Siamdara Star Party 09'


sarNie Adult
Aff and Pinky together. I don't know why, but I feel a bit awkward.. ;) . But they can pass like sisters. they share similar traits


sarNie Adult
aff looks so pretty and natural. she realy looks good on some pictures and she looks good in this one. I think aff outshines pinky in this shoot. Aff is beautifully natural. i luv her smile.


sarNie Adult
hahaha..agreed with u guys on the pic of Aff and looks as if Aff was feeling uncomfortable around Pinky, especially Pinky is Aff's goodfriend(Aum) ex..


sarNie OldFart
Chompoo looks so pretty and dolled up :)

Aff and Pinky look so much alike, even more standing next to each other. Just that Aff has chubby cheeks :p


sarNie Hatchling
why aum is in between aump and chompoo lol
vill and son had a pic together no fair aum and aff should post together too hehe ^_^


sarNie Oldmaid
omg Aff is so beautiful even when she was standing next to pinky.... she looks
amazing.... that jacket is to shiny for aum.... dont like that jacket to much.... but damn he is hot though...... im glad they both won.....

Son and Vill looks great together... Vill is pretty and Son is cute


sarNie Egg
Most handsome went to Chakrit? Would haven thought Ken but isn't because isn't single anymore? Well congrats to all the winners and losers lol.