Suek Wun Choo Jai [Tohglom]


sarNie Oldmaid
:( I'm kind of sad that now Cheer is doing sitcom. I really want to see her do more lakorn. All the other n'ke are getting lakorn after another and Cheer have nottthing but sitcom.. <_< . I hope this year she last have one more lakorn beside KF 2. I really miss her. Haven't see her in a while now after KF was done airing last year.

Here a pix of the p'ke Tee. He a new actor.



sarNie OldFart
wow she finally appeared. i havent heard of her lakorns since kom faek and her other sitcome with tuengnueng [; i prefer cheer in sitcom she's a goofy person and i never liked her as nangek either.


sarNie Juvenile
the guy is a newbie... he is the one dat has news/rumors with view/vill from keaw lom phet dat they are dating or something but they say they say they are just friends... miss cheer glad dat she is back


You're Average Person :)
there is prolly something going on between Thee and Vill..I sensed it since I saw a bunch of her pictures with him on her sorry off topic but he cute though


sarNie OldFart
Oh him? 'hrmms. I'm not feeling the pair of him and Cheer. Sooo weirdd! O___________o They should have Wiew play with him instead!


Can someone Pin this please it aired yesterday :lol:

anyhow i think it funny the intro bit cracked me up... liking it so far