[Taiwan] In Between (TTV)


Expired Sarnie
Meng Ke Huai is a popular romance novelist who suffers from writer's block because he no longer believes in love. When a crazy fan trapped him over night with an innocent bystander, he found the inspiration he needed to finish his book. The bystander was Li Xiao Yang, a senior flight attendant who desperately wanted her boyfriend to propose. They became fast friends over the incident. As time pass by, he found himself attracted to this woman who he knows but not that familiar with.
I am on a twdrama/cdrama rage. I finished this in 3 days. The leads were in their mid to late 30s when they filmed and aired this. I didn't know Janel is older than Johnny by 2 years. At the time she was 37 and he was 35. It's very rare to see leads at that age. What I mean it is, it is not common in Asian dramas unless it's Hkdramas or Mainland dramas.