Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]


sarNie Coma
thanks jakjaan.

has punch ever been in a lakorn? margie would of been right for this role but too bad shes not in it anymore.


I think we never seen her in a drama, she acts only in a film ^^
my dream is true I wait of the day that she accepts to play a lakorn^^


sarNie Granny
wow...love to see her in a lakorn...i only see her in movies...n she's pretty...i think she'll match up with por...


sarNie Adult
She more than Margie. To me, when Margie smiles. She looks like she wearing denture. I don't know who this girl is but I like her's looks. She is pretty girl.


So it's ch3 combined with ch7 actors? Por is ch3. Rotmay and Wan are ch7.

I'm happy to finally see Punch having a lakorn! Been wanting to see her in a lakorn for the longest time ever!

What's the storyline on this lakorn? The title sounds familiar but I can't recall. And who was the pra'ek in Kob's version?

Thanks Jakjaan!


sarNie Oldmaid
aint por and punch rumored to be in another lakorn together?

aint no way dat ch3 and ch7 is doing a collab lol maybe rojmay and wan are free agents


Yea, I just looked up the site that Jakjaan put up. And I think this is the lakorn that Por&Punch are suppose to star in together.

Hmm, Rotmay&Wan may be free agents. But then idk cus I haven't seen them in much lakorns at all. And all that i've seen of them are from ch7....


sarNie Adult
They are remaking this lakorn again? hmmmmm the first version I saw was with Sam Yuranun with I think her name is Pavina? And then the 2nd version with Kob and Ek. Kob version I think is way toooo long. I got bored and tired and never finish.

If they remake it, hopefully it's not too long like Kob version.


Staff member
wow only 3-4 months to shoot thats fast..

cant wait to see punch.. i still havent watched her movie yet..


Not Por Nattawut
I wrote Por Tuetsadee he is actor for CH3

Rojmay and Wan are daras for Polyplus , they can acts for CH7 and CH3^^

I think if they need only to shoot in 3-4 months is too fast
I am not sure if they can show on Tv end of this year or not...


^Ah, that explains it! That slip my mind for a while about Polyplus combines with ch3&ch7 actors! And I knew that you wrote Por T. not Por N. ja! I didn't see polyplus with the title so i got a bit confused ^_^


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WOW. THAT'S AWESOME. wanna see Punch in lakorn too.
i'm a fan of both of them .. i can't wait.

i love the old version of kob and egkarat, would be nice to see this new version b/c last time with Note and Donut, i didn't really enjoy it. Lol
---- anyway, why do this remake out of all the remake b/c they already did this with Donut and Note -- wasn't that on ch3 too? ..


sarNie Adult
Is it the Punch "The singer"..that sang "Ying Jeb Ying Sia Jai"??? If it is than oh my god, it's sooo great..I've been waiting for her to accept lakorn role, and been waiting forever for the reunion of Wan and Rotmay. I miss these couple..hurray..I hope they stick with these casts...hopefully, they don't change it..cross my fingers..