Stance on Opening Doors

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
So I live in a fairly quiet yet kind of sketchy neighbourhood, the kind of neighbourhood where people dig around in my yard and steal things or put their cat litter in my trash and behind my house there is a house where there was a murder. I speak through the intercom if someone rings the front door but in the back door no one in the house opens the door because there really is no reason for you to go all the way around to my alley to get to my house unless you're a guest. I live in a big house, among 2 other big houses, it warrants attention, the kind that gets robberies. Both my parents work from dinner until midnight, most of the time its just me and my grandma, we've agreed that its just not safe to open the door for anyone unless you call. People nowadays are scary and will stalk you from afar waiting for the perfect opportunity to rob your house or harm you. There might be someone who genuinely needs help but I'm not taking a risk of getting my grandma or myself hurt. Curious, what's everyone's stance on people ringing your doorbell? Do you open for everyone? Are you afraid that theres a chance that whoever is ringing needs help?


I usually don't open the door even if I know them. People are crazy. We don't have a phone line anyway. "I'll call the cops for you. Just wait out there. THE POLICE STATION IS ACROSS THE STREET"