Sword Butterfly


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i herad from my sis that this is butterfly lovers but it'll be like the next life ..

im a bit surprised that wu chun is the main guy.. i like him but.. him playin the main guy.. its.. hmmm .. iono ..

n omg.. my hu ge.. ahhhhh he's gonna play the bad guy eeek .. >_< .. thats interesting..

i keep thinking they shouldve changed hu ge to be main guy instead but.. hmmm .. wu chun does look more "innocent" so thats okay.. the movie seems interesting.. -ish xp ..

but of course.. i will always love nikky wu's version of butterfly lovers .. T_T ..


sarNie Juvenile
i love wu chun..
buti don't like him playing a main guy...
especilly in a ancient drama...


sarNie Egg
omg i loved the butterfly lovers...actually made me cried in the end when they both died...too sad...so you guys mean sword lovers is going to be the next life of them after the butterfly lovers...jw cus im kinda confuse..


Expired Sarnie
I didn't like this movie at all. I was disappointed. I heard that it was either previous or next generation of the Butterfly Lovers but to me, it is still the same old story with a few changes that got me disappointed.