Still amazing at age 42!


sarNie OldFart
Shahruk is married and has 2 kids! I never knew that and he is 42 right now.. mann he is HISTORY!
He's got some MAD SKILLS! I thought that he would retire when he is older now but he just just so
amazing and still popular/famous at a older age. I never imagined that! He just gets more, and more
famous the older he gets.. lol, people can tell that he is old but to me he still had that gangster
young look! I love Shahruk!


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Nah, I think you can sort of see the oldness in him now.
However, I don't think he's stopping his work in Bollywood
anytime soon. I heard that he's going to start playing the
father roles instead of the leading actor roles.

What was his daughter's name again? I forgot. I still
remember Gauri and Aryan though. Gauri is beautiful
and Aryan is following in his dad's footsteps. LOLs.


sarNie OldFart
aww, how wonderful. i would like to see his family pictures. dad roles.. oh well i'll still watch him, he is simply wonderful!
I like this actor too. He has a baby face. But I think my Indian boyfriend who is turning 47 next month looks indeed younger and more handsome than Shah Ruk :yahoo:


sarNie Hatchling
Ginette, you are so lucky. You should recommend him to become a Bollywood actor, you know :p

Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri....

Credit and thanks to


sarNie Adult
I never liked SRK when he was younger, but I really like him when he got a bit older and his roles in movies became even better...I'm a huge fan of him now....


sarNie Juvenile
me too, darr was the first movie of his that caught my attentions and started to like him, but i saw dewaana first.


sarNie Elites
LOL! I recently just watched Darr! It was so good! He is such a great actor in all of his movies that I have seen! I had no idea he was married and had children already, hehe =)