hey...guys....i'm trying to reuploading some old lakron.....but my files are too big to upload in sendspace.... what kind of progam should i use....i know this had been asked before...but i couldnt find the discuzz...selection....please help.... thanks in advances.....


sarNie Oldmaid
i try to burn a show into a disk but the file was too big. i try to use WINRAR but it doesn't work. under
'SPLIT TO VOLUMES, BYTES'. it won't let me type a number. what do i do? is there another program i can use to split the file? help. Thanks a lot.


sarNie Adult
Use google and search for 'movie splitter'

btw, I don't know why you can't type a 'number' in the area. Mind work just find.


sarNie Oldmaid
o.k. i try to use WINRAR again. o.k. after i click ADD then do i select the file i want to split? then i just click ok?
i download the file already what do i do next? how do i split it?
maybe i'm not being fully clear. i had download this show already but it was too big to be burn into a disc. what i want to do is split it in half, so that i can burn it in a disc and watch it in my vcd player. how do i do that?