SW switch? Poll Question

Are you ok with the switch if it happens?

  • I am ok with a switch to new domain

    Votes: 55 32.0%
  • I want to keep the domain the same

    Votes: 17 9.9%
  • I am ok with whatever

    Votes: 100 58.1%

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sarNie Adult
So here is the thing.

There has been some stuff going on with sarn and I am not feeling her commitment for the forum anymore.. as a matter of fact.. It had been this way for a while now.

Anyway I talked this with a few people and was considering it.

This thread is for all members who haven't heard about it and I want to see what you think.

The deal is I want to move away from the domain and sarn's bad reputation right now among some users. The bad vibe in general and I don't feel like supporting the domain name anymore as it relates to her.

So what I was thinking was to change the domain name from sarnworld.com (person's name) to something more neutral. Currently I'm considering sharerice.net which I own.

The switch should be smooth with no broken links as all the threads that link to SW will automatically redirect to the new domain. Basically it'll be a slow switch but I believe it will be better overall. The bigger problem is how we all get used to the new name ;)

I'm still trying to get a hold of sarn.. I think she'd be ok with it to be honest and I do want to discuss with her about this but I haven't had luck on reaching her yet. I know she's in the US now so I am not sure why she hasn't been on the forum in a while.

So in the meanwhile I've started seriously considering it. I know there is alot of historical legacy behind this domain name.. I mean we all share alot of history. Things like calling ourselves sarnies for example but perhaps its time to move to a more neutral domain.

Anyway let me know what you guys think (The ones who are still active ;)). This isn't decided and I just wanted some input.

Note: Whatever happens, I'm committed to this forum.

I'd appreciate it if you can post replies in addition to picking a choice in the poll.


Staff member
^hahah. you're too funny .. i took it in as 'wise' words since i get to read his long words in 'ONCE IN A WHILE' == it's like .. the boss call to have conference when there's a need for it lOl

As for changing the domain, it's a tough call for me since i have no issue with sarN -- all i can say is whatever works between you guys, i'm cool with it.
I love this forum for what it is already but if there's a need for it to better serve the members here -- whatever works is fine.
If the domain does get switch, i do hope that the previous company who want to buy sarnworld contact back to buy this for a few dollars.

anyway, I just hope the problem/issue get solve soon so we all can enjoy all these nice services that are available for us to use (for free LOL) -- i'm a freebie fan.


You're Average Person :)
yea...I'm with Ceci...I'm whatever....whatever floats the boat I guess....I'll still be active...lol...


sarNie Adult
I haven't been to sarnworld for that long, so I can't really say. but good luck with whichever you choose. I'll still be around for a long long time. ^_^


[...]i do hope that the previous company who want to buy sarnworld contact back to buy this for a few dollars. [...]
i believe we'll be owning the domain name for a long long time.. it'd just be forwarded to the new domain name :)

all members have an input, new or old :wink:

new members are here to help us grow bigger, and hopefully stronger :strong:

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
It would probably be hard for me to get used to the name, oh well, what ever floats everyones boat, i'm fine with it. B)


Ky the Star
ahhh so that's why it it's called "sarnworld", been wondering what it meant, i thought it was a thai word. xD
anyways, honestly, i don't have any beef with sarn... so i'm whatever for the forum.
i haven't been here that long, but i do like sarn, it helped me sooo much to find thai plus other things for information.
but i do hope the issue is solved and that this forum still continues to grow despite the name change if so.
i'm just wondering if we'll be calling ourselves sharers, ricers, or sharericers. if we moved. xD
but yeah, i cast my vote, but hope all goes well. C:


LOL that's what i told darvil... newer members probably doesn't even know what a sarn is, so it's fine the way it is...

see tim, worship me now :ghehe:

cupidcandy, so you think that it's good the way it is?

you all know we want your utmost honest answers... we're not looking for you to see the conflict issues... we want to know if you like the name sarnworld and to keep it that way, or no you prefer to change it?

we've been debating because sarnworld is established. it's a known forum name... having to change to something else will take it's course in a few months or even years to get that name to stick - "oh, sharerice, it's that place where you can get thai celeb profiles from their wiki"... or "sarnworld, oh yeah the entertainment forum, with different entertainment sectors" blah blah.


sarNie Adult
Those who voted to keep SW, PM me! ;)

At least we have a healthy discussion going about it. Maybe someone who can contact sarn will see it and inform her.

I know its a drastic measure. I've had my long history with this forum.. back when it was installed on phpbb.

I know SW has tons of lurkers and those people will probably just tag along but I need to know what the active members think.
The ones that posts, edit wikis and those that help in BM ;)

I do have some more new stuff coming on the pipeline and I just didn't feel right doing it on this domain anymore.


Dedeman - ดีดีแมน
I am okay with a switch to the new domain. Even if I am not active anymore in the thai music section (and I did a lot to revive the section in the past...)I have my eyes on it.....I support Darv.....


RujRasa Fan
whatever you all think is fine with me. I really haven't have time to check in as often as I wanted to but i'll still be following you guys around for all information. i'm a cheerleader for sarnworld :cheer:


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Ekkk. I don't know. I Love the name sarnworld. If you don't think that's it's sarn name then it's good too! ahahha
It's gonna be quite hard to get used to it since i'm so used to sarnworld.com/discuzz...but we gotta learn how to accept changes.
I don't know. ahahaha :scratchhead2:
but yeah i guess whatever floats your boat too! :p


sarNie Adult
ok a little bit confuse here...are we changing the website name or are we like moving and creating new user names for a totally new website with new website name??? i know i sound dumb but i won't really mind if we change things but hopefully it's not a change where we have to create new user names & pswd and all...


sarNie Adult
Hey, no we aren't making a new site.

Its just a domain change which will happen underneath and you wouldn't even notice. IE, if you type in sarnworld.com it'll redirect you to the new domain.

Everything else will remain exact the same.
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