Song Hye Kyo


Super Momo
Song Hye Gyo
Real Name : Song Hye Gyo
Career: Actress
Birthdate : Nov 22, 1981
Height: 5"3'?
Weight: 103 lbs

01. Autumn Story (2000)
02. Hotelier (2001)
03. Guardian Angel (2001)
04. All In (2003)
05. Sunshine of Love (2004)
06. Full House (2004)


Super Momo
Muddie MuRda said:
HAHAHA momo u forgot there was a guy in the house with dirty mind. LOL

yeah. :rolleyes:

but she has a new movie with CTH!!!!!! B) lol taht was random WTV!!!


wah? who thinks shk is theirs? i may be a female... but for shk... i'm fighting till the end... :p


N i n j a
Yes, I can't wait until her movie comes out with Chae Tae Hyun. I believe it's the Korean remake of the Japanese film, 'Crying out love in the center of the world'

Awesome movie.


sarNie Elites
>_< dooh here we go again with the She´s mine .... No way she´s mine...he´s mine .. No his mine.. etc things ..... dooh <_< .....

Muddie Murda

If you don't like it nong pee...i'll change it....

NONG' PEE'S NOT MINE! She's yours! not mine! not mine! Yes! she's yours! no mine!

yo momo...let's see some pics eh? least I got started. LOL


sunflower said:
yeap.. it's all normal.....

credits can be found under 'properties'

my 2nd favoritest korean actress .. she's duper de duper kawaii...