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*Yes I know I have 2 other FF but I can't resist writing FF's. This time I am writing a Yadech story. Enjoy na, I promise I'll update my other 2 within this week*

Chapter 1:

"Mom, but I don't want to get married to a women I don't love," Nadech said politely wondering if his mom will say ok. Instead his mother said he must marry Yaya. Yaya was his mothers friend daughter.

Nadech: Mom, but I don't love Yaya

His mother hits him on the arm and told him he must marry her. Nadech couldn't deny it. He answered with a yes. That's it he was getting married to young Yaya who was only 19, still in college still. Why would she want to marry an 22 years old.

Nadechs Mom: Yaya's made an appointment for you two tomorrow, you have to pick her up at her school and take her out for lunch.

Nadech: Krub Mae. Chan bai taamyam.

Nadechs Mom: Ka Lu.


Mark: What? Your mom is forcing you to marry a women you don't even know?

Nadech: Yes. I don't even love her. Fuck my life.

Mark: What do you mean fuck your life. You have a perfect life. Mom,Dad, hot sister (Nadechs slaps his head)

Nadech: You ain't got a shot.

Mark: Why?

Nadech: Mark I know you, your to much of a player, and I don't want you to play with my sister.

Mark: Ok krub.

Nadech sighs and looks at his coffee on the table. Thinking what he is going to do with this wedding thing. Great he has to pick her up tomorrow to.


"I don't know Mint, but I don't want to go to lunch with Nadech," Yaya told Mint.

"Why not, Don't you like P'Nadech?" Mint said smiling.

"I do, but I didn't think of marrying him," Yaya said. She looks out the window seeing Nadech getting out the car. Nadech greets her.

Yaya: What are you doing here P'Nadech?"

Nadech: *smiles* Well I was suppose to take you out to lunch and get to you, isn't that what mother told you.

Mint: Of course she did, *pushes Yaya to Nadech* Nadech please take care of my friend for me na.

Yaya: Mint *she whispered*

Nadech: Krub. This way Yaya.

He walks Yaya to his car opening the door for her and closing the door for her. They drove off while Mint waves goodbye.

Mint: Have fun na Yaya. Puen Ruk Khun na.


Nadech and Yaya were sitting at the table quietly just eating their food that they ordered, but Nadech asking her all these questions about school makes her nervous. She answered a simple no,yes,hard,easy. She didnt want to annoy Nadech at all.

Nadech: How was your day?

Yaya: Good yours?

Nadech: *he smiles* Great.

Yaya: So... Do you like chesse? *she laughs*

Nadech: Well of course I do, what a silly question.

Both Yaya and Nadech laughed. After that Nadech dropped her vac at school and told her goodbye.

"Thanks for the lunch Nadech." Yaya said closing the door for him. Nadech waved and told her it was alright. After that they departed. Mint came up scaring Yaya for a bit.

Mint: How was it Yaya?

Yaya: It was great. Here, Nadech bought you some fried rice with orange chicken.

Mint: Really. *she dropped her stuff and grabbed the box and opened it up.* Looks so good. Tell Nadech I said thanks na.

Mint left to the table while Yaya grabbed her stuff and followed after her.


Yaya was on her bed just day dreaming about Nadech. Oh just how much she like him. She thinks about him 24/7. She just can't stop thinking about him. Her heart will beat faster then a lions den when they're face-to-face. She knows their about to become husband and wife but she isn't ready yet. She still young. She wasn't ready to start a family. Sometimes he just pushes them away and rest for a bit.


Nadech decided to go see Yaya at her school again doing what his mother saids, but before he can Mark called him and ask if he can come along. Nadech laughed and told him yes but he can't be flirting with girls because they were to young for him. Please Nadech your the one talking your about to marry an 19 years old. Mark laughed and told him to pick him up.

(At school)
Mark and Nadech were walking around the campus looking for Yaya, but as soon as they got their Nadech saw that Mark was already flirting with girls.

"Mark your such a dick," he laughed.

Mint: Who's a dick?

Nadech: *he turns around being scared a little* Oh no one just my friend Mark.

Mint: Mark as in Mark Prin.

Nadech: Yes. You know him?

Mint: Who wouldn't, he's the biggest player? *Nadech laughs*

Mark walked over telling Nadech that he got 2 numbers from 2 girls. He then noticed Mint.

Mark: Hello their?

Mint: *smiles* Save it for someone else.

She walks off with an attitude. Leaving Mark and Nadech. Nadech follows after Mint as Mark followed behind.

"Yaya, Nadech is here," Mint told Yaya as she looked up at Nadech and smiled. Mint left the scene leaving them alone not knowing that Mark was also following her.

Yaya: I notice that you brought Mark with you.

Nadech: *laughs* Well yes. Why doesn't Mint Like him.

Yaya: Mint Mai chob playboy. *That cracked Nadech up a big* What are you doing here? *she questioned him*

Nadech: Well my mom wanted me to come visit you.

Yaya: It's ok you don't have to. I am very busy with studying though.

Nadech: oh, I'm sorry for bothering you, how about I take you out to dinner tomorrow.

Yaya: Ka.


"Hey, little girl I need to talk to you." Mint stopped and turned around facing Mark. Mark gave her this smirking look. Mark asked why she was giving him an attitude Mint just walked away but Mark walked right in front of her.

"Hey let go out my arm." Mark lets go and apologized. Mint laughed and told him he can say sorry to a women.

Mark: Why?

Mint: Im just saying since your a huge player.

Mark: So you know me?

She Laughs and turns her face his direction not knowing their nose where touching, she moves away fast her heart was beating fast. Shit, she any fall in love with him. He's a huge bug time player and she won't fall for him.

"Why wouldn't I know you, your the biggest player in the whole world," Mint said and took off. Mark gave her this ugly look when he heard someone call his name. It was his ex Kathy. He didnt know what to do. He ran to hide their he saw Nadech. He ran to Nadech and told Nadech to hide him.

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thank u Fantastic, i love it !  its so interesting, m looking forward 2 yr update wif yadech and mteam ! wow yadech getting married at young age, sounds fun and lovable, i like ! thank u 4 writing another ff 4 us 2 njoy, wif appreciation and love.


Chapter 2:



Mark ran behind Nadech and Yaya. He was struck by how beautiful Yaya was. He flirt a little but Nadech pushed him away. 


"What, jealous much." Mark said grabbing Yaya's hand almost kissing it until Nadech pushed it away.

"Shut up." Nadech said back to him. He then asked why he ran over here and Mark told him Kathy was here. Yaya asked why? what was wrong she was one of the Graduates here.


"WHAT?" Mark yelled out loud. He didn't know his ex-girlfriend was a graduate at one of thailand's top school. 

"Why what's wrong?" She asked. 

"Mark played her hardcore, she hates Mark with all her guts," Nadech told Yaya. Yaya let's out a small laugh but Mark told her it wasn't funny because he didn't know she was a graduate.

"I'm so stupid."

"Uhh," Nadech told him.


Couple second later's Mint came by when she realized Mark. 


"Oww, what are you doing here?" 

"what does it look like, my friend knows your friend, this world is to small to make me meet you again," He said with an attitude.

"Chai ka, this world is to small for the both of us, I should just kill you now."


Mark was a bit scared, but he had to man it he couldn't be scared of a GIRL. He saw Kathy walking this way he then grabbed Mint to his side. Mint told him to let go but Mark told her to quiet or else.


Kathy: Hello Yaya,Mint, and *When she realize it was Mark her smile went off* Sawadee ka P'Mark.


Mint: You know him Kathy.


Kathy: Just a little *She lied*


Mint: Oh.


Nadech: How have you been?


Kathy: Greate actually, I'm getting married at the end of graduate school *She showed off her ring*


Mark: Dee.


Kathy: Mark just shut the fu-


Yaya: Please Kathy, Khun roo chan mai chob.


Kathy: Kor Tor ka Yaya. *She signs* I will go now.


Mark: Go. No one invited you here.



Nadech went home and saw Yaya and her mom at his house sitting in the big living room. He greeted them with a  sweet hello. Oh it was so great to hear his tone of voice. Yaya loved him so much. Everything about how life. 


"Why are you guys here?"

"Honey their here to dicuss you and Yaya's wedding date," His mother told him. He nodded and sat next to his mother on the couch.

"Since Yaya is going to study over-sea for 3 years. we won't be able to get you 2 a wedding at the end of the school year, so after Yaya comes back we will throw a wedding party afterwords na," Yaya's mother explained. Nadech didn't want to marry her at all. He didn't love her, but he had to agree since his brother Tee who was suppose to marry Yaya died 1 a year ago, It was just him now so he had to. The discussion went well and smooth nothing big happened. After that Yaya and her mother went back home.


"What Mark?" Nadech screamed through the phone. "Are you seriously moving to China."

"Yes. Only for awhile then when i have enough money I'll come back and live in thailand FOREVER," Mark said.

"Ka, when will you leave."

"This week."

"Oh ok. Well Yaya and mine wedding won't be happening within 3 years because she will be studying over-seas."

"Oh, but can't you tell your mom you don't love her."

"I don't know, but my mother always told me when we get married I will fall in love with her for sure, but i don't think so at all."

"Yaya is so pretty, but she's not my type, she has to much of that innocent look," Mark laughed.

"Oh then who's your type. Don't tell me you like Mint."


"Sorry, well i have to go to work," Nadech hung up and talked to himself that Mark does like Mint. 



Nadech went to Yaya's house without telling her. Yaya was shocked to see Yaya. *Yaya lives in the kind of house she lives in GRGR* Yaya was at the top of the stair outside her house, she walked down to Nadech and asked what he was doing here. Nadech smiled and told her he will send her to the airport. 


"Oh, you don't have to. I know you have a lot of work to do and--"

"It's ok, I have some time to drop my little sister off at the airport." He told her.


Yaya knew she was Nadech's little sister to him, but she always wanted to be more then that. Deep inside she knows Nadech doesn't like her, bu as long as she can be a good sister to him it's good enough. And now thinking about the marriage she thinks it's all her fault because she knows Nadech doesn't like to be forced to marry someone he doesn't love but it wasn't her choice, it was the mother's promise back when they were in high school. 


"Go get your stuff and I'll help put it in the car."

"Ka." Yaya went up to her room grabbing her suitcases. 


Yaya told her mom and dad goodbye and her best friend Mint. She then got into Nadech's car and drove away. As they arrived at the airport Nadech help get the suit cases out of his car.


"I will be going now," she said, but Nadech turned her around and looked at her deep in her eyes. He carefully moved his face closer to her. Yaya was looking at him as he was getting closer. Right when she knew it Nadech's lips were placed on hers. The feeling was so amazing like they were both shot by electricity. Nadech moved away and told Yaya he loved her. Yaya was smiling so big and told him she loved him too. Nadech smiled and hugged her telling her he'll wait for the day she returns. Yaya then kissed his cheek and walked away.




Yaya hit's the alarm off. She get's up and realized it was just a dream. Oh she wish it was real, but the kiss in the dream felt so real.


"Just a dream," She grabbed her phone and saw a text from Nadech telling her he'll take her to the airport. Yaya got up and started jumping up and down on her bed. 

She got all dressed up and ready smelling so good. 


(2 hours later)


"Are you ready?" Nadech said getting out the car. 



Nadech and Yaya both puts the suitcases in the trunk. Before they left they Yaya told everyone in her household goodbye and her salves. And they drove away to the airport. 

When they arrived their Yaya was thinking about the dream she had. She looked at Nadech. He smiled and got out the car getting her cases out. Yaya was on the sidewalk waiting for him to give it to her. 


"Thank you." 

"It's ok," He said smiling.

"See you in 3 years soon to be husband."

Nadech laughed "See you soon, soon to be wife."


They both laughed and then looked right into each other's eyes. Nadech leaned in and hugged her. Yaya didn't want to let go of Nadech, but she knew she had to. 


"Have a safe trip na," He kissed her cheek. 



Nadech watched her walk into the distance. 











































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oh fantastic its so good though fast, i love it and am dying 2 know what happens 3 years later, will it be nadech chasing yaya now ! thank u and waiting next 4 yr update ja !


Chapter 3:

"NADECH WASSUP!!" Mark ran and chess bump Nadech.
"I'm great, you."
"I'm good, *Looks at Nadech* Your style is better 3 years ago *Nadech laughs* 3 years ago you wore tuxs and now your wearing some swag now."
"Fuck nawh, I am still cool."
"Any girls."
"Oh. Man I don't fuck with girls no more. I stopped being a playboy."
"Yes Nadech, how's you and Yaya."
"Oh, she still over-seas. No one knows when she'll come back."

Nadech and Mark left the airport to his mothers house.

"Hey Mark, let's go out to the club tonight."
"*Smirks* Yes man. Pick me up iight."
"Ok ka."

Music was super loud the floor was shaking like crazy. OMG Mark has neer been in a club in like forever. He missed everything. Nadech pointed out many sexy babes but Mark denied them all.

"You really meant it"
"Yes man."

Nadech and Mark continued to drink their beer when this babe walked up Mark.

"Hey," Mark said looking at her.
"Are you busy"
"Not really."
"Wanna go dance"
"No, I'm here with my friend. Please leave."

The women gave Mark an attitude and walk away. Nadech gave him a pat on the shoulder telling him that was good. Nadech was quit surprise because Mark never denies a girl, specially a sexy BABE like that. Minutes later Mark and Nadech heard screaming and wooing everyone circling the dance floor.

"Let's go see," Nadech said.

Both him and Mark went through the crowed where they saw a sexy women stripping. She was wearing panty-holes with a black one piece swimwear with Black heels. Her hair was curled up,her body was the perfect size,her face was pure with really bright red lip-stick.

"A real sexy model." Mark was in shock. He knew he was a playboy back then an he knew every part of a women. He knew she was the REAL DEAL. Nadech looks at him.

"So you see this one and your drooling like crazy." Nadech laughs.
"Hey, she's a real one. Look at her *Nadech looks at her* Her body figure is perfect, her pure face with red lip-stip. And look at her ass. It's-"
"If you want her go talk to her."
"Should I?"

After she was done dancing Mark went up to her.
"Sawadee krub, Ying Soey." Mark said smiling. Wanting for her to turn around and see what hides behind that face.
Te women turned around slowly. With her super red lips. Smirking. Mark looks at her. Looks deep into her and realize it was MINT.

"Thoc Mai." Mint said smirking.

Mark was in shocked. He couldn't believe that this girl in front of him can do this kind if thing. He blinked a lot and rubs his eyes.

"Chan bai Lao." Mint said walking away.
Mark tried to stop her but he just didnt want to.

Yaya was finally back home but she took a taxi home. She didnt tell anyone she came back she wanted it to be a surprise. She arrived at the front gates if her house. She through her stuff over the gate and climb over the fence, but she hurts her ankle, but she still got up. She opened her house door and up to her room and fell asleep.

"I miss Yaya so much. Isn't she suppose to come home today."
"I don't know honey." Yaya's dad said to her mom.
"Tina where is the food."

Tina walked out in a happy mood. She told Mrs & Mr.Urassaya that she didnt make any food.

"OWW then who made food." Mr. Urassaya said.

Seconds later Ya-Oon brings in some delicious food. The smell was so similar to Yaya's.

Mrs: Who made these Tina, Ya-Oon.

Their was no answer.

"CHAN KA MAE." Yaya said coming out of the kitchen with a big huge smile.

"LU" Her mother yelled and ran over to hug Yaya.

"Mae khetung Khun mak."
"I miss you to mom."

Her dad walked over
"How you get in the house."
"I jumped over the fence and I still have the house key. Are you mad dad?"

Her dad gave her this mad look. She begged her dad not to be.

"*smiled* How can I *Pulls Yaya into a hug* Pae Ruk Khun, paw khetung Khun MAK MAK MAK. I'm not letting you study over-seas no more. Kow Jai Mai."
"I know dad. I will stay here till the day I die."

"That's good honey. Did you meet Nadech yet," her mother said.

Yaya didn't think about Nadech till know. She smiled big and told her mom she will since she knows how to DRIVE now. Her mom told her to bring lunch to him. Yaya agreed and said ok.

"Paw, Maw. Go eat na"

Her parents went to the table and started to eat.

"What will you like for lunch Nadech."
"Just get me my usual."

The assistant left the room, she then meets Yaya. Yaya told her not to get food for him because she got it. Yaya walked into te room.

"HELLO." She said with another big smile hiding the 2 bags of food up in te air. Nadech looks up and starts to smile big. Surprise to see Yaya. He got up and hugged her.

"How are you?"
"I'm great Nadech. How about you. You seem to changed your wardrobe."
"*Nadech laughs* I needed a new look. And I'm song Great. When did you get back."
"2 in the morning KA."
"Oh. What do you have their."
"Food for you."

Yaya and Nadech chat and laughed. They ate the food. Nadech thought it was delicious.

"Aroy Mai?" Yaya asked hoping he'll say yes.
"Aroy maaakkkkkkkkkkkk, would you like to try some *Scoops some food and puts the spoon towards her face*"
"I would love to." She opened her mouth as Nadech fed it to her. She thought it was very good.
As they finished. It was silent.
"Are you ready for the marriage," Nadech asked.
"I think so, since I'm old enough I guess?"
"Ok krub. Then I guess I'm ready to."

*Sorry for the fast chapter. I was to desperate to write. Ch4 trrw.*


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Thank u Fantastic! Really loving it vvv much! Yaya is back cant wait for their wedding! Im v happy to read this ff, thank u ja


Chapter 4:
Yaya went home after the visit. She was happy. It felt good to see P'Nadech. How much she just missed him. Thought of him every minute of her life. Her mother walked in her room. Yaya sat right back up on her bed.

"What is it mom."
"How was it."
"It was good, I'm glad to see him."
"Speaking of that. Me and Mrs.Kugimiya has already discuss you and Nadech's wedding."
"WHAT. Does Nadech know? Dad know?"
"All of us know already."
"Owww. Mai bok chan."
"I'm sorry we discuss this 3 years ago."
"What?? And still didnt tell me. Mae Mai Ruk Yaya."
"We're sorry. I'm sorry *hugs Yaya and kisses her cheek*"
"Them, when is it, the wedding."
"Next month already."
"WHAT!!!! MOM." Yaya got up from her bad starring right t her mom. She was mad that it was next week. She wanted at least a month or two to settle in Thailand before she becomes a married women. Her mom told her to calm down and listen. She puts Yaya down on the bed.

"We planned it this rely because....."
"We'll honey if I tell you please don't tell Nadech na."
"We'll if you don't tell me I will tell him."
"We planned it this early because Nadech's mom has an infection."
"Alai na. Infection. How bad is it."
"We'll it's not big, but Mrs.Kugimiya always wanted you to be her daughter in law."
"Mom but---"
"Please honey. I really want a grandchild before I die."
"Mom don't say that. Don't worry about having grandsons or granddaughters."
"Why not? *walks towards the widow* your getting old Yaya."
"What? *Laughs* Mom I'm only 22. I'm not that old. P'Nadech is old he's already 24 turning 25 soon."

Her mom laughed.

"Please honey."

Yaya wanted to say no so bad, but she didnt want to break her moms heart by saying no.

"Ok ka," she said jumping onto her bed faced down.
"Dee mak. 3 years later and you've change so much," she smacks Yaya's but with her fan while Yaya yelled at her mom for hitting her.

"Next month. OMFG." She screamed into her pillow.

"Yaya, your back." Mint said running put to hug her. Yaya was so happy to see Mint.

"I missed you so much Mint."
"Pssss. I miss you more."
"Mmmmmm. Thank you. Look at you *moves mint from side to side* you become more thicker and even more prettier then before. What's your technique."
"*Mint laughed* Nothing much Yaya. When you were gone. I started to take---"
"Wait don't tell me you took stripping classes. *Mint smiled* Mint *Hits mint on the arm* You know I don't want you doing that kind of stuff."
"I'm sorry."
"Where do you strip at?"
"Oh I don't strip as a job. I only took that class so when I go to the club I can show off my sexiest."

Both her and Yaya laughed.

"As long as your not working as one, but do you wear showy clothe."
"No Yaya. I wear stuff that cover my breast and private."
"What exactly?"
"I usually wear shorts and a tube shirt. Most of the time is a one piece swimwear."
"Hey, I'm not exposing much."

Yaya and Mint went out for lunch and just did girl stuff. Yaya had so much fun. And so did Mint. They didnt remember the last time they hung out like this, but it was a moment so unforgettable for the both of them.

Yaya couldn't believe the wedding was today. She was freaking out, but Mint was there for her telling her to clam down.

"Mint how can I be calm. I'm getting married today."
"Yaya don't worry. I mean look at you in this beautiful dress. It suits you very good and most of all your the prettiest friend I've ever had."

That made Yaya smiled a bit.

"Thanks Mint for always being there for me. Peun Ruk Mint na." Yaya hugged Mint tightly.

"I love you too Yaya. Now get out their and have a wedding." She told Yaya. Yaya smiled big. She watch Mint walk out the dressing room. Her dad came in asking her if she's ready. She took a last glance at herself and puts her arm around her dad. Before the huge doors open she asked her dad if this was a good idea.

"Everything will be fine honey."
"Dad, I'm scared."
"Honey, no matter what happens I will still be here. And now today, you'll be a full grown women starting a new life with a new family."
"Really dad? Do you really think so?"
"*Looks at Yaya* No, I know so."

Yaya hugged her dad tightly and told him she loved him very much. Right then the door opened. Yaya saw many people she just needed to throw up, but she wasn't going to embarrass herself on her own wedding day. Her and her dad both walked down the pink carpet to the stage where her dad placed her hand onto Nadech's care. Their they stood face-to-face. Nadech could feel the softness if her palms. They both smiled.

Wedded guy: Nadech do you take Yaya into your care???

Nadech stood their for awhile and looked at Yaya. He smiled and answered with and "I do."
Yaya on the other hand also smiled and said I do.

"I may now annoyed you husband & wife. You make kiss the bride."

Yaya and Nadech just stood there looking into each others eyes. Nadech leaned in and kissed her cheeks. Everyone was teasing them from the crowed. Yaya laughed and gave Nadech a kiss on the cheek to.
Now that that was over Nadech and Yaya walked together to the cake. They both grabbed the knife and cut out a piece of cake for themselves. Nadech looks at her and fed her a piece as Yaya did the same.

"Thank you Nadech."
"Your welcome."

The wedding was going smooth. Everything went as planned. Yaya had a great time, but Nadech inside he didnt but he had to force himself do these stuff so the people wouldn't say anything. Yaya left the table to go talk to her mom, she left Nadech alone at the table where Mark came and sat next to him.

"Hello, my married friend. Having fun."
"Not really, but I'll try for Yaya and for the parents."
"Oh come on *puts his arm around Nadech* Dont be a sore loser. Have fun on your wedding. Even if it isn't the women you want.......still have fun. All your friends are here. Look theirs me,Mario,Boy,Ken, and Pope."
"Go ahead I'm just going to sit here for a bit and I'll come chill with y'all."

Mark left the table to hang with Ken and them.
Mark went up to the food stand and saw Mint. She was as beautiful as a swan.

"Hey Mark."
"Hey *he walks up to her* being a fat ass."
"Hey. *wipes her mouth*"
"I'm kidding, your as skinny as a baby new-born."
"Whatever. What are you doing here."
"What does it look like, I'm Nadech's friend as well."
"This world is to small."
"Got that right. After 3 years your still here. I thought you died 3 years ago."
"*laugs* I won't die that easily. It's you who will. *steps on his foot*"

Just how much Mint hated him. He won't fool her with his trick because she's been played by one once and she won't do it again.

"Would you like to slow dance," Madech asked Yaya while she was talking to the moms. The moms told her to go with him but Yaya didn't want to but she had to. Nadech took her by her waist and walked her to the dance floor where they were slow dancing.

"Are you having fun tonight."
"It's ok Yaya. You don't have to answer."
"Actually I am half-half. I know this wedding was a forced marriage but-"
"It's ok Yaya because right now I'm your husband, and I must do my best to take care of you."
"*signs* Then since I'm your wife I'll try my best to be a good housewife for you.....P'Nadech."

They both danced for almost an hour and finally sat back down.


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thank u fantastic, u r really fast and i love yr ff, v smooth and 2 da point ! more of yadechs marriage life development, im waiting 4 tat. mm r so cute 2, always fun bickering ! thank u 4 updating so fast, ill wait whenever u r done just 2 read yr superb ff, wif appreciation !


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Awww Yadech's story is sad :( they have to force themself to get married for their parents. That's lovely for them but sad for them :( well i hope soon they'll kno that they r made for each other :D


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@Fantastic_27, thank you for the FF na ja! I'm loving it so far. I have a question? Will Nadech fall in love with Yaya or he will have someone else. So far I don't see Nadech falling for Yaya anytime soon.