Tempted To You [THE END] ::7-D::



Tempted to You Trailer

Erich Gonzales as Daniella del Fierro
Gerald Anderson as Andres de Yulo/ Andre
Jason Abalos as Inigo Sandoval/Inoe [change]
Jessie Mendiola as Aubrey Katrina Monteverde/Rina
Christopher de Leon as Antonio de Yulo
Chin-chin Gutierrez as Anna del Fierro
Ton-ton Gutierrez as Danilo Hans del Fierro
Bing Loyzaga as Andrea
Zoren Legaspi as Carlitos Sandoval/Carlos [change]
Bettina Carlos as Belinda Mejares
Ron Morales as Christopher Hernandez/Toper
Regine Angeles as Sally de Yulo


It's been years since Daniella saw Andre. They were colleagues but enemies at the same time. Enemies, for they couldn't get along because of their differences. The last time she saw him was when he got kicked out of the university where they studied before.

Blacksheep of the family, Daniella had always been jealous to her step-sister Rina. They're both rivals in family's attention and to the guy she always had eyed for years.

Andre enters into the scene, stealing the woman from his ex-best friend Inoe. He had his reasons why he wants to take everything away from Inoe. The cause for his revenge was because Inoe's father was the one behind his mother's tragedy. This time, Daniella agreed to help him. she wants Inoe, while he wants Rina. Together they plan to revenge and get what they want.

However, they couldn't deny the attraction between them and always end up in each other's arms. they filled those lonely nights with lust, being a substitute was their deal. Daniella wanted Andre as himself only, for that was enough. She thought she couldn't love him more as it was reserve for somebody else. Meanwhile Andre wanted her as he gave himself to her, but never occurred to love her. He was full of hatred.

In the end, even though they had everything that they wanted, yet they asked themselves why they are still not contented, unhappy. It couldn't compare to what they felt during the time they had spent together. And for some reason, they treasured those nights whenever they're together.

When will these two villains realize that what they have is more than attraction?
how long will they kept pretending that it was more than lust and temptation?


i have the prologue already... just revising a little bit because i am planning to make Erich's character here a little bitchy... and even more bitchy to present time once she and Gerald crosses paths again.


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nice trailer!!!

"I will kiss you", "slap me if you don't like it" I like lol

That guy is hot, and she is pretty.

I can't wait to read it :)



Daniella wanted her friends to join her to make a scene this upcoming foundation day. for she felt betrayed by her step-sister Rina who was chosen to be part of the pageant, while she's not. the original plan was Rina supposedly cheer up on her, but the organizer of the pageant night liked Rina than her.

Daniella's not ugly but everybody knows how she always make a scene in the whole campus. most of students and even the group of student council dont like her. she dont like the fact that she's always been rejected by everyone, even the man she always loved rejects her. so if they made her feel like that, then she'll give them what they want. "do you wanna join me or not?"

her friends had no choice but to agree and join her schemes at the upcoming pageant night for the foundation day.


Andre always loved Rina and was always the knight shining armor when she's in distress. even if her father doesnt like him because he's nothing but a poor guy and a drug addict, he didn't care what people say. the important is that he's good in the eyes of the woman he loved. because only Rina understand him.

Andre: have you heard what will your sister do this upcoming foundation? (lighting his cigarette, but Rina took away the cigarette and threw it.) what the-
Rina: didn't i told you not to smoke infront of me?
Andre: but-
Rina: Dre...
Andre: fine, im sorry...
Rina: you can smoke... but not infront of me.
Andre: okay... im sorry, i wont do it infront of you- (he was about to kiss her but she pushed him away.)
Rina: Andre... (she crossed her arm.) anyways, i know... because someone told me.
Andre: Inoe? (Inoe, who happens to be his best buddy told him too. she nodded as his guess was right.) don't worry... we'll protect you (he meant that he and his friends will protect his own girlfriend.) i will protect you as much as i can...
Rina: Andre, you dont have to do anything... just let Daniella do whatever she wants. she's just a spoiled brat-
Andre: but that's not what spoiled brats do. she's been making a scene for years-
Rina: but she's my sister-
Andre: she's your step-sister-

"whoah... did i disturb you two?", Inoe came and didn't expect to see one of the most controversial couple in school, an ex-convict and a princess in distress. "what's going on in here?"


the pageant night...

at the backstage, there's a steel ladder where the lights located and its where you can adjust wires, Daniella and her friends went up there. they brought a pail of paint, they plan to throw that pail when its Rina's turn.

at the backstage, Andre and his friends started to roam around to see if where would Rina's evil step-sister plan to do her scene. from where he's standing, he heard all of a sudden some voices. arguing and he knew it was Daniella's voice who argues with her friends who wanted to stop her.

he looked up and found them at the lighting area. so he hurried, and so as Inoe who found him going up to the steel ladder. he decided to go to the right wing of the backstage, there were some contestants who went back and forth from the left and right wing. then he looked up as where Andre trying to stopped Daniella.

Daniella: what are you doing here?
Andre: i was about to ask you the same question.
Daniella: well, you can watch there and see what i will do once Rina's turn to walk in.
Andre: oh, no... i wont let you do that. i wont stand watching here with you... because i am here to stop you.
Daniella: what? trying to stop me just to protect your precious girlfriend.
Andre: right! i will do everything to stop you...

"finally... our last contestant, from BA department, 4th-year, Miss Aubrey Trina Monteverde~!", as Rina's name called... she started to walk in pose for a few seconds as what she remembered from their rehearsals. then before she walks back to the backstage, she posed for her final round...

then Daniella poured the pail that is full of paint, it was too late for Andre to stopped her... but Inoe saved Rina. he was the one who got poured, Andre couldn't help but got mad on Daniella. he strangled her, the steel barrier almost collapse and didn't mean for Daniella to get unbalance as she was about to fall, but Andre caught her hand.

the crowd witness what was going on. the teachers hurried to the backstage, while some students took pictures of what happened.


"i told you... it wasn't my fault~! i even tried to save her~!!!!"

"but you stangled me~!", Daniella said as they kept arguing infront of the dean. the student organizers believed on Andre because they knew who's really at fault. but the teachers and even the dean dont know whom they'll believe. both Andre and Daniella's at fault, as for Inoe he believes to what his bestfriend says, but Rina opposed because she didn't like what Andre did to her sister.

in the end, the two received both punishment. they were assigned to clean the stairways of the university, bathrooms, the function hall and even the gymnasium.

for a child who's born rich and never cleaned her own dirt, this is what Daniella deserves. she didn't know how to clean and so she blames Andre from what happened. Andre blamed Daniella because Rina got mad at him. but still he regret of what he did to her, he shouldn't strangle her.

"i hate you~!"

"I hate you most~!", he threw the mop on her, while she threw the pail of water to his face. Andre almost hit her with his fist but Rina came to stop her. "Andre!"

Rina: what were you just about to do to my sister??? (Inoe came along with her.)
Daniella: oh, c'mon! stop acting as if you're my real sister!
Andre: Rina, why are you so naive? why do you take your sister's side??? didn't you see what she had done to you?
Inoe: okay, stop now you two...
Andre: no... Rina should know how bitchy her sister is... (he pointed on Daniella who just didn't care if he and her sister argue infront of her.)
Daniella: and you're an asshole~! (she crossed her arms and looked away. feeling gross by seeing them as a couple.)
Inoe: Andre, stop it already...
Rina: if you'll do anything bad to my sister, i will not forgive you this time.
Daniella: ha! serves you right!
Rina: and you too~! when will you stop this, Ella? i dont know what i did to you and i dont know how i will forgive~!
Inoe: Rina... Dre... your father's at the dean's office. they wanted to talk to you.

Andre gave the mop to his bestfriend as he left, then Rina and Inoe decided to help Daniella to clean up the mess at the gymnasium.


the next day, Andre didn't come to class and Rina was looking all over for him. she wonder if what happened after he talked to the dean yesterday.

meanwhile, Daniella was forgiven after what happened and yes, she also notice that Andre's not around. she was happy because her mortal enemy is absent. but as she went to the library, she didn't expect to hear someone's gossiping about Andre's rumored drug addict and now a pusher.

"so its true... he's really a drug addict. i think it serves him right."

"yeah, the school director decided to kicked him out this time. we all thought that its just rumor but its all true..."

"if it was true... i wouldn't really care... but after they got some evidences, he'll bring discredit to our school..."

"you're right..."

Daniella got out of the library and run until she got out of the school. at afar she saw Andre and Rina talking at each other, in the end Rina slapped him so hard and cried as she left him.


she dont know why she followed him after school, she wanted to know the truth. but as she followed him, she didn't expect that he's living in such place.

living in a slum area, this is not what she expects from man like Andre who goes to a prestigious school. as he walks fast, she missed him. she continued walking and tried to look for him.

all of sudden at her back, there he was.

Andre: what are you doing here?
Daniella: i wanted to know if its true that you got kicked out from the university.
Andre: so what if its true...
Daniella: nothing... i just wanted to know if the rumors are true...
Andre: if its just rumor... then its rumor... if its true... it means-
Daniella: so its true that you got kicked out because they found some evidences on you? that you're really a drug addict and a pusher?
Andre: why do you care? what are you really up to?
Daniella: im not up to something... i just really wanted to know the truth.
Andre: believe what you want to believe in... all i can say is that i cant go back to school anymore.

he walks away, but she still followed him wherever he goes. she dont know why she needed the truth because she believes that he's not that kind of person. she followed him as he got inside to the small alley. every street had an awful smell and as expected to what she heard if what a slum area looks like and smells like, this is her first to visit such place.

at broad daylight, there were group of drunkards drinking at the corner and she was surrounded by those nasty drunkards, inviting her to have a shot. "Miss, in order to enter this next alley, you need to have a shot first. No shot, no entry..."

Andre stopped and turn around as what the drunkards trying to do with Daniella. she looked at him, deep inside she wanted his help, but he just remained standing and stared at her. but she couldn't do anything, but accept the 'lambanog' shot from the drunkards... "che-cheers???", she told them and bottoms up.

"okay, another around again... because you seem to like it."

"what? but-"

"that's enough...", he came to the rescue. leaving no choice by rescuing his mortal enemy.

"but Dre your guest here like-"

"i said that's enough..."

Andre grabbed her hand and walk together. she kept staring on how he was holding her hand. soon they arrived at the dead end, where there's big firewall and at left corner, a small house that maybe only two people can only live there. but as they got inside, there she saw an old woman who's at 40's, Andre 'mano' (putting the old woman's hand to his forehead, showing a sign of respect to someone's older than you or mostly in filipino culture, you show this respect to your close relative. to your father, mother, aunt, uncle and grandparents.) to the old woman, who happens to be his mother. she knew it because Andre got his features from this woman.

"my mother..."

"i see...", she 'mano' to his mother and Andre introduce her to his mother. "she's Daniella, my girlfriend's sister..."

"oh... i thought she's your girlfriend. its funny how you introduce her sister but you haven't introduce your girlfriend to me... i am Andrea, but you can call me 'tita' if you want to..."

Daniella: its nice to meet you, tita...
Andre: yeah, its really funny how you're being polite to some elders...
Daniella: uh... im not as what you think... i know how to show some respect.
Andre: ma, she's what i told you... she's my enemy and i dont know why she even followed me here...
Andrea: interesting... but i dont think you feel any hatred to this lovely young woman, right Daniella? (she just smiled to his mother.)
Andre: she's actually here to find out the truth if how i got kicked out the school.
Andrea: that again? your friends came here awhile ago and asked me about it... but i didn't told them because you didn't want me to.
Daniella: for years, your son always been rumored as an ex-convict, a drug addict and a pusher...
Andre: the one who only knows the truth is my mother... and because everything that happened to me in school, i always tell her.

she didn't expect to hear this from him, of course every parent does understand what their child does... but that's a different story from her. she grew up having different mothers, she was 3 years old when her real mother died and after that her father met different women who became her mother and they end up with separation, and because their purpose was her father's money. the last woman whom her father married happens to have a daughter who had a same age with her.

but Andre's no different from her either. when Andre got out of the house to buy some snacks, his mother told a story about Andre's family background. he is an illegitimate son of a business tycoon and lives behind this big firewall.

his mother didn't denied that she used to be a prostitute woman during her younger days, but she only fell in love once... and that was Andre's father. she was offered to be married with him but she didn't accept it because his father's nature was a playboy. even right now, behind the big firewall... Andrea could guess if how many woman his father brought to that house.

he accepted that they couldn't be married but his father doesnt want Andrea to runaway from him. and so, Andrea decided to live in this slum area and wanted to find a better job than her previous job. she's a balut vendor at night and sells cheap bread in the morning. Daniella could see how messy their kitchen, there were flours scattered on the table and big oven at the corner.

Andrea: do you think my son would commit such a crime? he's the only one i have.... and his father wants to take him away from me... Andre, got his absences from school not because he's committing such a crime but he helps me out here.
Daniella: why you didn't accept his father's money to help you out here.
Andrea: i told you already... i dont want to. im even glad that Andre respects my decision. but the only thing i accepted from his father is to let him go to school and because i also want him to earn a diploma.
Daniella: now i understand...
Andrea: you know, you're the only girl that my son brought here... my son rarely bring his friends here... but he's not embarrass to show where he lives. how about you, Daniella? tell me about yourself... tell me about your sister. im sure that you'll report to her later if what does Andre's family look like.

she didn't know where to start, she doesnt know her step-sister as she's not really close to her. but she only told Andrea about herself of how she compared her childhood life to Andre's.

as Daniella grew up having different mothers, its one of the reasons why she's never close with some elders, but with Andrea... it felt like she could tell her everything about herself. she told her the truth that she's never close with Rina and because she hated the fact that they're both rivals in family's attention. despite of being the real and full-blooded daughter, her father doesnt seem to understand her.

she thought that if maybe her mother was still alive, he would never treat her like the blacksheep of the family.

Andrea comfort Daniella as she started to cry and felt a little jealous with Andre to have a mother like her. even Rina's mother dont treat her like that. no one to her family understands her and think that she's always at fault.

outside, Andre has been listening to their conversation. and that occurred to him that knowing Daniella like this is unexpected. for four years, eversince he got into college, Daniella has been his mortal enemy and because she's always in his way and she's always known for making a scene.

right now, he thought if its still too be friends with her.


after Daniella had dinner at Andre's house. he accompanied her outside of the slum area, until she got into her car. "thanks for the dinner..."

Andre: anytime...
Daniella: is that mean i can come back here anytime i want?
Andre: i think the villagers here liked you and my mom wants to see you again... so why not?
Daniella: aren't we enemies?
Andre: we can be enemies as what you want... but you're always welcome here.
Daniella: dont you have plans to clean up your name so that you can go back to school?
Andre: how i wish... but i cant find the suspect who set me up...
Daniella: what? you've been set up?
Andre: you've been staying and chatted with my mom, but you still didn't get it?
Daniella: so what are you going to do next?
Andre: i dont know... maybe i should find that person who set me up...but first i have to talk to my father.
Daniella: hey... i just wanna say that i dont feel sorry about what happened the pageant night.
Andre: but it felt like you're sorry...
Daniella: im not... and i dont care if you'll say how much you care about my sister... but i still mean it... because she's always in my way.
Andre: Daniella, why dont you try loosen up. maybe her mother is indifferent to you but Rina really cares about you.
Daniella: whatever...

she finally bid a goodbye to him, that moment... she dont know when they'll meet again since he'll not go to school anymore. but on the second thought, she wonder if its too late to be friends with him.

they look into each other's eyes, when a group of drunkards yelling at them. "kiss~! kiss~! give her a kiss now you asshole~!"

"don't mind them...", he dont know why he couldn't take off his eyes of her on that moment. he thought that she was probably waiting for him to kiss her. he gave her a kiss on the cheek and bid her farewell with a simple "goodbye now...".

he walk away while she remained standing and she heard those drunkards keeping cheering on what Andre did to her. she got inside to her car and before she could start the car, she thought he might turn around and look at her again. but he didn't and kept on walking 'til he got inside the small alley.

she started the car... and that's how they separate ways again. an unexpected souvenir from an enemy's kiss.


so many things happened in the prologue, but i'm still a little confused on who's who...hehe

can't wait for chapter 1 :D



Chapter 01

it's been 5 years, she almost got kicked out from the university but in the end her father decided to let her study abroad. away from making troubles in the family and to other people. Daniella change by nature when she got away from the family, she change for a reason that she wished for her father to see her as a daughter who would understand him more than anybody. even if she would change, it can never take away how she still couldn't accept her step-mother and her step-sister to be part in their family.

being alone in abroad, her father never visited her even once and she though she was trying to reach out, her father still couldn't see her.

now she's back. back for good that she would dare to chase away this mother and daughter. she wanted power from her father and she'll able to do that now that she's reliable in so many ways. she'll be able to handle their company especially that her father is sick now as he was showing some symptoms and the doctor advice him to rest.

another reason for her return is to get the man from the woman who stole from her.


she work so hard to let her father know how reliable she is and that he could entrust the company to her no matter what. though her father sees that, he wasn't in the States to see how she does. all he sees was her step-sister's does.

she met Inoe again who became the vice-CEO of their family's company. their fathers are business partners in a project that Inoe and her presented. they became close and that's how Inoe got the chance to get to know her better, not as bad girl whom he met during college years. its different now.

she admire his being cooperative and know how to manage his time. she had never met a guy like him before, she didn't notice him when they were in college that he's more than what she expected. she wonder if how he seduces other women in bed, if he would try that to her... she thought that she'll do the first move.

she smiled as she thought about it. she knows how to manage her time from work and leisure. she dont want to be a workaholic like what her father does. her character has always been consistent on being a flamboyant, she doesnt care if what others think. more importantly, her father what matters to her and to the people who would be able to understand her.

but as months gone by, she also found out that Inoe starting to work a project together with Rina. she's aware about how she feels, she's jealous but has no right to feel that way. not unless she would tell her feelings with him, but like any other woman, she would like a man to confess their feelings to a woman they chose.

*back to reality*

and this is why she came back, she just found out that Inoe and Rina are more than close friends. she couldn't let that happen, because the man she wanted to marry is someone like Inoe.

she's back... and if it means competition from family to love life, she's always game.


a pink aviator sunglasses, wearing a long-sleeve light pink draped shirt, partnered with low-rise skinny jeans and a black knee-high boots. Daniella del Fierro went straight to her father's company to surprise him. she entered the company, but she dont have access to see her father as she's starting to argue with the receptionist.

Daniella: miss... i only wanted to talk to Danilo Hans del Fierro, why you wouldn't let me see him?
Receptionist: ma'am, i already told you that Mr. del Fierro is still on the meeting and he wouldn't let any visitors to see him today.
Daniella: i know he's in the meeting, but i want you tell his secretary that i am here to see him.
Receptionist: (she started to dial the intercom and ask the secretary.) ma'am, im sorry but-
Daniella: give me that... (she stole the phone from her.) listen... tell your president that Daniella del-


before she could finish talking to the secretary over the phone, someone called her name and it was Rina. she returned hang up the phone when her step-sister approached her. "speaking of the devil..."

Rina: what a surprise... when did you just came back?
Daniella: an hour ago... (she crossed her arms and just as Rina thought, she'll never change and she always got the same treatment from Daniella.)
Rina: are you going to see dad?
Daniella: isn't obvious?
Rina: oh... okay. come on, let's see dad right now... i am also here to pass this project proposal that Inoe and i made.
Daniella: (Rina tapped her back, but she put away her hands and turn around.) wait... (she went back to see the receptionist. just looking at her makes her annoy.) Rina... come here...
Rina: why? (she come over and look at the receptionist.)
Daniella: what's her name?
Receptionist: i'm Belinda, ma'am...
Daniella: how long you've been working here?
Rina: Daniella, she's on the job training... and after graduate she plans to work here.
Daniella: work? here??? (she look at the receptionist.) i dont think so... i'll remember you. (pointing at her.)

Daniella walk ahead and Rina followed. walking away, she heard someone warned the receptionist. she was being warned that the one who got talked to her is the daughter of the owner's company. by everyone's surprise, Daniella and Rina passed by at the department. everyone greeted Rina as one of the bosses in the company, but not Daniella. she already thought that everyone doesn't know her. knowing the fact that she's the heiress of del Fierro corporation, these employees will be dead if she'll be the president of this company soon.

"how far is the office?"

"you know that a lot of change in this company already. from interior to company's rules", Rina said.

finally they arrived at her father's office, there was the secretary who forbid them to go inside because he's still have a meeting. Daniella took off her sunglasses and look closely to the secretary.

Daniella: you're new here... you were not the secretary i met before.
Rina: Daniella, this is Kate... she's not new here because she's been working with dad for 3 years now.
Daniella: still new for me and i still prefer dad's old secretary. (she crossed her arms.)
Rina: she's dead now and this is her daughter.
Daniella: i dont care. (she look at the secretary again.) hey... your name doesn't suit you, but i'll remember it and tomorrow i'll make sure you'll be fired-
Rina: Daniella, stop it. Kate, just dont mind her-
Daniella: what did you say? you're telling her not to mind if i am trying to lecture this secretary?
Rina: you're not trying to make a scene here, right? Daniella everyone's looking at you.
Daniella: i dont care... (she look back at the secretary.) now, you listen... i guess you still dont know me, right? you've been working for my father... but you never got the chance to study my father's profile?-


she turn around and it was Danilo Hans del Fierro who just got out from the office. he just witnessed how his daughter bullying his secretary. "dad..."


"is everything done?", Andre asked his driver if he's done fixing the car. he was still at home and he doesn't want to be late to his meeting. he's already dressed up, but he already thought that he had no choice. he fold the his long sleeves, he was wearing a black polo shirt. "let me handle it myself... you go get my stuff inside the office"

then his phone suddenly ring, his assistant was on the other line and so he answered it.

"what's up?"

"its confirmed."

"Rina just brought some project proposals that she and Inoe made..."

"i see..."

"but awhile ago... i almost got in trouble because Danilo's daughter just came back..."

he hanged up the phone, Andre didn't expect for he could always recall, someone who last saw him before he vanished. "Daniella...", he already thought about her. he smiled.


"dad... like i said, the reason why i came back is because i want to work here. i wanna work here for good...", she explained.

Danilo walked back and forth infront of her, he's not sure if how he'll handle his own daughter. even if she was in abroad, he knows what's going on. knowing Daniella, he already thought that if she keep staying here... it'll be in more trouble. he knew that Daniella hadn't change.

Danilo: and do you think i will allow you? what i saw awhile is just another trouble of yours. you're even bullying my employee.
Daniella: dad... our employee and NO... i didn't bully her. i just warned her.
Danilo: you still have no right to do that!
Daniella: dad, why its a big problem for you if i wanted to stay here? you left me all alone in abroad, i proved to you that i am worthy enough to handle our company there. why you dont see that?

she was right. but she was never been right if its with her father, her own flesh and blood... how could her own father never understand her. Danilo went back to his desk, kept thinking if how he'll solution this problem with his daughter. he has reasons why he cant let her stay here. he knew how hard working he is, but if he let her know that they're slowly going bankrupt, he dont know how would his daughter accept the truth.

"dad... how come you dont see my worth? how come you only care about your second family? haven't realized that eversince mom died... you slowly leaving me. and when you let me go to abroad... i realized how i've been lonely. you dont want me to stay here? what? you dont want me to be with my family?", she was more than disappointed to her father. she left him inside the office and walked away. dont know if where she'll go. she pass through on Rina, she didn't care about her.

she searched for her sunglasses inside her bag, she stopped at the exit door as she kept searching to her sunglasses.


a familiar voice called her name. but as she take a look, it made her surprised at it was Inoe who's standing near at the entrance door. "Inoe!", she smiled as she called his name. he greeted her with a hug and just how she realize that he missed her.



"so how's it going? i didn't expect to see you and when did you just came back?", he said as they were in a restaurant. to Inoe's surprise, its been weeks only since they haven't seen each other. the last time, he saw her was in the States. he stayed for two days only since his purpose was only for business trip, but he make up to the point that he would see her.

Inoe: are you here for a business trip too? did your uncle called you to go back? (her smile vanished as he mentioned her father.) Daniella, what? did i said something wrong?
Daniella: well, not really... its the other way around of why i came back.
Inoe: so it means you argued with him again? (she nodded as his guess was right.)
Daniella: i wanna come back... for good. (she looked at him with her serious face, deep inside her other reason was him.)
Inoe: really!?!
Daniella: yeah... and... (she wanted to tell him that its all because of him.)
Inoe: and?
Daniella: of course... get to work with you, i think... it would be fun if we help out each other.

she wouldn't allow her step-sister to get all Inoe's attention. she wanted Inoe for her only and wanted him to realize that she loves him and to be loved by him.


"Belinda... tell me the updates", Andre was talking to his own spy Belinda who tells her some updates if what Rina does in the company. even if they haven't seen each other for years, he would watch her even at afar. even his own enemy's getting more closer to her. he wouldn't allow it and that he's willing to destroy him.

Belinda: nothing as usual... it seems like everybody's talking about Danilo's daughter... and that's it.
Andre: i see...
Belinda: and awhile ago, i saw Inoe invited Danilo's daughter to go out somewhere... i dont know where they are.
Andre: okay... but just keep on tracking and give me some updates.

Andre was on his way. he thought about a lot of things and dont know what would come first or what he's supposed to do. now that Daniella came back, he ask himself if he has to see her. but why would he has to see her?


Daniella: i really had a great time...
Inoe: i think it wasn't enough. im sorry if i couldn't spend the rest of my time.
Daniella: its okay... i know you have to do your work, so don't mind me. i'll be fine.
Inoe: i see... so where are you staying? are you planning to go home?
Daniella: i think im going home... but not right away. im going to stroll first...
Inoe: do you want me to drop you by in some place?
Daniella: no, its okay... i think you should go to work now. you still have a meeting, right?

Inoe went first, while Daniella waited for a taxi. she dont know actually where to go, but taking a joyride would be fun. she's not planning to go to the mall or anywhere else... she just wanted for a ride.

looking at the places to go, because of a traffic jam the taxi driver had no choice but to turn the other highway to make a shortcut. they passed through on a slum areas to avoid the traffic, Daniella then remembered that day. she had been to a slum area only once and to realize by now... its still unforgettable.

"can we stop here...", she told the driver and she gave her payment to him. it was indeed the place where Andre lived, the place has never change from what she sees to the environment, the ambiance of the place is still formidable.

Daniella was about to enter the small alley where she followed Andre before, but the small alley was surrounded and blocked her by those drunkards.

"miss... before you-", the man haven't finish talking but Daniella took the glass of an alcohol from his hand and drank it. she put the glass after bottoms up and she walk through the small alley.


she looked up as the clouds were gray, a sign that it'll rain later. she has been walking for a few minutes now, but she remembered that his house wasn't that far... subconsciously, its been years and that's how she couldn't admit that she forgot how to get in there. but with her curiosity, she just walked straight and maybe she could remember again.

it rained as what she expected, but first thing's first. she needed to find a shelter to stop over, so she run fast and as she a found small house at the dead... she got inside.

too late because her clothes got wet, but she needed to stay further more as the rain hadn't stop yet. she look around and from her left side, she noticed a kitchen. an old kitchen sink that filled nothing but dirt and rusty, it got molds on the sides. she looked for the switched because the whole interior was a little dim. but she couldn't find it.

she dont wanna sit even if her foot's killing her already, looking around... everything's messy, old and dirt. the house obviously uninviting. but as she stared on the wall, she noticed a picture frame hanging there. it was a colored picture and so she come nearer as she couldn't see it clearer. the picture has splattered mud and became dry. she gets the picture frame and was about to clean up when somebody just said "who are you? why are you here? this is a restricted area, didn't you know?"

she turn around and to her surprise, the voice and the man who's standing behind her... was Andre.

Andre who has unshaved beard that made him look so rough, brusque not only his voice. he was wearing black polo shirt and aviator sunglasses like hers, but it was brown for him.

on the other way around, Andre was surprised to see the woman who's a trespasser of this house. Daniella del Fierro, after he found out the news... he didn't expect to see her.

Andre: Daniella?
Daniella: Andre?

the moment they meet again and look into each other's eyes... they knew that there was something, but wondering if what is it. deep inside, they look and find that there's force by nature of why they meet again... but they both dont know the reason yet.



i luv Daniella's personality. strong and detemine.
somehow i hate her father, felt pity for the girl.
can't wait for the next update, finally they met again XD


sarNie Granny
you must continue nikki. things just started to heat up! i feel bad for daniella, but i feel she could be a little bit nicer.


"i see... you came back because you wanted to stay for good...", Andre said. he didn't expect for Daniella to visit here and knowing that she could still remember his mother. he thought that maybe his mother left her a good memory and that's why she even had time to visit here.

Daniella: im sorry about your mom...
Andre: you shouldn't, im just glad that you still remember my mom. (moments of silence, then he thought of asking her about Rina.) so you already met up with your sister. (she didn't answer and noticed that she's not in the mood to talk about her.) its been years and i thought you and Rina were already in good terms.
Daniella: almost... but i just realize that we will never be- wait... you're still in love with Rina, right?
Andre: if i would answer 'yes', that means i wouldn't let you do anything mean to her.
Daniella: oh, please... that was a long time ago. i more mean and less nicer now. if you still love her, i dont care.. but i'll be glad if you would confess to her that you still love her. after all she's the love of your life eversince.
Andre: even if she was... i couldn't love her anymore. (she frowned to his reply.) i cant love someone who's in love with someone else. you wouldn't believe me if i say that i watch her from afar. each day... i realized that she's walking the other path lead by that someone and taught her to forget about us. and that someone was i used to trust with. someone whom i treated as a brother, as part of my family... a bestfriend who's now my ex-bestfriend.
Daniella: (she knew whom he was referring to.) Inoe...

he stand up and reclined on the wall, staring at the broken ceiling. Daniella was still sitting on the couch, Andre who witnessed everything and she didn't because she was in abroad, she only heard different side of stories... but to Andre, she somewhat believes to his story. so the rumors about Inoe and Rina are true...

Daniella: Andre-
Andre: i know you like him. (she didn't answer.) i can tell that he's one the reasons why you came back.
Daniella: what about you? you still love her, dont you...
Andre: how can a peasant man like me can love her again? i have no educational attainment like Inoe... i have nothing against him. (she stood up from her the couch and walk towards him. they look into each other's eyes, she could his sorrow.) i am nothing... (he whispered.)

she embraced him without hesitation, she felt like it was needed to. someone should comfort him... even if he was used to be her enemy. "i have something to offer...", she parted from him and once again their eyes locked into each other.

Daniella: im offering you a job at the company. i will discuss this with my dad tonight and at the same time while you're working with me, grab the chance to get Rina's attention.
Andre: and so you can have Inoe's attention, am i right?
Daniella: (he was right.) i'll get straight to the point. i will use you so that i can have my chances with him, and you'll use me so you grab your chances with Rina.
Andre: you sound so desperate as you plan to used someone to get his attention.
Daniella: desperate or not, thank me later if you and Rina get back together.


"Rina... im glad that your father approved our project proposal and because of that its my treat!", Inoe grabbed Rina's hand as they were in the parking lot, then he opened the door of his car. he let her got inside and as soon as he got inside, he started the car.

while driving, he took her hand to hold it. he never wanted to let go of her, they look at each other and smile. he kissed her hand while his other hand was on the steering wheel. he loved her for almost 7 years and they only became official last 4 months ago.

Rina never felt so contented until Inoe came to her life, though he has always been there for her... she hadn't realized that all this time, she'll only fell for someone who's reliable, understanding and thoughtful. he was sent from above and was destined to be with her after all, that was her realization.

its been 4 months but they needed to keep their relationship as a secret. that was their deal, its for the better and someday they had the will to tell their parents. as for this moment they both know who would oppose... Rina's mother whom she dont understand why she would opposed her friendship with him. to Inoe's father who's influential and the reason why he opposed his closeness with Rina was because she's just a step-daughter of del Fierro family. he couldn't tell her because it might hurt her.

Inoe: where do you wanna eat?
Rina: anywhere... it's all up to you.

he thought about going in Tagaytay City, so that they can also spend quality time after celebration. besides, he canceled some of his meetings earlier and even lied to Daniella... because he rather wanted to spend his time with Rina.


it was a long day for Daniella, after her long conversation with Andre, to talk about her plans... she already decided to go home and take a rest. meanwhile, Andre got back to his work with all smiles on his face.

he was in the mood to go back home to continue his work. the servants and even his driver didn't understand why, he even went to the kitchen to see if what available ingredients he has in his fridge. he plans to celebrate tonight and he also couldn't wait to tell Belinda his plans.

the reason? Daniella came back and he believes that his plans would only succeed if he'll use her. he wanna laugh so hard after he put an act infront of Daniella awhile ago. he made her believe that he's still in love with Rina, but his main purpose was his ex-bestfriend Inoe. he wanted to see how his company slowly bankrupt without noticing it. thanks to Daniella, she just offered him the position to be her personal assistant and that means he will have access to see the confidential documents.

however, seeing Daniella awhile ago in that old house where he used to live was unexpected. she even shared that she remember his mother, he also notice how her physical attributes had changed. she became more sophisticated and stunning to a man's view. he knew she has a power to tempt other men like Inoe, that would be easy.... and so was him. that was a honest thought from him since he couldn't deny the kind of feeling of being tempted after she embraced him.



i can't wait to read how their plan will work out. seems like eventually they'll just end up falling for one another XD


sarNie Granny
they already started the plan :D but i wonder how she's going to react when she finds out that Andre has more of an interior motive that just breaking Rina and Inoe up.


Daniella woke up and it was 10 o'clock in the evening already. she got out of her room and it was already expected to see that a lovely family gathered in the living room, having their refreshments. a sore to her eyes, a woman whose at 40's notice her standing at the stairways.

"Ella... you're awake already", she smiled as she stood up from her seat and approach her. "i went home as fast as i can when your father told me that you just came back... i prepare for a special dish for you, come...", she continued as she tapped her shoulder.

Daniella: Anna, im not hungry.
Danilo: Daniella... you never learn to respect your mother.
Anna: honey, its okay... you know that Daniella has always been calling me like that eversince. Daniella, let's go to the dining room.
Daniella: i said im not hungry...
Danilo: Daniella!
Anna: (right when Danilo stood up from his seat, she immediately approach him. she didn't want him to hurt his own daughter.) Danilo...

before he could scold his own daughter, Rina just got home. it became more an eyesore to her sight seeing this complete family and her own father was treating her a parasite of this so called home. "mom, what's happening?"

Anna: nothing... she just-
Daniella: im just happy to see a happy family here. MOTHER... can you prepare the dinner now? im sure Rina's hungry and i want to have dinner with her.
Anna: ah... ye-yes.
Rina: Ella, im not hungry-
Daniella: oh, come on... i just came back and you dont want to accompany me for my comeback? OUR mother just prepared a special dinner for me.
Rina: really... that's great. (she smiled.)
Daniella: FATHER... you wouldn't mind if i ask you to join, right? i also want to discuss about my work here.

Anna prepared two plates only for her two daughters. she and Danilo were done already, but decided to take a seat and join their daughters. she knew that Daniella's trying to put an act, but she always do... Anna who tried to become a mother for her, but she learned that Daniella would never accept her, she never will and she will never change her treatment with her and her daughter Rina.

such a bad scenery for her, Daniella who hated this family, especially her father. this is the reason why she came back. just looking by Rina is more than eyesore, taking everything away from her.


"you're late... but i have good news for you...", Andre approach Belinda who just got home. she was obviously tired from work but that's her job, so no need to complain since he's still her boss after all.

Belinda: just by your mood... i can tell that something happened today.
Andre: you're right.
Belinda: should i guess?
Andre: no need... i know you can tell already. but what more important is starting tomorrow you needed to resign and transfer to Inoe's company.
Belinda: why?
Andre: its your job to know. tomorrow i'll be the one to work in del Fierro company, so i want you to keep an eye on Inoe.
Belinda: wait... fine, i already guess that you met Danilo's daughter.
Andre: she has a name. Daniella's a colleague and enemy at the same time... but that was before. now, she hired me because she wanted to get rid of Rina.
Belinda: and you want to get rid of Inoe. did you told her about your plans?
Andre: no. she doesn't know anything about me yet. if you have seen it awhile ago, you might laugh at how i put an act infront of her. i dont care if she likes Inoe... but other than that, she also thought that i still love Rina. that bitch... i will make her see how i'll destroy Inoe's dreams.
Belinda: in short... Daniella offered you a job. to play a game with her.
Andre: (he smiled at her.) this is why i hired you...

he invited her to join him for a late dinner, he prepared all those 5 dishes on top of the table. it took him hours to prepare it. a cause for celebration. "tomorrow i'll meet up with Daniella... im not going to meet him and so its your job to give him the reports...", he said to her. Belinda knew whom he was referring to.

Belinda: he asked me if when will you see him.
Andre: i dont think its the right time to see him yet. just give my apologies to him and tell him that im doing good.
Belinda: he's been waiting long enough.
Andre: tell him... soon im going to meet him. if my plans succeed, that's the time im going to see him.


"honey... why cant you just forgive her and give her a chance to handle it", Anna who couldn't sleep tries to comfort her husband, she only wanted Danilo and Daniella to be in good terms. calming him and let him thought about Daniella's purpose. Danilo looked into her eyes, he wanted to ask her if how she could stand by how Daniella treated her. what he wanted is also a perfect family, a mother to his daughter and Anna did all of those responsibilities as a wife and a mother.

this is why his hate for Daniella grows. but he understands his own daughter of how capable she is to handle the company. but he dont know how to trust her. that's the only difference. "i'll think about it... but i dont think she could stand living in this house. i know Daniella more than anyone else..."

"then why dont you prepare a place for her to live. im sure she'll agree with this... we give her what she wants...", Anna said. and Danilo gave her a kiss to her forehead.


the next day, surprisingly Danilo tour her daughter around inside the company to meet all the employees. the board members of the company doesnt mind and rather look forward to work with Daniella. since they heard a lot of good feeback from company branch outside the company. she was well-trained and that's how Danilo realize that he made a right decision.

Danilo gave her some advisers to make decisions but she opposed. he wonder why.

the next thing happened, Daniella told her father that she'll have her own adviser and she'll be the one to hire a personal assistant. just right on time, he came and Daniella introduce them to the board members and to her father. even Inoe's father was there to witness who just came.

Daniella: i would like you to meet Andres de Yulo. i want him as my adviser and my personal assistant. (Andre gave his CV to the board members.)
Danilo: (he look into his profile.) so you two are colleagues...
Andre: yes sir.
Carlos: actually, he's my son's bestfriend... right, Andre? (something about his glare, Andre just smiled at him to make it worst.) i heard that you got kicked out from the university where you, Daniella and Inoe studied before.
Daniella: uncle, he continued his studies in other prestigious university. why dont you see it for yourself in that profile.
Danilo: de Yulo... is that mean-
Daniella: he's the son of Antonio de Yulo.
Danilo: i didn't know he has a son. but your father has a company, why did you decided to work here?
Carlos: i know Antonio... he's a shameful on his own. he would never introduce to his illegitimate son in the world of business.

"bueno... it doesn't matter to me if you're the son of a business tycoon or just an ordinary employee. im sure that Daniella you chose you to work with her is because you are good at something. i am looking forward to see you as part of this company now....", Danilo said. Carlos looked at him and didn't expect that he would accept Andre to be part of this company.

"thank you, sir..."

after meeting with the board members, Danilo prepared an office for his daughter. this is also somewhat surprise her as her father treat her well in this company. he also showed Andre's office, it has a connecting door right next to Daniella's office.

when Danilo left them with some documents to review, from the connecting door Andre get inside to her office and she look at him with a smile on her face. "finally..."

he walk towards her, by looking at him... she didn't expect to see him dressed in a business attire. he was wearing a black blazer, with a black necktie. more likely, she sees him as a secret agent.

Daniella: where did you got that suit?
Andre: i borrowed it from someone.
Daniella: and how did you manage to fake your profile.
Andre: i did it last night... because i knew that your position is unreachable and to be able to be accepted in this company, i have to prepare a nice CV for myself.
Daniella: how clever... we should celebrate.
Andre: i dont think i can...
Daniella: busy tonight?
Andre: yeah...
Daniella: okay, then... how about right now? let's celebrate.
Andre: we got lot of things to do...
Daniella: damn you're right. even if dad treated me so well infront of the board members and even got a nice office, he didn't give me a time to celebrate.
Andre: let's just think that this is one way to impress your father and show him that you dont want to fail him.

she agreed. he was right, she wanted her father to notice her. but other than, she couldn't wait for Rina to see Andre again... she also wonder what would be his reaction if he sees Rina again, this is also something she look forward to.

--Chapter 2

it'll be Carlos-Inoe VS Andre, then Rina VS Daniella... Andre VS Daniella. Carlos was the reason why Andre's mom died, Inoe was the reason why he got kicked out and how will Daniella believe him anyway?


sarNie Granny
I BELIEVE HIM ^^ this is just the start, i can't wait when Rina and Inoe find out that Andre is BACK and he's Daniella's assistant/advisor. thanks nikki!



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