Sweet_JJ's Artwork


You're Average Person :)
Those are good! You were so better than me at blending when I first started though. Keep up the good work


Staff member
Awwwe, your Ka Badin wally is cute!!  Love the choice of pictures :) 
Keep at it with the work :)


You're Average Person :)
I still feel skeptical that the title has been changed. I mean is too long and too cliche lol. Wasnt it just a quote a fan had inserted into their artwork and Anne posted that artwork and thats where ppl assumed it's been changed


sarNie Adult
Your KimJa's artworks are all so pretty! 
I want that James Ma/Yam pair to happen ASAP! They look so good! Matt is seriously too precious haha


sarNie Adult
Bwahahahhaa James Ma and Yaya, maybe they were doing a thriller or a Jurassic Park kind of thing, I dunno. hahaha. They are so damn adorable! I agree! They need a lakorn soon! 
But Push and Yaya, hey I never thought of that, but your poster made it look very plausible! I'M SOLD!