SRK News??


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That was crazy :eek:
SRK was detained because his named showed up on the computer as an alert. And India fans are getting piss.
Wow :blink: .


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i think that they had to do what they had to do to keep this place a safer place. but also at the same time its idk...


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wow. shocking and disturbing like priyanka said .. but i guess it's a security issue -- there are positive and negative on this matter. i think that this incident show that not only ppl like you and me get investigate but high level icon will get it too when it come to suspicious of doing something. I'm not doubting that SRK did something, i'm just saying that it show that ppl take security issue seriously. it wouldn't be bad to have reverse role play in other country as well. i'm a srk fan and i'm okay with it since i can see this in both way before jumping in conclusion. it's just a precaution thing to do for homeland security.Fans just need to calm down and see this in both perspective.


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This is why we can never have world's peace lol. There will always be more than one perspective on these kind of issue.