Storm Riders 2


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WOOT for Ekin and Aaron as Wind and Cloud, Pang Bros. directing, super crazy action...and that's pretty much all I'm excited for. No offense to Simon Yam, Nicholas Tse, or Charlene Choi, but they don't match the roles they're playing. They look good so far from the concept art I've seen, but they don't match their comic counterparts at all. And besides, 40-something year-old Ekin hooking up with 20-something Charlene? That gave me the creeps especially after I saw Twins Effect where he was her older brother.


sarNie Egg
i'm quite excited fro the movie! Charlene and Ekin have GREAT chemistry together even though Ekin is alot older! Their chemistry is really strong so maybe that is why they are cast together again! The director has hope for Charlene to push the movie into all parts of Asia so i hope it would be successful since Charlene is quite popular! I think the cast is really strong, both the female has been nominated & won 'Best Actress' before and all the males are well establish actors. The female that would be Arron's wife is even younger than Charlene though...i wonder how they would pull off the chemistry! Nic is going to play the villian...GOSH, excited for the movie! I think they started filming in Thailand on April 2 already.


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o__O i know this is going to sound stupid but is storm riders and wind and cloud same series but different production? or do they have something to do with each other? LOL

oh yeah release date will be later october 2009;
they start filming this month!


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Here's my geek-filled response.

Wind and Cloud and Storm Riders are all based on the comic book Fung Wan which means "Wind and Cloud". Wind and Cloud is the tv series filmed in Taiwan while Storm Riders is the Hong Kong movies. Wind and Cloud was renamed in America to Storm Riders for whatever reason, but they are the same thing. The differences between them is that the series follows the comic plot a bit more (but they just ruined it with the second half of Wind and Cloud I and some changes in Wind and Cloud II) and the movies cram a lot of things in.

On that note, I really wanna see Wind lose an eye for the first time in anything based on Storm Riders.


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Ekin and Aaron. Anyway, I thought I'd share some things I found.

So menacing...

So pretty...

Sure its only concept art, but if that's what they'll look like, I'm excited.


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so is it confirmed that ekin and aaron will be returning to play the same parts?
The whole cast have already finish filming the movie, It's set to screen at the end of 2009. It was directed by the Pang Brothers, they are really famous for their work. Also, it was film in Thailand with only a green background, they would use computer to design the background like in the move, 300.

here a few some info:

Director: The Pang Brothers (Danny and Oxide)

Aaron Kwok - Cloud
Ekin Cheng - Wind
Nicholas Tse - Jue Xin
Charlene Choi - Second Dream
Simon Yam - Jue Wu Shen
Tiffany Tong - Chu Chu

- Filming starts in April in Thailand
- Nicholas's character is the villain
- Simon and Nicholas are playing father and son
- Charlene's character has a crush on Ekin's character
- Ekin's character will be "possessed" in the film
- Tiffany Tong is a new Mainland actress, she will be taking over Shu Qi's role from the original.

Here a few picture of the cast:

Ekin & Aaron fighting.

The 2 main couples

The whole cast


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yay aaron n ekin are in here hehe xp .. n nicholas.. im so happy .. >_< .. i cant wait to watch this..


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^^ LOL, they do & they were filming in the sun too much, they even got a tan...LOL. Actually, both the females are suppose to stay light so they are BUT majority of the guys got a tan, Nic looks thinner than usual.


i'm excited for this movie....aaron and ekin are back filming together...not to mention charlene and nicholas are in it as well!


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It'll be out later so I'll wait. I know someday I'll have the chance to watch it no matter what because my Charlene is in it!