Signs He's Just Not Into You Anymore


sarNie Hatchling
Lately, I've been feeling kind of... eh from my boyfriend. I might just be thinking too much ? But what are some signs that he's just not into you anymore?


sarNie Adult
Lately, I've been feeling kind of... eh from my boyfriend. I might just be thinking too much ? But what are some signs that he's just not into you anymore?
distant, cold talking, less caring, less attention... i guess simply the basic signs....


Haha, Anan... I have a friend who's guy is like that but doesn't want her to leave him at all.
It depends... when I have issues I tend to be distant from my lady cause she doesn't need to think about my problems.
I don't pay much attention to her lol, she could be out of town for the day and I wouldn't know. It's mainly because I trust her lol, so she can do things without tellling me. It doesn't mean I don't care about her it's just that I don't feel the need to know every little shopping detail.
Sometimes too much time together gets couples fighting lol, we both need our space sometimes but it's a space that doesn't mean breaking up, it's just means "shit go out with your friends damn it."
The cold talking, eh... all couples are like that times in the relationship but if it's constantly then it's either some type of guilt.
It's kinda difficult to know if someone isn't into you anymore some people are different. Especially when you're already dating.
If it was just a you know just talking thing... I usually just don't call anymore or wanna hang out like before cause sometimes it's just better to look at.
In relationships...
Some girls just don't wanna wash your clothes anymore, they just think you should wash dishes for now on. If they tell you to shower or sleep on thee floor it just means they care.
Some guys just wanna wear cologne and dress up to go out without you it doesn't mean they seeing someone else lol. They wanna start working out and getting fit for the hell of it.
They're not trying to impress someone. It doesn't mean they don't love you anymore.
Ya know?
You'll just have to sit and talk it out.

Haha, jibberish. I'm bored.


Just plain obsessed
Trust me, you'll know...just don't ignore your own instincts...
1) You're either thinking too much and overanalyzing the relationship OR
2) Deep down you already know that he's lost interest and you just don't want to accept it yet, or else you won't ask this question trying to get positive responses...

That's just from personal experience


sarNie Egg
When he has less time for you.
When he finds excuses for little things that you do.
to start a fight or an argument..
Or having mood swings when you're together.
OK..don't want to scare you with that..
But what I know is that guys need space.
They need time to be on their own too.
Just like you need time to be with your gals.
You're his GF already, no need to panic.
Maybe he's just tired and bored that day.
Don't nag him..just let him be..
After all..we also get cranky too.


sarNie OldFart
how long have you been in a relationsip? After the honeymoon "period" things change...I been in a relationship for 7 years and it a lot of confusing, up/down....after the honeymoon period things changed....and sometime the guy or grls want alone time w/friends....guys r different than girls....most guy I know aren't "talker" and expressive...took me about 7 years to  improves his communication skills and a lot of work to maintain a relationship...we both just never gave up...I say talk to him, COMMUNICATION is key....may times I thought, is he still "into" this relationship?