refused to look at him but in the corner of my eye, I did. I dont know but as soon as we were closer his head turned our way and once we passed him, his attention turned back to his friend. Coincidence? Again, I'll never ever know. Now I still dream about him but I know that they are just dreams. And I know that in my heart, he's the one that'll always stick. :cry: I'll move on. I will ! :smack:


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Here's my LAME "love"//"crush" stories... I actually have three...ish...HAHA XD
I'll start first with my 6th grade one! :D

I remember back in the sixth grade, I moved to a new school, (well for me it was new, but all my siblings went there, so it wasn't new new... back to the story) It was the very first week of school, when I first met my 6th grade crush. He was those shy, rebel-ish, ghetto type. The first time I lay my eyes on him, he wasn't interested because I continued to repeat to myself that, "I was there for school and not relationship". He would sit behind me in first period, and i would feel super happy for some unknown reason, as weeks went on i grew to liking him more and more, i didn't understand why... it wasn't like we ever talked, all he did was sat there and look handsome all the time. As for me i would always, ALWAYS be looking his way whenever i had a chance. Then during the middle of the school year, we started talking a little bit more. I remember this one time when i teacher told us to clean up the hallway, since we finish our work first, and that was the very first time in my life that i actually was "flirting" with someone, (HAHA gosh... I'm lame, yesh i know!) I remember him throwing a ball paper at me because I was ignoring him. >...< HAHA XD Then the school came to a end.
The start of 7th grade year wasn't the same anymore, he was more talkative since he had made lots of new friends, but he wasn't popular, he was just more open to his "group" of friends. it was back to being shy to one and another once again. Years went pass and it became winter, i remember my sister and I made a bet since we were shoveling snow, our bet was to tell our crushes we liked them, so since i lost, i had to tell him that i liked him, but i couldn't do it. I made my friend tell him. After telling him, everything was normal, he act liked he never heard of such things, as for me, i acted like my friend never told him. School year ended with both of us never really talking to one and another... BUT yet i still had feeling for him.
Then came 8th grade year, this year got to be the saddest year for me, because my motivation didn't go to my school anymore, he moved to my old school. ;_; As the school year passed by, my friend knew him, since her cousin lived in the same apartment as him, so sometime she will bring him up, then it became the middle of the school year, that was when everything came crashing down. He decided to e-mail//message my friend asking about me, when i first heard this, Gosh i was the happiest person alive, but that wasn't it, it wasn't just asking how i was doing, he started asking if i still liked him, my friend decide to answer him truthfully, and she said yes, then he reply her with "Tell her to stop liking me, because i will never fall for her." AS soon as i heard that from my friend, my heart stopped, it was as if someone stabbed me, and i just froze, I liked him for almost 3 years and he was saying that. After that day i cry for weeks. AND wish to never meet him again. Then it came my freshman year in high school, I still kept contact with my friends, so when it was her birthday party i went to it, but he was always there, as i change how i dress, (not really how i dress, i still dress the same way as back in the day until this very day, but i changed the color, OHH i forgot to mention this, in 6th grade i was so in love with him, i would buy matching coloring clothing to match him... and the same sweater HAHAH) he started staring at me weirdly, but he was always watching me, i remember we went ice skating and i fell, he was laughing as he came by me, the weird thing was it was only him and me in the skating rake. BUT maybe it was just a coincident :D. Then it was my friend brother's birthday and i couldn't make it, i was webcamming with her, as he walked pass the webcam and looking into it and wave at me, i awkwardly waved back, but then later on that day my friend message me and told me that he was saying my name throughout the whole day saying, "Where my ----" hearing that i was shock, i know i can't like him anymore i liked someone else, he can't just try to win back my heart, so i didn't do anything, i just told her that, that was weird. haha but now look i'm over him and i regret ever liking him. :D He was just a memories now!~ :D

Now onto my 9th grade crushes...
It was a brand new year in a brand new school, that just newly opening for freshmen. My very first crush was an 8th grader. I didn't understand why i liked him, but maybe it was because he was tall, and on the first day of school, he and his friend were messing with me, and he acted so shy, maybe that was why. HAHA XD BUT a memory i remember with him, was when it was 3rd period, i had art as he was going to him locker, as i was fixing the table he and his friend came into the room, where i was all alone, as they started shouting, "Hey hey." i got scare and didn't look up nor answer, but soon they started to get inpatient and started yelling, "Hey death girl." I still didn't answer, so since that day onward they called me death girl whenever they talked about me, but as the year went on i started to know him more and more, he was a flirter and i didn't like that, so my feeling for him slowly disappear.
Also the same year, it was the second week of school was when my other crush came into sight, the first time i lay my eyes on him, all i could feel was my heart racing. He was so handsome. haha :cloud9: he was just the cutest thing ever. I remember in science, his friends and him threw a letter at him, and as i read it, it said; "One of my friend like you." as i looked up, he looked away smiley all shyly, but i couldn't even reply back, as one of my new friend took the letter and wrote something stupid in reply. =_= I was so angry, but i was new, so i didn't want to already ruin who i was. Another memory i remember was the one accident causing me to even have more feeling for him. It was during first period as we were making poster the day before and we were finishing the poster, i went the get mine as he also went to grab his, but sadly our's poster fell behind the bookshelf so as i was reaching down to grab it, he too was reaching down, his chest was touching my back, i could feel my heart racing. That was when i developed a stronger feeling for him, but as the year went on, all of it was just a joke, i figure he was dating another girl from the school, as he continue to mess with me. I try to forget about him and moved him, but i couldn't... Later on i figure he broke up with her, this even made me more happy, since he was single again. Then as the years passed by, it was toward the end of the year as i figure he had another girlfriend, at that moment hearing how he "loved" her i knew i had to forget about him and live my live, but even though my mouth kept repeating that it was time to forget, my heart wouldn't allow it. So school ended and it was summer break, i took all summer to forget about him, but said it failed.
10th grade year came as he was once again single, since his girlfriend was cheating on him, i was once again back in love with him, this year we talked once in a while when we had the chance. (but we hardly talk, i have no class except one class with him, and we both were shy so we can't really bring our self to talk to one and another.) During the early school year he decide to move to another school, at that moment i knew it was time to forget about him, but during the middle of the school year he came back, and was handsome as always, causing myself to develop feeling for him again, then later on he somehow receive my number and he called me, we talked for the longest time ever, but it was a moment that i won't ever forget. BUT because of that phone call, it made me unable to forget him. My heart would race every time i heard the phone ring, but soon i stopped having hope, because he wasn't ever going to call me again. Then toward the end, i heard that he was dating of my friend sister, that caused my heart to break! ;_; BUT the school year ended with them breaking up, and my having little feeling for him.
Then 11th grade came, and there he was again, my motivation to come to school. I was happy seeing him every year, and i know that he hated love, but as the year went on i told myself that if i ever had a chance with him, i was going to change his opinion about hating love. That was when my cousin came into the picture, she started chatting with him on the internet, one day as she got angry at me, she decide to tell him, as she told him, he said it was cool, but he wasn't looking until he reach college because he still worry about school and his life. But he acted like he never knew, and i acted like i never liked him, sometime i would catch him staring at me, but maybe it wasn't even for me. Then the toward the end of the school year came, my cousin decide to tell me that he have a girlfriend now, and i should forget about him lying a$$, since he knew i liked him and told my cousin he wasn't looking and was caring about him life, my cousin get angry and decided to tell me to forget about him. At that moment my heart came crushing down, i didn't know what to do anymore, my life was "over" i didn't want to go to school anymore... =_= BUT i manage to get though it!~ and i was able to forget about him, because i found someone new to replace him... ish... not really... haha but yesh i'm over him! I hope... ;_;

GOSH SORRY it's SUPER DUPER LONG AND may make NO SENSE at all.! BUT here's my "crushes" story!~


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GOSH! I just had to write this, i can't leave without leaving something for you! I LOVED your love story! It's not lame, i think it's SUPER CUTE! if only mine was like that! Yours is just so AWWWW!!! >....< CUTE!! HAHa sorry i may sound so like a freak, but i think your story is just to damn adorable!


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cute story. guess i was so head over heels with my crush i never really paid attention that Edison, his friend that likes me. we have the same mutual friends so we always hang out in groups. since I'm not much of a talker that why Phan never know how i felt' me to shy lol... Edison knows that our families are close n they are the one that help us alot when we first move to cali. so Phan n i are "friends" ( like him since i first laid eyes on him in SD)well edison ask phan alot about me and when we talk i though he was getting to know more of me but then he mention Edison tell him to play cupid n tell how he felt about me to phan hehe.. i was kinda sad at first . i know edi was a nice guy n i was a tomboy so i don't know what he sees in me beside i heard he just broke up with his gf so just be friends for now. its not until junior year when i had most of my classes with edi so we end up hanging out with each other during lunch n free period beside my friends tell me move on n give him a chance. i know between me n phan will never happen cuz he's seeing one of my friends after hanging out with edi lots of time our friends would always tease us 'finally u are a couple stuff like that ect.. even phan would joke Yay! edi u won her heart lol.. me stay silence but i know inside i like him. when we all went to the spring dance that when we went official as BF/GF we remain a couple junior year n all through senior year. my high school sweetheart hehe.. what i love about him is he makes me laugh all the time n this one special song he sang for me at a friends party "ah sneah meas bong" (my lovely) why i love it so much is becus he is LAO n he learn this so he could sing it to me some words he pronounce it wrong n he didn't sing the whole thing just the chorus but thats enough to melt my heart thanks to PHan for translation n teacher. when we graduate we went to the same community college n when i decide to move back home to MN n he move to LA that when we were distants from each other but we kept a long distance relationship for a year we would visit each other often back n forth. as our lives goes separate ways n our feeling faded apart we decided to broke up but remain friends all these years. well thats my first love story but i didn't end up marrying him

another love story on how i meet my husband now keke..
Ok i use to work as teller at wells fargo bank my hubby Brendon goes to wells every other friday to deposit his money. one time he was in with a friend, Brendon must of mention something to him that why when he was up at my booth he say to me "my friend think your cute" n when it was Brendon turn after helping him out with his checks n other stuff i thank him for the compliment one day out of nowhere he ask me out when i was helping him lol... weird. i didn't give him a answer but tell him my break is coming up soon he waited for me. we end up talking n going group out on group dates with my buddy from work ok the weird n crazy part which i think we match made in heaven he invited me to Casino to his homie for buffet dinner since i was there first i waited in line for him but saw my young aunt n uncle so i waited with them n say i'm waiting for my friends n ask if it Ok if him n me could join them n a couple of friends since they are in the middle of the line we have a large group its will take hours for us they were kool with it cus they say they are waiting for a friend n his gf also i waited with them n we chitchat on life until brendon came that when i was suprise Brendon n my uncle are BFF lol..n when he knows I'm the niece my uncle was like "ur gf is my niece" i look at him n say " we're not official yet lol. so the homie he want me to meet was my uncle n his wife. i never know well i was in cali when they we friend in HS from the mouth of my uncle " u are dating a nice n sweet guy i known him through out hs n college congrats to u both all this time


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wow, love all these love stories....mine was kind of like strawverrypeach too...

but i don't know why, every guy i liked, they always date my cousin or a friend i's weird, huh??..loll..but i always gets over then fast...hehhe..


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I remembered my first crush when I was in high school. We have english class together and he has one of the brightest smile I have ever seen. Every time he walked in the door my heart would beat so fast and I can't even concentrate on anything for a few minutes. But when he smiled, it just messed things up. LOL. Back then I was so shy and quiet that I would not act on my feelings anyway. High school was such an akward moment for me. I found out that he lives not far from me ten years later. He asked me if I was ever in the area to give him a call, so we can have lunch. I never did.


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I'm new here and liked that all of you shared your love story. I wanted to share something that was special to me as well.

6 years ago,
I met someone. He was a guy and we started talking. I have had three relationship before I met him. They were short three week dates and then ended because they were just match making guys from my cousin. I was a sophomore then and met him from my cousins boyfriend then. My cousins boyfriend had passed my number on to him. We started talking. It wasn't started with one call a week then went on to twice a week, then three times a week, then everyday of the week.
He was the happy-go-lucky type of person. He made everything positive even when the outcome seemed negative. He made me smile by cracking jokes that I didn't was even a joke. He can make a room light up. He has all the words for all the problems. He was a god sent.
I didn't know what we had at the time. We didn't date, but just talked. He came and visited often and we would sit and just chitchat for a long time. After sophomore year, I went to visit my auntie in another state. He still called me everyday to talk to me. He was like an angel to me. He helped me solve a lot of problems emotionally and physically. He would call every morning to say good morning and wake me up. He would call every night to say good night even if I didn't have time to talk to him throughout that summer. We continued talking until junior year. He told me that I was his best friend and we referred to each other that way too. He never dated and I never dated other people too, which was weird. Others thought that we were a couple because of how close we were, but we weren't. I didn't know why as well, why we weren't a couple. It was obvious how we felt for one another. We continued talking throughout the year. Then summer came again and we had the best summer ever together. We had tons of fun with our friends and we had tons of fun hanging out by ourselves. I celebrated his birthday for him along with his friends. We planned picnics...It was the best summer of my life. I can still remember talking to him until 2 or 3 in the morning. We would hang up for a couple hours and he would call me again at 6 or 7 to say good morning. He would often come at night to my house, and not in the way that people think. He would drive to my house, park the car in our parking spot and sit in his car to look at me through his window while talking to me. He sits there while I look outside my second floor window. It was so special at the time and I would blush talking to him. I never said I loved him and he never said it, but actions spoke louder than words.
As the summer went on, he met a girl through his cousins girlfriend. They said she liked him, so he asked me if he should talk to her. I SAID YES! I don't know why, but I said it. I guess I didn't want to believe that he would talk to other girls and wanted to test him out. He did talk to her. After two months, they started dating. It hurted me so much! But he tried so hard to make me not hurt. He still called me everynight and morning. He came and visited me before he went to see his girlfriend. He called me before he called his girlfriend. I was still his number one priority. He then asked me how I felt about him. I told him that I love him very much. He asked why I told him to talk to his girlfriend. Why did I tell him yes? I told him that because we are not official boyfriend and girlfriend, I didn't want to be the one and the reason to hold him back. He never told me how he felt about me and I never asked. I was to scared to admit anything to other people and to myself because I was scared to ruin our long lasting friendship that we had.
I believe that he was scared too. After he started dating his girlfriend, I met a guy and started dating him. my best friend and I had less and less conversations with one another. He would not come see me everyday but once a week. then it turned to once a month. I didn't call him as mush anymore as well. I stopped doing the things that I would for him because I had a bf. He saw the difference too but he still tried, as for me, I didn't try.
After the new year and we were in our senior year, we were still best friends and he would still call me and talk to me. He asked me to marry him. I turned him down. I told him that it was wrong for him to date someone and then marry someone else. I also wanted to continue my education. He told me that I should know why he is doing that. I know that its because he loved me a lot and I did too, but the choices that we make will not only effect us, but the people around us as well. I told him to go marry his girlfriend. Two months later, they got married. Before they got married, he came to see me at work. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He said that this will be the last time that he will ever do this. He will never have the chance to do this again.
That night when I came home, I cried all night, knowing that I have lost him forever. He called me later that night and said goodnight. He asked me to take care of myself and be successful. He said he know that whoever I marry in the future will be the luckiest man on earth.
After he got married, he stopped by a couple time to talk to me about life and about me. He never mentioned his life with his wife and how he was doing but I saw the change in him. He was not the happy-go-lucky cheerful guy that I met 2 1/2 years prior. I missed him a lot and wrote down all our memories in my journal.
When his wedding came around, his friends told him not to call me because it will hurt me, but he still did. He said that everyone told him not too, but wanted to make the effort to invite me to my best friends wedding. I didnt go because I was going camping with my boyfriend. I never saw him again.
Now, I am successful and married to my boyfriend at the time. I achieved my dreams of finishing college and starting a family. I wish I can see him again and tell him that I loved him a lot and will always have a piece of in me. He changed how I viewed the world and how I viewed love. He taught me that love is not just a word but an emotion, feeling, and action. I wish he is happy. If I know that he isn't, I will regret it for the rest of my life.
My mom tells me today, that it was my fault for leading him into a cave with no exit.
He was my first love and will always be my first love.

I told me husband that my best friend was my first love and my husband will be my last love.

^ Lilonsayu, that is such a bittersweet anecdote. You should really try to seek him out and I'm sure that you could still be friends...why haven't you spoken to him? Have you moved away?

p. Zoua

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Well this love story doesn&rsquo;t really have any lessons to be learned from or anything to be taken away from but yea&hellip;would seem kinda awkward too&hellip;but yea&hellip;
Well, my bro got marry and I got a sis-in-law. She&rsquo;s really cool&hellip;only 2 years older than me. I went and visit her family once and met all her sisters and brothers&hellip;.and then I would go again&hellip;but then decided not go after awhile&hellip;.then her 4[sup]th[/sup] brother kept asking about me and why don&rsquo;t I go visit them anymore&hellip;so my sister-in-law came and told me&hellip;.got me thinking&hellip;.Okay WTH? I went, but whenever I get there, he wouldn&rsquo;t say a word and just run up and down the stairs&hellip;so I was like&hellip;.hmm&hellip;weirdo&hellip;kinda forgot how it progressed through&hellip;but he was starting to get annoying to me&hellip;even though he didn&rsquo;t do anything&hellip;and then I started having feelings&hellip;.even though I knew that we can&rsquo;t date or whatever...there was one moment where all of the brothers and I was in the living room together along with the other siblings watching tv. He sat a seat away from me. I couldn&rsquo;t help but kept sneaking stares at him&hellip;.then he turned his head and looked straight at me&hellip;.I quickly turned away and looked at the Tv like nothing happened&hellip;.then my sister-in-law, standing over at the kitchen called me over&hellip;I went over&hellip;and she told me&hellip; &ldquo;you know he was staring at you right?&rdquo; I was just like&hellip;unbelievable&hellip;..XD I didn&rsquo;t know what to do&hellip;feelings keep getting stronger but I know I can&rsquo;t do anything about it&hellip;finally one day..all was revealed&hellip;I went over their cousins for a ceremony thing and I talked to one of their cousins&hellip;and told her&hellip;and then one of their other girl cousin overheard and went and told the 4[sup]th[/sup] brother&hellip;.I came and saw him standing with his other brothers by the garage right when that cousin told him&hellip;he looked straight at me and was smiling..I couldn&rsquo;t help but run away and hid in one of the rooms upstairs for awhile&hellip;and after awhile they left&hellip;.I was ashamed for I knew what the answer was&hellip;.but my sister-in-law came and told me what he said&hellip;He said that he wouldn&rsquo;t mind being together with me but then it wouldn&rsquo;t look right specially since we&rsquo;re related already &hellip;.
I gotten close to every of her siblings...even the oldest quiet brother&hellip;.but I could never ever get close to the 4[sup]th[/sup] brother&hellip;I don&rsquo;t know if it was what had happened&hellip;or if&hellip;it&rsquo;s just the way things are suppose to be&hellip;but&hellip;I still dream of him sometimes&hellip;awkward dreams&hellip;but maybe I just think too much at those times&hellip; but he&rsquo;s married now...and I&rsquo;m happy for him. But I kinda feel sorry for him b/c I heard his wife is kinda bossy but they&rsquo;re a married couple so I have nothing to do with it&hellip; I just want to thank him for giving me a chance to see how it is to get that &ldquo;feeling&rdquo; for someone...and made me a stronger person that I am today...


sarNie Egg
We still live in the same city, but i guess we aren't meant to meet because we never meet anywhere. I guess its meant to be this way. Thanks for your response! I love it here.


sarNie Hatchling
Interesting topic but too bad, I don't have love story to share because I myself have never dated anyone before.