Stalker or not?

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sarNie Coma
So my dad slowed down the car as my he turned. People do that when they turn and some guy honks at us like 10 times. And we turn, i look in the rear view mirror and i notice his car behind us, i thought he was just going the same way but then it got freaky wherever we turned, he turned. For sure he wasn't going to my school. I got super scared when he was right behind us and like 5cm away from our car. So i got to my school, he probably got scared cause there was a lot of people so he made a u-turn and went away. Stalker or not. I think he was. Now i'm afraid to get out of my house fearing that guy is gonna come and get me :nailbiter:


i get a lot of stalkers while i'm driving too. sometimes i drive faster to get away but they follow me... so i drive to places with lots of people. i think it's because of my car's color... but this has happened to me when i had a crappy car too. :thumbdown:

they go up my ass and then i slow down because i know it annoys them :rolleyes1: and i say aloud hit me B!@#$, hit me!! lmfao. it's a lawsuit in the making :lol:

Muddie Murda

To test it out, you should have driven around in circles lol. Don't lead him to where you're actually going!!! Stalker 101!

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[quote name='Seunghee's Whore' timestamp='1288471708' post='716038']
To test it out, you should have driven around in circles lol. Don't lead him to where you're actually going!!! Stalker 101!
Trust me i would have done that but i was gonna be late for school.


sarNie Hatchling
Seunghee, I agree. I would have driven around and around, but in a safe place though. With many ppl. But yeah,
you would have probably been late to class. Hmmm...hard to say. But if you turned whenever he/she/it turns, I assume it is a stalker.


wow.. i never knew suck thing could exist. thanks for head up; gonna get the license hopefully by summer


My cousin goes to school in the morning. She catches the bus. One time she said there was a car following her. When she moved, it moved. She took out her phone and looked directly at them. Her mom's been taking her to the bus stop ever since. Keep pepper spray handy as well as a personal alarm. The pepper spray is under 20 bucks, and the personal alarm is a buck on ebay. I got them for my cousin. Seriously, I want to microchip the girl. :nono1: j/k. But stay safe.


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Haha, happened to me before. It get kind of creepy especially when they go to the same place you are when you think they arent. And they just stare at you. . . .