Sieng Luang Sieng Ruk


sarNie Juvenile
I think they'll be an interesting couple. I wonder what their chemistry will be like? Anyone know what type of lakorn this will be?


sarNie Adult
cool... stefan with kwan...I love kwan... and stefan is very cute.... i can't wait to watch this one.. but what does the title say.. i don't know the first part... i got the love thing....

well kwan looks very pretty.. hope it's a slap/kiss lakorn...hehehheheh


sarNie Juvenile
i want to watch this lakorn so bad as much as pepper and alicia's....
mannn....i cant wait....i want to pull my hair out..... :arrg:
but yea....get more 411 on this lakorn...PLEASE THANKS..
.....if someone noe wat this lakorn ish about PLEASE tell us..


Lakornaddict ;)
OOoo interesting couple. . . I actually never got to see any of Stefan's lakorn so I'm willing to try to give him a chance so I'll watch this maybe if I noe some more information about it :lol:

They make a really nice looking couple I have to agree with everyone else hehehe.


sarNie Juvenile
Thanks for sharing. Kwan looks so pretty. It suck that Pei (spelling?) is in this one. I don't like her at all. Sorry to anyone who likes her. It's not that she plays nang'rai roles either, I just don't like her acting in general.


sarNie Adult
Ok not a big fan of Kwan or Stephen.... but my gosh!!!!!!!! They make a very attractive couple!!!!!! I will overlook their acting skills and stay tune to this one when it comes out!!! hahahhahahahha


sarNie Adult
What's the title mean? I hope it's another kiss/slap lakorns of Stefan and Kwan na ja. Here's another lovely pair.