[Taiwan] A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities (Netflix)


Expired Sarnie
I heard there was going to be a season 2. Nothing confirmed though so I am just going to keep this thread here.

This is about two girls, one from San Francisco and the other from Taipei. They both hit it off when they meet at a pageant. Later they found out it was a scam. The two girls switch place for a bit but the drama reverts back to Taiwan.

I am enjoying season 1 so far. What I find extremely awkward was Jo next door neighbor timing Jo's sex time in the very first episode LMAO it has zero connection to the plot. I felt like they just wanted to portray Taiwanese American (Asian American) as loose. I mean nothing wrong with sex before marriage but it was done in a tasteless manner lol like which Asian American would bring their boyfriend to their home (where the parents and siblings still reside in) to have sex. You know that is the biggest Asian taboo ever. Don't get me wrong, I know countless of Asian women that does it in their very own home but they are independent (no parents living with them). I guess I will never be that daring if there are Asian American women like that.

The English conversation is so unnatural!!! And I find it funny that they portray San Francisco as a very clean city. The place reeks of urine (well most places) and filled with dozens and dozens of homeless.


Expired Sarnie
This is the most nudity I have ever seen an Asian drama do. Got to see Denny Huang maked butt! Plus we got a few sex scenes.

I enjoyed all 20 episodes. It was a easy light watch. Like I mentioned, the English dialogues can get cringey.

Nian Nian is actually the lead female alongside Jo playing second lead (not the antagonist, there is no actual bad guy- so refreshing to watch) Out of the two girls, I absolutely adore and love Jo. And I definitely enjoyed watching Jo and Tian Ming relationship over Nian Nian and Ryan.

The character I least like is... you know I couldn't decide between Nian Nian and Ryan.