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I've been a member of this forum since 2007. A few months ago I told my boyfriend I used to write fanfictions and people actually read them. He wanted to take a peek so I told him my username and he googled it and found me on this forum. He mentioned that he used to be a member of Sarnworld too.

We sort of forgot about it but then today he told me he remembers his username. His username sounded so familiar. He brought up his post that he found and I was curious and clicked to read all the comments he received.

The original post was 9 years ago. Then 5 years ago, he went on to post a link and update everyone that he finally found the song he wanted. After he posted, I saw my own username responding to him. I thought, "no way!"

9 years ago he was across the US in N. Carolina and I was in Washington. 5 years ago, he actually moved to Washington and lived about an hour away. We were even close to the same people but never saw each other or spoke.

Then fate maybe brought us together. I don't really know but I responded to a post on facebook wanting to buy these parking tickets for a concert from him. We weren't interested in each other at all. Strictly just met up to sell and buy the tickets. We parted ways and just knew each other mainly from the facebook post for that concert.

This concert is called Paradiso. It's a large EDM festival. I wanted to go to this festival and would go all by myself if no one wanted to go with me. However, my cousin went with me :). Wanted to go to clear my mind, move one, etc. While there my cousin and I were just walking around trying to meet up with another friend of mine. As I stopped in the middle of the pathway looking towards the stage, I see this shirtless guy with a distinct tattoo (his last name lol) and a tiger (that's the year I was born) and told my cousin..."hey, that's the guy I bought my parking tickets from."

My cousin urged me to go up to him but I refused cause I was not interested. So we walked away searching for my friend. We walked up the hill in search of my friend who told me he was dragged to the ground floor by his friends. So, we decided since we were already searching for him for so long, it's stupid to quit now. On the way down, my cousin told me I should take a picture of the guy I bought my tickets from again. So I gave in. Thought it would be funny. So we walked all the way back to the middle of the hill and he was still there lol.

I took a selfie with him in the background (his back) and left. When I got home I sent the picture to his fb messenger. I just thought this was cool. It was already a small world seeing him out of thousands of people there and I did not want to go up to him when I saw him there cause I thought it was weird lol. Sending him a "stalker-like" picture was probably weirder lol but I was safe behind my computer screen.

After sending that picture he contacted me and we just started talking. We ended up having so much in common. Even being born in the same refugee camp in Thailand. After dating, we found out our parents knew each other in Laos.

So after this long post...what I wanted to share is that life truly is unexpected. My bf thought the way we met at Paradiso was meant to be and I wasn't really as intrigued by it as he was lol. But when I discovered that I responded to his post on asianfuse 5 years was the most awe moment ever!! Thank you @sarN for creating all of this. Who would have thought I crossed paths with the love of my life here?
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@Koy123 Thank you

It's amazing how we all come back to this forum and it still exists. I hope it lasts for a very long time. Especially seeing the same familiar SNs. I don't have a lot of time like I used to, to browse the internet and watch lakorns or k-dramas.


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Cool!! Wish I had a love match in the forum , if anything, I think I scar him away lol