Should i take her back or stay hurt

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Ok so i have this friend and me and her are really close. We used to do everything together and then suddenly she had a boyfriend. The first month was ok, she still hung out with me and stuff but after a few months she stopped hanging out with me and only stayed with her boyfriend. Me and her boyfriend used to get along fine until he dated her and now he hates me for no reason. So he told my friend to stop getting in touch with me or talk to me, whether it's on facebook or youtube or anything. He hacked all her networking sites and removed me as a friend on everything. So i lost touch. So i hung out with my other friends, no big deal until she sent me this message.....

"we can't be friends anymore
go to hell!
many said chinese are bad drivers, i'll use my my driving skills to kill you! and nameless person is not a jealous idiot, you are! so don't talk to me!"

and then a day later she sends me this message

"im so sorrie he made me wrote it =(
don't tell him i told you all of this,
please pretend to fight back"

I don't get it, he made her, i think she is old enough to know what's right and wrong. I'm not mad or hurt because of the message, i'm mad and hurt because she sent it herself and claims to be forced to write all of this. So i told all my friends and they were shocked and they were disgusted at her behavior. Not only that but behind the field she would go have sex with him there on school grounds. I witnessed it with my whole eyes, me and my friends were going to the park behind the field and we saw them. So behind his back she would come talk to me and be all nice. I was still hurt and angry so i told her to stop talking to me and she still did. She would ask me if i wanted something to eat or whatever, i had enough of her fake attitude so i just stopped talking to her and avoided her. She obviously thought her boyfriend was more important then being my friend. So all my friends suggested that if she talks to me next year at school cause her boyfriend graduated i should give her a taste of her own medicine. What should i do????????? Should i be friends with her again or stay away.


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Honestly, I would just walk away. If you were friends for so long and her feelings towards you were genuine then she would make a stand against her boyfriend. It makes no sense why she would go about doing what he tells her to do without any real valid reasons. That guy is a jerk and she needs to realize that. If you continue to secretly talk to her you would be telling her that it's ok to tolerate that. As a friend you should leave her alone and let her come to her senses. Sure we want to be there for our friends, but being there doesn't include tolerating their stupidity.

I had a similar experience. My ex best friend we were extremely close we were basically like sisters. She choose a guy over me. I let her go. Til this day she tries to apologize, but the mistake she made was to big to forgive. She is a person that won't change. If I forgave her I would be hurt again later.

Everyone's opinion and toleration towards things are different, this is just my perspective on how you should handle it, but remember to always choose what your heart wants and tells you ^.^

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Good advice, i'm still stuck on what to do, i haven't even gotten face to face with her yet. I fear i might get hurt again.


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I agree with Khoonxnouxwanxjai !

I know you might get hurt. There's going to be some bad outcome of this.
But think about it, do you want to continue and endure the pain of knowing that she'll continue with her bad attitude & her mean boyfriend?

Just do what you think you should do. Honestly, I would be stuck just like you.


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i say ditch her. Your wound will heal with time but if you keep sticking with her you'll keep getting hurt like always.

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Awww thanks guys, she tried to talk to me and i just ignored her, i can't handle seeing her, my wounds still hurt


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Omfg that is dumb!
Bf over friends.
SHIZZ man she can't be a friend.
If she is gonna do that she don't need any friends.
I mean what is so special about a boy.
She is too old to be bossed by some guy that tried to her own friend!