[Taiwan] Love, Now


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Love, Now
starring:  George Hu & Annie Chen
Yang Yi Ru is a workaholic mother hen. Her family and friends decided to
pull a prank on her to slow her down. They coned her into believing she
only had six months to live, then they packed her off to a vacation
spot to clear her mind. She spent her first day on a sunny beach
lamenting to a stranger that she wished she had the time to meet Mr.
Right, get married and have kids. Unknown to her, the stranger was a man
from her past who was in love with her when they met years ago. He
proposed to her the next day. And, she married him. But when the prank
was revealed, her new husband felt cheated and unleashed his wrath on
credit: dramawiki


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If I recall from where I left off.. it should be around ep 10 there or so.
I know that I still got to finish it... I must say that the two are freaken adorable!
I think that the reason why I'm laggin is because there's over 60 or 70 eps... :(
So far, it's quite good... George Hu is just such a cutie-pie!!!!!! <3 :woot: :woot2: :woot: :woot2:


sarNie Hatchling
I love George Hu. So handsome! But I haven't watched this yet. I've been watching Love Around with same characters, Annie and George. Can't get enough of them!


I actually prefer Inborn Pair over this. I started on Love, Now first before I started Inborn Pair. And while I was watching Inborn Pair, there were a lot of negative comments I read at Viki and I come to disagree with most of the comments.
What I liked about this drama was the chemistry between the first couple and the love story between the second couple. Although George Hu was boyishly adorable, I didn't like his character, it wasn't compelling at all. To be honest even Annie's character didn't have any character arc. I think it is because the beginning happened so fast. 


sarNie OldFart
I love George Hu, but I can't stand Annie. She reminds me of Namtarn. Surprisingly, I can tolerate Namtarn a bit better. When he speaks English, he's such hottie. Haha. This drama was very long and dragged out for no reason at all. They had episodes that were pointless. But there were so many steamy scenes with the two that I'm jealous of Annie. Lol. I skipped around until the end. I'm waiting for him to pair up with someone I like. I have few favorite Taiwanese actresses. I only like Rainie and Ruby so the chances of him pairing with them are pretty slim.