[Taiwan] Channel X 國民英雄


sarNie Hatchling

Channel X
Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-05 to 2011-Apr-10
With OST by Anthony Neely & Hebe Tian and Olivia Ong

On the day he was to expose the biggest corporate scandal, An Zai Yong, the face of BIGTV News, was arrested for killing his girlfriend. A trial by media cost him his career and led his friends to betray him. In his darkest hour his only ally was his foe, Channel-X tabloid reporter Hong Xiao Lu. Together they would dig for the truth and clear his name.

(Source by Dramawiki)

Joe Cheng as An Zai Yong
Amber Kuo as Hong Xiao Lu / Hong Mei Ling
Chris Lee as Kong Yuan Qing
Tracy Chou as Zuo Yi An