Susie Susira (MAXIM Vol.11 no.121 January 2015)


sarNie Adult
It's a push up bra!! LoL !!! And photo editing. Lol !!
Thai actress are skinny and fit, they have flat chest. :(


sarNie OldFart
I think her boobs are fake. Not sure if she had it done but looks like it. It looks too firm to be real lol. I think she looks so different than she first started. I remembered her shoot after she returned to Thailand I didn't recognize her if it wasn't for her smile I don't think it was Susie at all. She has pretty skin though.


Haha, idk if her boobs are fake, but it's definitely photoshopped in the pics above. Hehe.


sarNie Juvenile
She's mixed race right, boobs are real IMO, but maybe enhanced w those fake cup sizes.  When I went back home, there were available undergarments w extra padding for bust, buttocks and hips!  Before I was like, these women are sooo slim yet so shapely, now I know their secret! LOL